Sunday's show saw Kellie and Peter dance-off for a place in the final six and although it was a surprise to see Peter leave the show at this stage, Kellie danced much the better on the night and it was the right call to keep her in the competition.

Peter’s exit could have an interesting effect on the voting numbers but the way things are shaping up, it looks like Kellie could find herself in the bottom two again this week, in which case she will need to be up against Katie if she is to remain in the competition.

In fact, all the other celebs will be hoping Katie doesn't get the public vote and ends up in the bottom two, as technically she's the worst dancer left in the competition.

Kellie’s salsa was a great way to start the evening and she displayed some very clever footwork, and great movement of the hips. She had loads of energy, pulled off a couple of difficult lifts and it was a great way to start the evening. However, it went against her as she was underscored yet again. She was awarded 34pt but it should have been 36pt, I don’t know what the judges were watching. She was also dealt a big blow when only scoring 2pt in the group quickstep, with only Peter doing worse. Did the judges not see her little solo in the middle?

Katie has been a favourite of the judges for some time now and her dance partner Anton is very popular with the middle aged ladies. These two factors are probably keeping the pair in the competition because it certainly isn’t Katie’s dancing.

Technically she made lots of mistakes, including a huge footwork blunder early on in the dance. I just wish Anton would let her have some kind of control as he constantly drags her around which is obvious to me watching but obviously not the judges. She scored 32pt and got 5pt for her quickstep, which was a bit of a joke! Ladies have a huge advantage over the men when it’s a group dance.

Helen did a Viennese Waltz and she nailed it, scoring 39pt. She looked great in the hold position, told a wonderful story throughout and I thought it was one of the best dances of the night. Her footwork was first class with smooth changes in direction, which is a hard part of the Viennese Waltz, and she made it look easy. Helen really needed that performance as the main contenders had been leaving her behind in recent weeks. She also topped the group dance with the maximum 7pt to defiantly keep herself in the competition for at least another week.

I thought Jay would be good at the waltz after he impressed with the Argentine Tango earlier on in the series. It was sharp, had great head movement and to top it off he got the personality of the dance spot-on. For me it was the equal to Helens dance, if not better but they scored her 39pt so I expected the score they gave him of 38pt. His 3pt score in the group quickstep looked about right.

Peter’s American Smooth was quite sickly at times, he really does overdo it with the facial expressions and sometimes doesn't concentrate enough on the steps. Saying that, for some reason the judges have been too harsh on him the last few weeks. His lift was a difficult one and it had a stumble in it, but I believe he was one of the few dancers on the show, alongside Anita and Georgia, comfortable out of hold. He deserved much more than the 31pt he was scored but the judges put him bottom in the group dance, which was the final nail in his coffin.

I genuinely thought Anita’s rumba was top class, it was elegant, had great footwork and her arms were sensational. I thought the judges had a mare in awarding her just 31pt and am convinced that she is a serious challenger to Jay and Georgia.

Georgia never disappoints and her Paso Doble was really dramatic. She showed real confidence by starting the routine out on the stage on her own and she’s got top three written all over her.

Katie Derham next elimiination - 1pt @ 2.75