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What is a Money Line?

A money line bet is arguably one of the most straightforward ways of betting on sports like the NFL. In fact, it is probably the type of bet that we are all most familiar with, as it involves simply placing a bet on the team that you think is going to win.

Of course, there is a little bit more to it than that, but that is undoubtedly the fundamental issue. Making a money line bet is much different to a point spread and is all about backing the right side for victory.

What Does a Money Line Look Like?

You will generally see money line bets represented through the use of three-digit figures carrying either a plus or minus sign. These numbers may seem confusing to the uninitiated, but their meaning is actually fairly simple.

In terms of those carrying a plus sign, they denote the amount of money you would win if you were successful with a $100 wager. For example, if you place a $100 bet on the Dallas Cowboys at +160, you would win $160 by doing so.

In contrast, minus figures outline how much you would need to bet in order to win $100. So, if the New England Patriots were listed as -180, you would need to bet that amount to secure $100. As you may have already noticed, teams listed with minus figures tend to be the favorites, as any bet would result in winnings less than the original wager.

How Much Can I Win with Money Line?

If you’re completely new to betting, it is worth explaining more about the actual total winnings you would receive on any bet.

When you win, you will receive not only the winnings but your original wager back too, so the aforementioned bet on the Patriots would mean you receive $280 in total. In comparison, our other bet on the Cowboys would mean you secure a total of $260.

It is interesting to note that in this case, the bet on the favorite led to a higher overall payout, although it must be remembered that more has been wagered - and put at risk - in order to achieve that result.

How Does Money Line Compare to Other Betting Formats?

Money line is comfortably one of the most popular betting options out there today, but you will often see it listed alongside a different format.

Point spread betting again features figures with a plus and minus sign but functions in an entirely different way. While money line revolves around choosing the team that is going to win, the point spread is more concerned with the scoreline by which a side is successful.

For example, in a point spread a lesser-fancied team could have a figure of +2.5 while the favorite may have -2.5. This would mean that the underdog would have to either win or lose by less than three points for a bet to be successful. In contrast, the favorite would have to win by more than three points for a payout to take place.

Such a setup means that people do not necessarily have to back the outright winner in order to be successful with their bet, which makes this version of betting much different to money line.

Why Use OddsChecker for Money Line Betting?

OddsChecker offers a host of benefits for both newcomers to the world of sports betting and experienced old heads. The service provides a comprehensive overview of money line odds, making it easy for anyone familiar with the format to place their bets with confidence and a clear understanding of their decisions.

In addition, the OddsChecker service provides sports fans with an opportunity to bet on a range of sports from US favorites like baseball and hockey to the latest action across the globe in rugby league and soccer.

Finally, anyone seeking a great deal has the chance to use OddsChecker to examine a host of different promotions offered by sportsbook brands and take advantage of the ones which are best suited to their needs.

Get Started with Money Line Betting

There are a host of different sports betting options available these days but money line undoubtedly offers a straightforward concept that both experienced bettors and beginners can benefit from.

While row upon row of figures with plus or minus signs may at first seem confusing, money line is a simple option for those who want to take a chance and back the winning team in a major upcoming game.


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