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If you’re just starting out in the world of sports betting, you’re probably a little confused by the vast array of betting options that most bookmakers now offer their customers. Getting to grips with the key types and terminology of different wagers is essential for anybody who’s looking to take their playing experience to the next level – and round robin betting certainly falls under that category. Let’s check it out.

A round robin bet is very much like a parlay; the only difference is that you don’t have to win every leg of a round robin in order to win money on the wager. Let’s take the following as an example:

Team A | Team B | Team C | Team D

Here we have four teams. In a standard parlay or accumulator bet, all four teams would have to win in order to win the wager. However, you may decide that you want a little extra insurance in the bet so that, if one of the teams loses, the bet will still be successful. By placing a round robin bet, the bookmaker will place a series of smaller parlays on your behalf, each covering three legs at a time.

If we break down it looks like this:

First parlay – Team A, Team B, Team C all win.

Second parlay – Team A, Team B, Team D all win.

Third parlay – Team A, Team C, Team D all win.

Fourth parlay – Team B, Team C, Team D all win.

As you can see, one of the four parlays will be successful even if one of the teams fails to win. If Team D loses, the first parlay still wins. If Team A loses, the fourth parlay still wins, and so on.

Is Round Robin Betting Profitable?

While a round robin bet does not offer as high a return compared to normal parlay betting, the player can still turn a profit if one of the legs does not win. It usually depends on the length and combinations of odds you wish to bet on. At the very least, if you place a four-leg round robin and three out of the four legs win then it’s likely that you will recoup your initial stake.

The minimum number of bets you can place in a round robin is three, though there’s perhaps more justification for opting for this type of wager with the more teams you are looking to bet on at once. For instance, an eight-leg round robin would still yield a good return providing that seven of the teams ended up winning. Technically, there is no maximum in terms of the number of teams you can include in the bet.

Key Things to Remember

Don’t forget that placing the amount you wish to bet as part of a round robin is slightly different compared to a normal bet. Instead of betting on one market or parlay, you are betting on a series of smaller parlays that each have the same value. For example, if you are looking to bet $20 total on a four-team bet, you need to bet $5 on each of the four legs. The bookmaker will usually render this bet as $5 x 4 automatically, which equals $20 in total.

Many beginners to round-robin betting end up placing much higher wagers than they intend to because they don’t understand this system. If you placed a $20 wager instead of $5, for instance, then you will actually end up betting $20 x 4, which results in a total bet of $80.

Overall, a round robin bet will affect the total pay-out you are due to receive, but it also gives the player extra security in the ager if one of their teams fails to win.

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