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After working the same job over a certain period of time, the days can seem to move in slow motion.

While at your 9-to-5 job grinding to make some hard-earned money, what would be better than taking your mind off business by spending the money that you’re going to make?

Take a look at some tips on how to bet when you’re at work:

What To Bet When Working

The answer is simple; anything you can get your hands on. Yet the safest bets are the ones you’re most comfortable with and used to seeing which would be handicap, moneyline, or total point betting.

Regardless the sport, placing bets is exactly the same. Moneyline bets are wagers placed by picking either the home or road team to win the game – in regulation time or overtime.

For handicap betting, prior to the game, one team is listed as a favorite and the other is listed as the underdog, while both are represented by points (the spread). Example: Team A (-1.5) vs Team B (+1.5).

Total points betting can be placed on either an individual team, or the game itself, and will be set prior to the game, but may change during live/in-game betting.

What Sports Should You Bet?

Gambling on sports during the work day is a bit more challenging than betting the usual slate of games offered at night because the games offered tend to be limited.

Usually, the earliest action you can find to wager on is either European soccer or college basketball.

Most of the time, European soccer can be a second language to the average gambler. Yet, when you break down the matchup, there isn’t much difference from any other sport.

Checking recent trends and team records can provide a good idea of which team is playing better at the given time. Then, checking which team is home and the significance of the matchup can help compare and relate the odds to the value you wager on a given team.

Nonetheless, when in doubt, bet the home favorite in European soccer. Or, if you’re looking for good value in a competitive matchup, betting a draw can provide large odds and strong profit.

For college basketball, the same type of unfamiliarity in matchups can be apparent at times. Yet, similar to European soccer, playing the home favorite is usually the best way to go unless it’s March Madness.

March Madness ensues after the college basketball regular season with a selected 64-team tournament field. Odds are listed depended on seeding, conference winners and potential matchups.

Playing the underdogs during March Madness is usually the way to go due to the chaos the tournament brings.

What Are The Best Bets?

While at work, the quickest and most efficient bets tend to be period/quarter/half betting or anytime scorer betting.

If you find yourself indecisive when looking at statistics and considering your bets, keep an eye out for period/half/quarter betting trends that can make an easy profit when spotted.

Betting trends come into play when considering which teams start or end particularly well, or when teams tend to struggle.

First, last, or anytime scorer betting would be the next best bet due to its tendency to have large odds. Whether it is the league’s leading scorer, or someone who has a habit of scoring against a particular team, the odds can be inflated and bettors can find strong profit.

If you want to be really risky, roll the dice and select multiple wagers in a parlay leading into the night. By betting a parlay, you have an order of games selected throughout the day so you can constantly have a score to check in on.

Similar to anytime scorer bets, parlays increase the total odds and make for a larger payout.

What If Certain Websites Are Blocked?

Of course, most companies would not openly support wasting company time, money and efforts on employee gambling which is why they would block most sites involved with sports.

However, there is a way to beat the system. First, to place your bet, you’ll have to find service to make a wager on your phone.

Then, in regards to doing research, the two best options are to either invest in downloading a sports information app on your phone, or find a popular sports website that is not blocked (ex. ESPN/FOX) and look into upcoming schedules and matchups.


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