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StatsChecker is a tool for OddsChecker users which offers trends, results and possible outcomes for sports betting in the United States.

Statistics are at your fingertips and can be used to gain an edge in knowledge whether you’re playing fantasy sports or betting on sports.

All professional sports are covered by StatsChecker, including MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

Available sports also include Soccer, Tennis, Rugby and NCAA athletics ranging from March Madness to the College Football Playoffs.

How Can StatsChecker Help Your Betting?

For bettors, doing research on a matchup is always essential before placing a bet. StatsChecker does the hard work for you by providing all possible betting information available.

StatsChecker displays each matchup offered by OddsChecker along with a Full Game Preview.

The Full Game Preview dissects the selected matchup into seven sections - Recent Encounters, Genius Facts, Genius Predictor, Game Preview, Key Stats, Betting Trends and Trending Data.

Each section takes a deeper dive into noteworthy statistical information for both teams which users can then use to their strategic advantage.

StatsChecker makes gambling easier by being a one-stop-shop for everything needed as a sports gambler.

What Stats Aid Your Betting Most?

Each statistic provides its own significant advantage in different ways.

Genius Facts are the clear-cut number one when it comes to beneficial information. The facts range from many different categories, including specific player trends and statistics and home/road streaks and tendencies.

Key Stats is helpful because it provides each team’s blank-and-white resume and put them side-by-side.

Stats offered by StatsChecker’s Key Stats include: Home/Away Record, Average Points For/Against, Over/Under Record, Night Record, Favorite Record, Underdog Record.

Recent Encounters is another great tool to see the recorded matchup history between the two sides. This works best for divisional rivalries because of the high number of times each team meets.

Trending Data and Betting Trends are two advanced stats offered by StatsChecker and can be extremely beneficial for spread betting. Betting Trends provide successful percentages for covering the spread, reaching the over/under and win/loss scoring deferential.

Trending Data features a group of records for four specific categories over a particular period of time. The categories are Win/Loss/Tie, Over/Under, Spread and Market.

The Genius Predictor can be a bit more on the risky side as the model is built based on the factors most important to you.

The factors are Form, Spread Record, Home Field Advantage, Last Time They Met and Home/Away Team Injuries. There is also the option to Take A Chance with the Genius Predictor which means Genius will provide a Mystery Bet.

Last, but not least, the game preview is essential and a must-read for any sport bettors. The preview breaks down the most recent game from each team and statistics marking the high-and-lows from recent performances.

What is StatsLock - Best Pick of the Day?

On the OddsChecker site, there’s a daily article posted to add an advantage to anyone looking for a possible strong play.

Courtesy of StatsChecker statistics, StatsLock makes it even easier by providing the best stats-based bet every single day of the week.

The StatsLock article provides the reader with a brief summary of each team’s recent track record, a statistic given from StatsChecker, and the “StatsLock - Best Pick of the Day” accompanied with a brief explanation.

The Best Pick of the Day could be used in a variety of different ways, but mainly as reassurance.

Typically, if you feel good about a bet, and see it as the “StatsLock - Best Pick of the Day”, you should feel good about your chances heading into game-time.


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