The second eviction on Celebrity Big Brother is almost upon us, and it couldn’t be any more different from the first. In my opinion, this is one of the trickiest evictions to call in a long time, although the market doesn’t necessarily agree. Gemma, Jeremy, Angie, Stephanie and Nancy face tonight’s eviction, and any of four could realistically go.

Gemma Collins (66/1) is a popular and entertaining reality star, who is topping tonight’s vote by a mile. The only question is, will the producers opt to tell us this?

Cheeky chappie Jeremy McConnell is an absolute nobody, even in CBB terms. However, he has the advantage of being the only male up for eviction on this occasion. He is somewhat fanciable as well, which should serve him well, as women make up the vast majority of voters. His storyline on this series has been concerned with some kind of "Will they, won’t they?" showmance with Stephanie, who has a boyfriend. He may well be saved, but it would come as little surprise to me if he was evicted (10/1).

It’s not been the best of weeks for Angie Bowie. She was told the news of her ex-husband’s passing, which could’ve given her a great deal of sympathy. Instead, a "comedy of errors" in Tuesday night’s show somehow saw the tide turn against her. Viewers seemed to think she stirred up the situation, and the tabloid press has since gone against her. The aggression we’ve seen from Angie, plus the fact she was edited out of Thursday night’s show, has to mean she’s in the frame for eviction. Older women never tend to do well, and despite a small potential sympathy vote, she has to be worth chancing to go tonight at 7/2.

Also well in the mix has to be ex-Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis at 3/1. She has made a terrible impression in her first few days in the house, drifting massively in the outright. One advantage she may possess over her fellow nominees is that she has received a fairly decent amount of airtime, although not much of it has been positive. If she’s not flirting with Jeremy and kissing him, then she’s acting like a spoilt brat and crying. Her boyfriend has also tweeted that he is no longer supporting her. If it were a vote-to-evict, she’d be a cert to go. Sadly for punters, it’s vote-to-save and it certainly isn’t cheap this series, at 50p + call charges per vote. A small North-West regional vote *could* potentially save Stephanie.

The only thing potentially worse than receiving negative airtime, is receiving no airtime. This is what has made Nancy Dell’Ollio favourite to be evicted at 5/6. Like Angie, she is an older female, and they don’t tend to pull in many votes. Nancy has had almost no airtime across the series, apart from when she was imprisoned in the garden. Unlike the others, she has no storyline and has been dubbed lazy, and therefore there’s little reason for people to pick up the phone for her. Her saving grace could be that she seems to be more likeable than some of her fellow nominees. It’s by no means certain, but Nancy is my main pick to be evicted tonight.

Nancy Del’Ollio to be evicted - 3pts @ 1.87
Angie Bowie to be evicted - 1pt @ 5.0