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Once upon a time, punters could only bet on a sporting event before it began. As soon as the game or race was underway, the bettor could not take any further action and simply had to wait patiently for the outcome. However, improvements in technology have revolutionized the industry.

What do we mean by live betting?

Live betting is when bookmakers offer punters in-game betting. This opens up a range of markets to bettors during matches and events. Whether it be half-by-half, quarter-by-quarter or even minute-by-minute, the live concept allows fans to remain engaged throughout sporting contests, placing new bets up to the last second. This places greater importance on developments during games, while knowledge of players and teams also comes to the fore for punters.

Before games or on the ante-post there is relatively little movement on the betting line, whereas in-game betting can see odds drift greatly depending on what’s happening on the field, court or the track. Monitoring the prices to get the best value is an essential tool for punters. Knowing when to back becomes as important as knowing which market to back and it can be the difference between success and failure.

How does this work in practise?

Here are some examples, to explain live betting further. In the NFL, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might be backed to throw for over 300 yards before a game. His odds for the over/under will not be substantial in either direction. However, once the game has declared itself, the odds may shift during the contest. Brady and the Patriots may be playing a good defense that has clamped down on passing yards, which would narrow the odds for the under on 300 passing yards. However, the bettor's good knowledge might suggest he could break out later in the game. The likelihood of this could increase due to a number of reasons, whether it’s a big completion or an injury to a key player on the opposing team. Seeing the contest and the players on the field arms punters with a chance to see how the game fares before placing a bet.

Live betting can also be utilized in basketball for points scored in a quarter by a player or a team. The Golden State Warriors are backed to win the majority of their games by a healthy margin. Usually, they operate in the region of 30 points per quarter, while point guard Steph Curry scores on average 25 points per game. In this example, the Warriors are having a poor outing and are struggling to score against a solid team of the ilk of the Houston Rockets, losing by a 15-point margin. Their in-game odds to win the contest drift, presenting value for the punter to back the Warriors because they’re more than capable of going on a run to secure a victory even in the fourth quarter, while the same could be said for Curry. Timing is everything in live betting to ensure that you get the best value.

Gut instinct may be more important than any other tool when using live betting. Soccer offers one of the most diverse group of markets in sports betting – perhaps more than any of its counterparts. One of the examples of soccer in-game betting that highlights the value of being able to watch the match as it unfolds before punting is the booking market. A player might have a reputation of collecting a yellow card and it will be reflected in his odds before the game. However, a player with longer odds may have started the contest in a robust fashion and would be in line to pick up the first or even next booking. Utilizing knowledge and watching the game hands bettors a unique perspective to beat the sportsbooks.

Why use Oddschecker for live betting?

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