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SEC Conference Winner Betting Odds

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Alabama Crimson Tide
Georgia Bulldogs
Florida Gators
Texas AandM Aggies
Ole Miss Rebels
LSU Tigers
Kentucky Wildcats
Auburn Tigers
Missouri Tigers
Arkansas Razorbacks

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Where Can I Find The Live Odds To Win SEC Conference?

Looking for the latest Odds to Win SEC Conference? You’ve come to the right place. Here at OddsChecker, we gather all the best SEC Conference odds from premiere sportsbooks across the nation. Our lines are updated every day, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have access to the most current SEC Conference betting odds available. Ready to get started? Read on to discover everything you need to know about wagering on the SEC, including how to read SEC Conference odds and which teams stand out as the most competitive this season.

How To Read SEC Conference Betting Odds

A futures bet on SEC championship game odds is one of the most thrilling ways to wager on the NCAAF. But if you want to bet the smart way, you’ll need to know how to read the lines before you begin. Luckily, it isn’t that difficult. You can interpret SEC Conference odds just like regular college football odds.

You’ll see the lines displayed with the name of the team on the far left. Next to their name you’ll see a (+) or a (-) sign, and next to that will be the SEC championship odds number. To simplify the lines for interpretation, it’s easiest to think of this number in terms of a $100 wager.

The (-) sign next to team means that this team is the favorite. They are the most likely to win, and their odds number represents the amount of money you would have to wager in order to win $100. The (+) sign indicates that the team is an underdog, or less likely to win. The number next to the (+) sign indicates the amount of money you would win if you wagered $100. Simple enough, right?

Here’s an example of what the Odds to Win SEC Conference might look like:

Tennessee Volunteers: -150

Alabama Crimson Tide: +200

We can see here that the Volunteers are the clear favorite to win with SEC Conference betting odds of -150. You’d have to wager $150 to win $100 on a Volunteers bet. You’d also get back your original bet amount, walking away with $250 in your pocket.

The Crimson Tide is running behind in this hypothetical with SEC Championship game odds of +200. If you were to make a $100 bet on them, you’d win $200. You would also get back your initial wager of $100 and leave with $300 altogether. See how it’s working now?

The Odds to Win SEC Conference aren’t difficult to read, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t set in stone. Because there are so many variables at play throughout the season, the SEC Championship odds can change drastically as things develop.

It may sound risky to make these kinds of bets, but you can minimize your potential for losses by heading to the OddsChecker Free Bets section. Here you’ll discover top sportsbooks that offer special promotions and risk-free first bets for new bettors, so you can get used to making wagers in a comfortable manner without taking big chances.

Current Odds To Win SEC Conference

If you’re ready to bet on Odds to Win SEC Conference, you’ll want to keep in mind how the SEC is structured. The organization is divided into two distinct divisions: Eastern and Western. The teams from these divisions play all season, and the top teams from each division go on to compete against each other for the championship title.

The Eastern division of the SEC includes the Georgia Bulldogs, Kentucky Wildcats, Florida Gators, South Carolina Gamecocks, Missouri Tigers, Tennessee Volunteers, and the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Western Division includes the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Auburn Tigers, the Mississippi State Bulldogs, the Ole Miss Rebels, the Arkansas Razorbacks, and the Texas A&M Aggies.

So, what are each teams’ current Odds to Win SEC Conference? Right now, a few teams stand out above the rest. Here’s what the lines look like for top contenders at the moment:

Alabama Crimson Tide: -125

Georgia Bulldogs: +190

Texas A&M Aggies: +600

Florida Gators: +1000

It’s no surprise to anyone that Alabama is in a top spot to win overall, and we can see from the odds that it’s likely the Crimson Tide will face the Bulldogs in the Championship this year. ‘Bama is coming in from last year’s win against Florida hot on the trail of another, and their history—as well as QB Bryce Young—help the Crimson Tide stand out as a clear favorite.

Barring that, Texas A&M Could very well face the Gators at the end of the year. Texas has been climbing up slowly with a fresh-faced young QB, and Florida is a bit of a wild card with odds similar to LSU. It’s a toss-up at this point as far as who will make it to the championship game, so keep your eyes on the NCAAF Picks section daily to see what our experts have to say on the subject.

Odds To Win SEC Conference Championship

It’s important to remember that the Odds to Win SEC Conference may change at any given moment. SEC championship game odds shift a lot during the regular season to reflect each team’s performance, player injuries, and various other changes or unforeseeable events. That being said, some teams have been historically better than others—for example, Alabama is always a top pick while Vanderbilt hasn’t won a title in decades. It’s good to know who’s who when it comes to SEC Conference betting odds, so study these teams carefully before making your bets:

• Alabama Crimson Tide

• Georgia Bulldogs

• Texas A&M Aggies

• Florida Gators

• LSU Tigers

• Ole Miss Rebels

• Auburn Tigers

• Missouri Tigers

• Kentucky Wildcats

• Tennessee Volunteers

• Mississippi State Bulldogs

• Arkansas Razorbacks

• South Carolina Gamecocks

• Vanderbilt Commodores

Florida Gators Odds To Win SEC Conference

The Florida Gators sit in the number-four spot to win the championship currently, even after ending 2020 on a downslope with three straight losses—not to mention, the departure of Heisman-nominated QB Kyle Trass. Their Odds to Win SEC Conference are spurred by coach Dan Mullen, who continues to rally talented troops like Emory Jones and Jacob Copeland to ensure that a trip to the championship game is well within the realm of possibility. Considering they hold second place for most SEC Championships won of all time, the Gators have a lot of skin in the game and are definitely a team to watch this season.

Georgia Bulldogs Odds To Win

The Georgia Bulldogs have been a consistently well-ranking team for a while now, and they’re the current favorite for wagering on the Eastern Division. While they failed to make the Championship last year (and haven’t won a title since 2017), the team has a star lineup this year that might just push them to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. With the likes of QB JT Daniels paired with defensive talent like Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter, Georgia’s Odds to Win SEC Conference are looking up in 2021.

Arkansas Razorbacks Odds To Win SEC Conference

As far as Western Division teams go, Arkansas has less-than-favorable Odds to Win SEC Conference. But even though the Razorbacks haven’t won a title in decades, this could be the dawn of a new era for Arkansas. Coach Sam Pittman is working to sharpen tactics and strategy this season, choosing to focus not on winning the championship but on creating the atmosphere and honing the skills necessary to do so. The Razorbacks are turning things around in 2021, and the rebuild should be fascinating to witness.

Alabama Crimson Tide Odds To Win

Alabama has always been a force to be reckoned with. This year is no different, with ‘Bama opening as the favorite to win not only the Western Division but the SEC Championship as well. Their Odds to Win SEC Conference are the best for a reason, too—the Crimson Tide has won more titles than any other team in the SEC, including the most recent in 2020. This year, Nick Saban conducts his team like a beautiful orchestra even without stars like DeVonta Smith and Mac Jones. As new talent like Bryce Young and William Anderson step up big-time, the Crimson Tide seems like the safest bet to win the Championship so far.

Tennessee Volunteers Odds To Win

The Tennessee Volunteers are not to be forgotten in the 2021 season. Their disappointing 2020 could be nothing more than a reflection in the rearview mirror if new head coach Josh Heupel turns out to be the dynamic force fans hope for. Though their starting Odds to Win SEC Conference weren’t the best in the business, the Volunteers could potentially turn things around. After snagging fresh, ultra-talented players like QB Joe Milton to replace last year’s crowd, things are looking up for Tennessee.

LSU Tigers Odds To Win

Finishing out 2020 with a 5-5 record and placing fourth in the SEC West, the LSU Tigers had their ups and downs last year—however, they’re no team to scoff at. They had a solid lineup of talent in 2020 and are bringing many of those big names back for the 2021 season. We’ll see the likes of Derek Stingley Jr. and Tyrion Davis-Price on defense, while talented players like Kayshon Boutte and QB Max Johnson bring muscle, agility, and speed to shoulder through anything. Though they didn’t start out with the best Odds to Win SEC Conference, the Tigers could have all the necessary names to take the title anyway.


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