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Football Odds Explained

Football betting odds and lines are determined by expert analysis. Professional handicappers at OddsChecker as well as leading sportsbooks study team records, recent drafts, and other data to determine which team is most likely to win a game on any given Sunday (or Saturday).

Each sportsbook will provide their own football betting lines and odds for every game. The bets available also vary, from the standard moneyline bet (known as ‘straight up’ or SU betting) to the revered point spread (known as ‘betting the spread’).

How Do Odds Work In Football?

In American football betting, underdogs are written with a plus (+), while favorites are written with a minus (-). This is true for both the NFL and the NCAA.

Football odds are written as:

USC +510

Alabama -770

This is an example of moneyline betting. In American betting, odds are described in terms of a $100 bet. Here, a $100 bet placed on USC would pay out $510 in the event of a win. The bettor is paid out a total of $610 for this win (which includes the original $100 bet).

On the other hand, a $770 bet placed on Alabama would pay out $100 for this win. The bettor would earn $100 from this bet, as well as keep their original $770. For this reason, football betting sites see more action on the underdog than on the favorite.

Point spread football lines are written as:

Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 (-110)

LA Chargers -3.5 (-110)

As mentioned above, lines detail odds in a more specific way. In this example, the Bengals are the 3.5 point underdog and the Chargers are the 3.5 point favorite. For a bet on the Bengals to pay out, they need to not lose to the Chargers by at least 4 points. For a bet on the Chargers to pay out, they need to beat the Bengals by at least 4 points.

Football Odds: What Does -200 Mean?

In football betting, a team with odds of -200 means they’re the favorite to win the game. In order to win a bet placed on a team with odds of -200, a bettor would need to wager $200 in order to win $100.

If a bettor places $200 on a team with odds of -200, then they would win a total of $300 should their team win in a moneyline (straight-up) bet.

How Are Football Betting Odds Determined And Calculated?

Sportsbooks utilize expert sports analysis to determine NCAA and pro football odds for any given game. Oddsmakers rely on hard data to predict things like which team will win and by how many points. These predictions are written as football lines.

Elite oddsmakers also consider other factors related to play. One example is coaching. As in, what does Ryan Day have in store for his Buckeyes in this coming season? Another example is homefield advantage. As in, which unfortunate team has to face the Seahawks 12th man this Sunday?

What Are The Popular Football Bets To Wager?

Football betting odds and lines are applied to a variety of bets. The most popular bets include:

Moneyline betting: Moneyline bets are a win-loss wager, known as straight-up betting because there are no additional conditions attached to the bet. Your team either wins or loses.

Point spread betting: Point spread bets are the most common way to bet on both the NFL and the NCAA. Rather than focusing on an outright win, point spread betting involves football lines that give the underdog a ‘handicap’, which is represented by a number (or ‘point’). Point spread betting involves in-depth analysis of stats that determine the spread (points allocated to each team).

Prop betting: Proposition (‘prop’) bets determine anything aside from the outcome of the game. These bets tend to get very creative across football betting sites, from who will win the Heisman in the NCAA to how long it takes a performer to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl.

Futures betting: Futures bets are placed on a future event, such as the Rose Bowl or the Super Bowl. However, given the variety of conferences and divisions between both the NCAA and the NFL, futures bets are often placed on divisional or conference title faceoffs.

Over/under betting: Over/under bets are also called Totals bets. These bets are placed on the total score of a given game, which is added together at the end of the match. Bets are paid out according to total points rather than a straight-up win.

Where Can I Find The Latest Football Lines Online?

In addition to their own expert handicappers, OddsChecker connects you to the latest football lines from ten leading sportsbooks. Take a look below to get acquainted with the trusted, reliable sportsbooks that OddsChecker connects you to:

FanDuel: a popular sportsbook and daily fantasy sports (DFS) provider that has a host of creative betting options.

BetMGM: a leading sportsbook and casino gaming provider that offers NFL Vegas Odds as an affiliate of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

BetAmerica: an online sportsbook that’s also popular for providing elite racing picks for a diverse range of horseraces.

DraftKings: a popular sportsbook and DFS provider that focuses on creating daily and weekly contests.

SugarHouse: an online casino and sportsbook that spearheaded online sports betting in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

FOX Bet: one of the latest sports betting platforms that was created by partners FOX Sports and The Stars Group.

888Sports: an online betting giant that got its start in Europe and has since moved across the pond to offer competitive deals in the US.

ResortsCasino: an online sports betting platform that’s affiliated with the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Bet365: an online sports betting and gaming site that’s based in the UK but is one of the most successful platforms worldwide.

Unibet: an online sports betting and gaming site that’s popular and successful worldwide.

Do Sportsbooks Offer Different Football Lines?

Yes. Sportsbooks featured on football betting sites offer slightly different lines based on their own expert analysis. Additionally, sportsbooks will seek to balance out either side of the bet. For this reason, sportsbooks offer lines for both the underdog and the favorite. It’s also common for lines to move because early activity on a bet will alter the odds given for each side.

What Are The Best Betting Sites For Football Odds?

Since sports betting has been legalized in more states in the US, more and more sports betting sites have popped up that offer football odds. However, not all sites are created equally, which is why OddsChecker connects you to ten of the leading sportsbooks around the world. When it comes to online football betting for the NFL and NCAA, it’s important to be connected to reliable odds from experts, as well as sportsbooks that will lower ‘the juice’. Vigorish (also known as ‘the juice’ or ‘vig’) refers to the money kept by sportsbooks.

American football betting odds are written as +/- 110, which means a bettor earns $100 for every $100 bet. So, a $100 bet placed on an underdog -110 would pay out $200 to the bettor. That extra 10 tacked onto the -110 underdog odds is the juice. That’s how sportsbooks make money. Depending seasonal promotions or underperforming spreads, sportsbooks may alter the juice.

Can I Find The Latest Vegas Football Odds Online?

You can find the latest Las Vegas football odds online. Las Vegas odds are often described in terms of ‘3 to 1’, which means that there are three chances to win and one chance to lose. In other words, you have a 3 in 4 chance of winning, or a 75% chance of winning. It’s important to note that, as of 2018, sports betting online has become legal in more US states. This means that national betting trends will be moving out of Nevada, which had a monopoly on the sports betting industry for decades. While Vegas sportsbooks are still widely trusted and reliable, reading Las Vegas football odds are now an alternative to the American betting system.


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