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NFL Odds

NFL Odds are determined by expert analysis. Professional handicappers and leading oddsmakers study team records, recent drafts, and other data to determine which team is most likely to win each game. OddsChecker connects you to various sportsbooks, each of which offer different odds and lines.

How To Read NFL Odds

For those new to NFL Betting, line grids can look confusing. Let's start from the top and learn how to read NFL betting odds.

Common terms include the 'favorite' and the 'underdog'. The favorite is the team slated to win, and the underdog is the team slated to lose. In the United States, NFL Odds begin with a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign. A plus (+) signifies the underdog. A minus (-) signifies the favorite.

For simplicity's sake, these odds are described in terms of a $100 bet. NFL Lines that have a plus (+) indicate the amount won if $100 is wagered. NFL Lines that have a minus (-) indicate the amount that must be wagered in order to win $100.

This is how an NFL Moneyline reads:

Patriots -265

Dolphins +245

In this example, placing a $100 bet on the Dolphins would lead to a payout of $245 if they win, while placing a $265 bet on the Patriots would lead to a payout of $100 if they win. Each sportsbook offers different NFL Betting Odds. OddsChecker connects fans to leading sportsbooks with the industry's most competitive and reliable NFL Odds. After all, a bet is only as good as the sportsbook its placed on.

NFL Moneyline Odds

Along with the action for weekly NFL Lines, betting on an NFL Moneyline is extremely popular and remains the king of NFL Betting. It's also the easiest betting line to read.

NFL Moneyline betting is a simple winner-loser bet, often called 'straight up' betting (SU). Sports analysts take a look at each team and release NFL Lines according to their prediction.

Let's take a look at the same example from above

Patriots -265

Dolphins +245

A bet of $100 placed on the underdog Dolphins +245 would earn the bettor $345 if the Dolphins win the game. The original $100 bet is returned to the bettor, as is the $245 value of the bet. A bet of $265 placed on the favorite Patriots -265 would earn the bettor $100 if the Patriots win the game. The original $100 bet is returned to the bettor, as is the $265 risk of the bet.

An easy way to assess the risk of betting on the favorite in NFL Betting Lines is to divide the moneyline by 100. In this example, 265 / 100 = 2.65. Therefore, there's a $2.65 risk on every dollar bet. For this reason, sportsbooks offer competitive bets on both the underdog a favorite.

NFL Point Spread Odds Explained

NFL Point Spread betting is a more complex variation of the NFL Moneyline. Point spread betting incorporates detailed odds that are based on in-depth sports analysis. The spread bet is the most popular way to read and bet on NFL Odds. It's also known as 'handicap betting' and can be referred to as 'betting the spread' or, in the event of a payout, 'beating the spread'.

Point Spreads are written as:

Patriots -7.5 (-110)

Dolphins +7.5. (-110)

Here, the Patriots need to win by at least 8 points (more than 7.5) for a bet on the Patriots to pay out. However, the Dolphins only need to not lose by 8 points or more for a bet on the Dolphins to pay out.

Typically, NFL Odds in an NFL Point Spread are given in a standard - 110 format, which indicates the 'juice' kept by sportsbooks.

Unlike the example above, some spreads are represented by whole numbers, like +/- 8. In the event of a tie with a whole number, a 'push bet' happens, which means the bet is void and wagered money is returned.

NFL Totals and Over/Under Odds Explained

NFL Totals and Over/Under betting are the same thing. Unlike the NFL Point Spread and NFL Moneyline, NFL Totals don't predict which team will win. Instead, Totals bets focus on score. A bettor simply wagers on whether or not the score set out by sportsbooks will be reached or not. This is why Totals betting is also known as Over/Under betting. At the end of the game, both teams' total scores are added to determine the final Totals line.

NFL Totals are exciting because lines change up until the whistle blows to start the game. In fact, many sportsbooks are now opening up 'live betting' to let fans place Totals bets during play. In live betting, the Totals line shifts throughout the game.

The Different Prop Bets In NFL

NFL Prop Bets ('proposition' bets) predict the outcome of a certain event within a match and can be quite imaginative. Common NFL Prop Bets for the regular season include how many yards a quarterback will throw or which team in the NFL will score the most on any given Sunday.

Prop bets become more creative as the season advances into playoffs and, eventually, the Super Bowl. Like NFL Playoff Odds, NFL Prop Bets allow fans whose team has been eliminated to continue wagering.

Two common Super Bowl bets are: what color Gatorade will be dumped on the coach of the winning team and how long it will take a performer to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

Betting On NFL Futures

NFL Futures are long-term wagers that predict the winner of a division, conference, or Super Bowl. Like the NFL Point Spread, NFL Futures Odds are determined by in-depth sports analysis from experts.

NFL Futures are written with a plus (+) before a number that informs the bettor of how much they stand to win if their team succeeds in taking a division, conference, or Super Bowl

NFL Futures Odds are written as:

Kansas City Chiefs +500

Houston Texans +8000

A $100 bet placed on the Kansas City Chiefs would pay out $500 if they won the Super Bowl. A $100 bet placed on the Houston Texans would pay out $8,000 if they won the Super Bowl. Here, the original $100 bet is included in the winning payout.

The Latest NFL Lines For The Playoffs

It's absolutely possible to make money betting on the NFL. When it comes to NFL Betting, two important factors are 'the juice' and the type of bet.

The 'juice', known officially as vigorish or 'vig', refers to the amount of money kept by sportsbooks. Depending on frequency of betting and seasonal promotions, sportsbooks alter their fees. Choosing a trustworthy sportsbook is one simple way to increase winnings.

The bet itself is another important consideration. For instance, NFL Futures bets will tie up your money until a champion is named. On the other hand, NFL Point Spread betting offers a higher margin of winnings because betting the spread relies on statistical analysis, which tends to be more reliable.

In short, yes. You can make money on NFL Betting and have fun along the way. That's why OddsChecker is here.

What Are The Best Sites To Bet On NFL?

OddsChecker features the most reliable and competitive NFL Betting sites. Fans can quickly compare and contrast bets offered by the trusted sportsbooks below.

FanDuel a popular sportsbook and daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider that has a host of creative betting options.

BetMGM a leading sportsbook and casino gaming provider that offers NFL Vegas Odds as an affiliate of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

DraftKings a popular sportsbook and DFS provider that focuses on creating daily and weekly contests.

Bet365 an online sports betting and gaming site that's based in the UK but is one of the most successful platforms worldwide.

Unibet an online sports betting and gaming site that's popular and successful worldwide.

What Are The Vegas Odds For NFL?

NFL Vegas Odds refer to the lines put forth by the largest Las Vegas sportsbooks. Prior to 2018, only Nevadan sportsbooks could legally provide NFL Betting Odds for the whole United States. Since 2018, sports betting has expanded to more states. NFL Vegas Odds are no longer the only trusted source for analysis—though they are still considered highly reliable by those in the industry.


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