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NFC East Winner Betting Odds

Here are the latest NFC East Winner odds from all of the biggest sports betting sites in Virginia. Navigate to our NFL homepage to see all the latest NFL odds for upcoming games. Click on the odds to place a bet with your favorite NFL betting site.

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Where Can I Find The Live Odds To Win NFC East?

You can find the latest odds to win NFC East right here at OddsChecker. Our easy-to-read comparison grids let bettors check out the latest lines offered from leading US sportsbooks. Throughout the preseason and regular season, OddsChecker updates these NFC East odds so NFL fans never miss a beat. We also cover all seven other divisions and provide in-depth insight to help punters wager smart on the NFL.

Unsure how to read odds to win NFC East, where to get the best deals on odds, and insight into all four teams in the division? Below, you can find a handy guide on all things NFC East-related.

As one of the NFL’s most evenly-matched divisions, choosing a winner is a rewarding challenge for even the most seasoned punters. OddsChecker covers the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, and Washington Football Team throughout the year so you have access to the latest information for the 2021-22 season.

How To Read NFC East Betting Odds

Reading odds to win NFC East (or any NFL division) is simple. Choosing a division winner is a futures bet, as it covers the outcome of an event far ahead of schedule. The most popular futures wagers on the NFL include division winners, conference winners, and Super Bowl champions.

Futures bets like those offered on NFC East odds predict the outright winner of an event, similar to a moneyline bet. As such, division odds are written in a standard moneyline format. The favorite has odds written with a minus (-) sign before them, while the other three teams will have a plus (+) sign before their odds. These indicate the underdog(s).

Calculating potential winnings is easy on a futures bet. The underdogs (written with a plus sign) show what a bettor stands to win on a $100 wager. The favorite, on the other hand, shows what a bettor must wager in order to win $100.

Let’s take a quick look at an example of odds to win NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys -220

Washington Football Team +280

Those who wager on the favorite Cowboys would need to put down $220 in order to net a $100 payout should they win. On the other hand, a bettor would wager $100 to win $280 on the Washington Football Team winning the NFC East.

In the case of the NFC East, the teams are more closely matched than others, which means not every sportsbook will list a favorite with a minus (-) sign. Instead, each team may be considered a fair shot until the season progresses toward playoffs and will be written with a plus (+) sign.

Current Odds To Win NFC East

The NFC East is contested between the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Football Team, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles. In addition to being one of the most evenly-matched divisions, it’s also got two teams with some of the most fanatical fandoms in sports (Eagles and Cowboys), which makes the division that much more interesting to follow/

NFC East odds are listed below. Be sure to check back throughout the preseason and regular season, as odds to win NFC East are updated by sportsbooks as they analyze a team’s live performance and make their picks. As the season progresses, odds are more accurate—but they also lessen in value.

As mentioned above, there’s no clear favorite given in odds to win NFC East (at least for now). The Cowboys, Washington Football Team, and Giants are all in potential standing to become the champion.

NFC East Odds

Dallas Cowboys +125

Washington Football Team +260

New York Giants +350

Philadelphia Eagles +500

Philadelphia Eagles Odds To Win NFC East

According to NFC East odds, the Philadelphia Eagles are expected to finish last in the division—but that hasn’t stopped the team from becoming one of the most-backed in the futures betting market. However, this seems to be a push from fans and those interested in using a free bet on a heavy underdog, as the Eagles are in the early stages of a full rebuild.

They’ve got Jalen Hurts, who will need to surpass his 2020 stats if he wants to lead Philly’s overhaul. He’ll have Heisman Trophy recipient WR DeVonta Smith on his side, who was drafted in the offseason, but it’s not likely enough to give them an edge in the NFC East in 2021-22.

New York Giants Odds To Win NFC East

The heat is back on for the New York Giants. With one of the most cut-throat coaching turnovers in the NFL, new GM Dave Gettleman is down to the wire and will be looking at head coach Joe Judge to show results this season.

The Giants weren’t able to nab a wide receiver at the Draft. They signed Kenny Golladay, who should be able to offer critical support for the offense. Will it be enough to see them compete meaningfully and boost their current NFC East odds?

Dallas Cowboys Odds To Win NFC East

Pundits are anticipating quarterback Dak Prescott to be back in action and healthier than ever, which is one key reason the Cowboys may have victory within their reach. During the offseason, the Cowboys stayed quiet in both free agency and the draft.

Though they picked up talents in Keanu Neal and Micah Parsons, most attention from pundits will be paying attention to Mike McCarthy and his staff as they enter their second season. It’s go time.

Washington Football Team Odds To Win NFC East

After an injury-ridden season for the Cowboys and Giants, the Washington Football Team surprised NFL fans with a 7-9 record that saw them win the division despite lower opening odds to win NFC East. However, it seems the team took a step back when they failed to draft a new quarterback that can lead them.

Though they’ve got Ryan Fitzpatrick (who proved capable with the Dolphins), most pundits will be keeping their eye on wide receiver Terry McLaurin to see if he can convert Fitzpatrick’s magic into touchdowns. Once again, it looks like Washington may be in a prime position to surpass their opening NFC East odds.


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