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2022 MLB Mock Draft: Complete Five-Round MLB Mock Draft

2022 MLB Mock Draft. Analyst and MLB expert Jason Radowitz is back with another breakdown of the upcoming 2022 MLB Draft. Here, he predicts each of the first five rounds of his 2022 MLB Mock Draft.
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2022 MLB Mock Draft: Predicting Each of the First Five Rounds

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been adding more and more draft picks to our MLB mock draft. With the MLB Draft slated for Sunday, we've finally added our full five-round mock draft for the 2022 MLB Draft.

As of right now, the first overall pick seems to be up for grabs in this yea'r MLB Draft. Some think Druw Jones, son of Andruw Jones, is the correct pick. Others think Jackson Holliday, another player with an MLB dad, Matt Holliday, is the choice. Or will it be Termarr Johnson?

MLB expert Jason Radowitz is here to give us his complete five-round MLB mock draft and let us know which direction he thinks each team will go.

It's been a while since the last time we saw a high school player go first overall. As a matter of fact, the last player to do so was SS Royce Lewis in 2017. But it seems like the players at the top of this year's MLB draft are all high school bats.

So, without any more time wasted, let's see how many picks we actually get right. This was tons of fun regardless. Now I hope some of these teams can make me look a little smart!

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2022 MLB Mock Draft Predictions

Round 1

1. Orioles: Druw Jones, OF, Wesleyan HS, Ga.

I really think the Orioles would rather take a college player with this pick. But can they really pass up on Druw Jones?

2. Diamondbacks: Jackson Holliday, SS, Stillwater, HS, Okla.

The Diamondbacks can't go wrong with either Jackson Holliday or Brooks Lee. Lee is a college player while Holliday will take a little more time to develop. But either way, they're getting a star.

3. Rangers: Kevin Parada, C, Georgia Tech

The Rangers just signed a load of talent in the off-season and might not be patient enough for a high school player. Prada has a lot of potential with his bat and glove as a catcher. Anytime you can get production out of your catcher, you're going to be happy.

4. Pirates: Brooks Lee, SS, Cal Poly

If the Pirates want a college bat, go get Brooks Lee. Lee could've easily been the first overall player in this year's draft.

5. Nationals: Jacob Berry, RF, LSU

If Prada is available here, the Nationals would probably take Prada. But rumor has it, he won't be available. They'll get the next best bat in the draft.

6. Marlins: Termarr Johnson, 2B, Mays HS, Ga.

7. Cubs: Cam Collier, 3B, Chipola Junior College

8: Twins: Gavin Cross, OF, Virginia Tech

The Twins will more than likely find a college bat. Cross would be the best fit at this time.

9. Royals: Justin Crawford, OF, Bishop Gorman HS, Nev.

Crawford is rising in the rankings with scouts raving out his potential. A lot of teams are in on him but the Royals would get first dibs at this stage.

10. Rockies: Jordan Beck, OF, Tennessee

Again, the Rockies will probably take a college bat here as well. If Cross is gone, it's down to Beck or Brandon Barriera, if they're looking for a pitcher.

11. Mets: Elijah Green, OF, IMG Academy HS, Fla.

12. Tigers: Zach Neto, SS, Campbell

The Tigers can choose between Neto and Jace Jung. Jung didn't impress in Big 12 Tournament play. I'd rather stick with Neto here.

13. Angels: Brandon Barriera, LHP, American Heritage HS, Fla.

The Angels went after pitching in 2021 and I don't think that stops here. They can get the best pitcher on the board here.

14. Mets: Dylan Lesko, RHP, Buford HS, Ga.

With pitchers starting to come off the board, look for the Mets to add a high school prospect. Lesko has committed to Vanderbilt, proving just how highly regarded he really is.

15. Padres: Brock Porter, RHP, St. Mary's HS (Mich.)

16. Guardians: Jace Jung, 2B, Texas Tech

Jung wasn't great in the regionals for Texas Tech, but if he falls to 16, the Guardians have to consider. There's also Cole Young, who is a high school shortstop that would be a solid fit as well. It's up to the Guardians. I think Jung can't fall deeper than 16. Click here to claim our best BetMGM Promo Code for all the MLB action or check out the offers below for a selection of the best offers available on site!

17: Phillies: Justin Campbell, RHP, Oklahoma State

Barrera, Porter, and Lesko would all be options if they fall. The Phillies would be on any of them first. But with those guys off the board, the Phillies should end up going after another pitcher like Campbell. It's likely they'll go after a college arm.

18. Reds: Daniel Susac, C, Arizona

19. Athletics: Dylan Beavers, OF, California

20. Braves: Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Oregon State

The Braves will go after a nice college pitcher. There's no better consistent pitcher than Hjerpe.

21. Mariners: Cole Young, SS, North Allegheny HS, Pa.

The Mariners will be looking for position players with their first pick of the MLB Draft.

22. Cardinals: Connor Prielipp, LHP, Alabama

23. Blue Jays: Jett Williams, SS, Rockwell-Heath HS, Tex.

If Williams is still available for the Blue Jays, they'll have to take him. Sterlin Thompson, Brock Jones, and Drew Gilbert all fit the profile here as well.

24. Red Sox: Drew Gilbert, OF, Tennessee

25. Yankees: Brock Jones, OF, Stanford

26. White Sox: Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga

If the White Sox are looking for college arms, they have to select Gabriel Hughes. He could be drafted much higher. But there's always one or two prospects that drop. He could be one of them.

27: Brewers: Chase DeLauter, OF, James Madison University

28: Astros: Dalton Rushing, C, Louisville

29: Rays: Tucker Toman, 3B, Hammond HS, S.C.

30. Giants: Jackson Ferris, LHP, IMG Academy, Fla

The Giants are going pitching with this pick. If Jackson Ferris falls this far, it's time to grab him.

31. Rockies: Jacob Melton, OF, Oregon State

32. Reds: Robby Snelling, LHP, McQueen HS, Nev.

33. Orioles: Blade Tidwell, RHP, Tennessee

34: D-backs: Peyton Graham, SS, Oklahoma

35. Royals: Landon Sims, RHP, Mississippi State

36. Reds: Jacob Miller, RHP, Liberty Union HS, Ohio

37. Guardians: Jake Bennett, LHP, Oklahoma

38. Rockies: Cayden Wallace, 3B, Arkansas

39: Padres: Max Wagner, 3B, Clemson

Round 2

40. Dodgers: Andrew Dutkanych RHP, Brebeuf Jesuit, IN

41. Red Sox: Sterlin Thompson, OF, Fla.

42. Orioles: Carson Whisenhunt, LHP, East Carolina

43. Diamondbacks: Peyton Pallette, RHP, Arkansas

44. Pirates: Thomas Harrington, RHP, Campbell

45. Nationals: Tristan Smith, LHP, Boling Springs, SC

46. Marlins: J.R. Ritchie, RHP, Bainbridge, WA

47: Cubs: Owen Murphy, RHP, Riverside-Brookfield, IL

48. Twins: Noah Schultz, LHP, Oswego East, IL

49. Royals: Walter Ford, RHP, Pace, FL

50. Rockies: Parker Messick, LHP, Florida State

51. Tigers: Adam Mazur, RHP, Iowa

52. Mets: Jonathan Cannon, RHP, Georgia

53. Padres: Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State

54. Guardians: Spencer Jones, OF, Vanderbilt

55. Reds: Kumar Rocker, RHP, No School

56: Athletics: 2B, Cade Doughty, LSU

57. Braves: Cole Phillips, RHP, Boerne, TX

58: Mariners: Dalton Rushing, C, Louisville

59. Cardinals: Roman Anthony, OF, Stoneman Douglas, FL

60. Blue Jays: Henry Bolte, OF, Palo Alto, CA 

61. Yankees: Mikey Romero, SS, Orange Lutheran, CA

62. White Sox: Gavin Kilen, SS, Milton

63. Brewers: Eric Brown, SS, Coastal Carolina

64. Astros: Jackson Cox, Toutle Lake, WA

65. Rays: Drew Thorpe, RHP, Cal Poly

66. Giants: Josh Kasevich, SS, Oregon

67. Orioles: Trystan Vrieling, RHP, Gonzaga

68. Twins: Malcolm Moore, C, McClatchy, CA

69. Athletics: Brycen Mautz, LHP, San Diego

70. Rays: Sam Horn, RHP, Collins Hill, GA

71. Rays: Gavin Guidry, SS, Barbe, LA

72. Brewers:  Hunter Barco, LHP, Florida

73. Reds: Jaden Noot, RHP, Sierra Canyon, CA

74. Mariners: Bryce Hubbart, LHP, Florida State

75. Mets: Henry Williams, RHP, Duke

76. Braves: Sal Stewart, 3B, Westminster Christian, FL

77. Blue Jays: Cameron Smith, 3B, Palm Beach Central, FL

78. Blue Jays: Bradley Loftin, LHP, DeSoto Central, MS

79. Red Sox: Jordan Taylor, St. Johns, FL

80. Astros: Clark Elliott, OF, Michigan

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Round 3

81. Orioles: Luke Gold, 2B, Boston College

82. Diamondbacks: Jacob Misiorowski, RHP, Crowder JC

83: Pirates: Brady Neal, C, IMG Academy, Fla.

84: Nationals: Reggie Crawford, LHP, Connecticut

85: Marlins: Connor Staine, RHP, Central Florida

86: Cubs: Karson Milbrandt, RHP, Liberty, MO

87: Royals: Jake Madden, RHP, Northwest Florida State JC

88: Rockies: Nick Morabito, 2B, Gonzaga (DC)

89: Angels: Jalin Flores, SS, Brandeis, TX

90: Mets: Nazier Mule, RHP, Passaic Tech, NJ

91: Padres: Ryan Cermak, OF, Illinois State

92: Guardians: Michael Kennedy, LHP, Troy, NY

93: Phillies: Carson Palmquist, LHP, Miami

94: Reds: Colby Thomas, OF, Mercer

95: Athletics: Dominic Keegan, C, Vanderbilt

96: Braves: Brandon Birdell, RHP, Texas Tech

97: Cardinals: Dominic Keegan, C, Vanderbilt

98: Blue Jays: Mason Neville, OF, Basic, NV

99: Red Sox: Robert Moore, 2B, Arkansas

100: Yankees: Marcus Johnson, RHP, Duke

101. White Sox: Nate Savino, LHP, Virginia

102: Brewers: Cutter Coffey, RHP, Liberty

103: Astros: Jacob Zibin, RHP, TNXL Academy

104: Rays: Andrew Walters, RHP, Miami

105: Dodgers: Ryan Clifford, 1B/OF, Pro5 Academy

106: Giants: Cade Obermueller, LHP, City High

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Round 4

107: Orioles: Jud Gabian, OF, Florida

108: Diamondbacks: Luis Ramirez, RHP, Long Beach State

109: Rangers: Brandon Sproat, RHP, Florida

110: Pirates: Eli Jerzembeck, RHP, Providence

111: Nationals: Gavin Turley, OF, Lee, AZ

112: Marlins: Ivan Melendez, 1B, Texas

113: Cubs: Chase Shores, RHP, Midland, TX

114: Twins: Christopher Paciolla, SS, Temecula Valley

115: Royals: Jacob Watters, RHP, West Virginia

116: Rockies: Levi Huesman, LHP, Hanover, VA

117: Tigers: Zach Maxwell, RHP, Georgia Tech

118: Angels: Jacob Reimer, 3B, Yucaipa, CA

119: Mets: Cade Hunter, C, Virginia Tech

120: Padres: Max Rajcic, RHP, UCLA

121: Guardians: Ike Irish, C, Orchard Lake St. Mary's

122: Phillies: Ben Joyce, RHP, Tennessee

123: Reds: Jack O'Connor, RHP, Arlington, VA

124: Athletics: Tyler Locklear, 1B, VCU

125: Braves: Orion Kerkering, RHP, South Florida

126: Mariners: William Kempner, RHP, Gonzaga

127: Cardinals: Paxton Kling, OF, Central

128: Blue Jays: Alan Roden, 1B, Creighton

129: Red Sox: Payton Brennan, OF, Woodcreek

130: Yankees: Caden Dana, RHP, Don Bosco Prep

131: White Sox: Austin Charles, OF, Stockdale

132: Brewers: Jared McKenzie, OF Baylor

133: Astros: Chandler Simpson, 2B, Georgia Tech

134: Rays: Ethan Petry, 3B, Cypress Creek

135: Dodgers: Anthony Hall, OF, Oregon

136: Giants: Tres Gonzalez, OF, Georgia Tech

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Round 5

137: Orioles: Eli Saul, RHP, Sacramento State

138: Diamondbacks: Riley Kelly, RHP, Tustin

139: Rangers: Anthony Silva, SS, Clark

140: Pirates: Joe Lampe, 2B, Arizona State

141: Nationals: Matt Wood, C, Penn State

142: Marlins: Chris Stanfield, OF, Lawton Chiles

143: Cubs: Josh White, RHP, California

144: Twins: Peyton Williams, 1B, Iowa

145: Royals: Drake Baldwin, C, Missouri State

146: Rockies: Eli Serrano, OF, Pro5 Academy

147: Tigers: TJ McCants, OF, Ole Miss

148: Angels: Nicolas Perez, SS, BYOU Academy

149: Mets: Alex McFarlane, RHP, Miami

150: Padres: Justin Boyd, OF, Oregon State

151: Guardians: Chance Huff, RHP, Georgia Tech

152: Phillies: Ryan Ritter, SS, Kentucky

153: Reds: Karson Milbrandt, RHP, Liberty

154: Athletics: Jayson Jones, 3B, Braswell

155: Braves: Nick Biddison, OF, Virginia Tech

156: Mariners: Beau Sylvester, C, Kamehameha School

157: Cardinals: Trey Faltine, SS, Texas

158: Blue Jays: Michael Kennedy, LHP, Troy

159: Red Sox: Chris McElvain, RHP, Vanderbilt

160: Yankees: Jayden Hylton, 1B, Palm Beach Gardens

161: White Sox: Andrew Taylor, RHP, Central Michigan

162: Brewers: Jordan Sprinkle, UC Santa Barbara

163: Astros: Xavier Isaac, 1B, East Forsyth

164: Rays: Dylan Delucia, RHP, Ole Miss

165: Dodgers: Jack Lausch, OF, Brother Rice

166: Giants: Paul Gervase, RHP, LSU

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Jason grew up an avid sports fan. His passion for sports writing grew in high school and he developed a blog that was strictly for New York Sports. From his work, you will quickly realize that he loves looking at games from an analytical and numbers perspective and hopes to provide you with that same perspective in his articles.


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