Things that were more likely to happen this season than Leicester winning the league at 5000/1

David Moyes to be an X Factor judge: 2500/1

Arsenal to sack Arsene Wenger and install Piers Morgan as boss: 2500/1

David Cameron to replace Tim Sherwood as Aston Villa manager: 2500/1

Claudio Ranieri to be next England manager: 2000/1

Sir Alex Ferguson to win Strictly Come Dancing: 1000/1

Hugh Hefner to admit he's a virgin: 1000/1

Jose Mourinho to quit Chelsea and go on I'm A Celebrity: 1000/1

David Beckham to become Man City manager: 750/1

Tyson Fury to announce he is an atheist: 750/1

Simon Cowell to be next Prime Minister: 500/1

Andy Murray to name his first born Novak: 500/1

Loch Ness monster discovered: 500/1

Jeremy Corbyn to win Big Brother: 500/1

Dean Gaffney wins best actor Oscar: 1000/1

Alien life discovered before 2017: 1000/1

Elvis still alive: 2000/1

Leicester City - 1pt @ 40/1