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2022 MLB Draft Day 2 Mock Draft: Predicting First Three Rounds on Day 2

NIght one of the MLB Draft was last night. Now, what will we see here early on Day 2? Jason Radowitz breaks it down.
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2022 MLB Draft Day 2 Mock Draft: Predicting First Three Rounds on Day 2

With 80 draft picks off the board, we're heading to Day 2 of the MLB Draft. There were many twists and turns with the first 80 picks of the draft, as expected.

With those 80 players off the board, we're going to try and predict the next three rounds for Day 2 of the MLB Draft.

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MLB Draft Round 11

317. Orioles: Tristan Smith, LHP, Boiling Springs HS (SC)

318. Diamondbacks: Gavin Guidry, SS, Barbe HS (LA)

319. Rangers: Brady Neal, C IMG Academy (FL)

320. Pirates: Jordan Taylor, OF, St. John's Country Day School (FL)

321. Nationals: Jalin Flores, SS, Louis D. Brandeis HS (TX)

322. Marlins: Bradley Loftin, LHP, DeSoto Central HS (MS)

323. Cubs: Malcolm Moore, CK McClatchy HS (CA)

324. Twins: Ryan Clifford, OF, Crossroads FLEX HS (NC)

325. Royals: Mason Neville, OF, Basic HS (NV)

326. Rockies: Gavin Kilen, SSS, Milton HS (WI)

327. Tigers: Ike Irish, C, Orchard Lake St. Mary's Prep

328. Angels: Kassius Thomas, RHP, Sierra Canyon School (CA)

329. Mets: Caden Dana, RHP, Don Bosco Prep HS (NJ)

330. Padres: Gavin Turley, Hamilton, HS (AZ))

331. Guardians: Levi Huesman, LHP, Hanover HS (VA)

332: Phillies: Cam Smith, SS, Palm Beach Central HS (FL)

333: Reds: Jack O'Connor, Bishop 'Connell HS (VA)

334: Athletics: Andrew Walters, RHP, Miami

335: Braves: Jace Grady, OF, Dallas Baptist

336: Mariners: J.T. Quinn, RHP, Berkeley Prep School (FL)

337: Cardinals: Jeric Curtis, OF, Tomball Memorial HS (TX)

338: Blue Jays: Malachi Witherspoon, RHP, Fletcher HS (FL)

339: Red Sox: Adonys Guzman, C, The Brunswick School (CT)

340: Yankees: Riley Kelly, RHP. Tustin HS (CA)

341. White Sox: Colby Holcombe, NNortheasterly Mississippi CC (MS)

342: Brewers: Jayson Jones, SS, Braswell, HS (TX)

343: Astros: David Lally, RHP, Grand Blanc HS (MI)

344: Rays: Drew Faurot, SS, Florida HS (FL)

345: Dodgers: Grayson Saunier, RHP Collierville HS (TN)

346: Giants: Bryce Osmond, RHP, Oklahoma State

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MLB Draft Round 12

347. Orioles: Dakota Jordan, OF, Jackson Academy (MS)

348. Diamondbacks: Chris Stainfield, Lawton Chiles HS (FL)

349. Rangers: Aiva Arquette, Saint Louis School (HI)

350. Pirates: Zach Crotchfelt, LHP, Jackson Memorial HS (NJ)

351. Nationals: Eli Jerzembeck, RHP, Providence HS (NC)

352. Marlins: Luke Heyman, Lake Brantley HS (FL)

353. Cubs: Dakota Jordan, OF, Jackson Academy (MS)

354. Twins: Patrick Forbes, 3B, Bowling Green HS (KY)

355. Royals: Quinn Matthew, LHP, Stanford (CA)

356. Rockies: Chris Newell, OF, Virginia

357. Tigers: Payton Brennan, OF, Rocklin HS (CA)

358. Angels: Eli Serrano, OF, Pro5 Baseball Academy (NC)

359. Mets: Ross Highfill, C, Madison Central HS (MS)

360. Padres: Jared Jones, C, Walton HS (GA)

361. Guardians: Brock Willis, SS, Holly Springs HS (NC),

362: Phillies: Jace LaViolette, OF, Obra D. Tompkins HS (TX)

363: Reds: Hayden Murphy, RHP. Tiftarea Academy (GA)

364: Athletics: Tyler Bremmer, RHP. Scripps Ranch HS (CA)

365: Braves: David Sandlin, RHP, Oklahoma

366: Mariners: Yoel Tejeda, North Broward Prep HS (FL)

367: Cardinals: Carter Garate, SS, Murrieta Mesa HS (CA)

368: Blue Jays: JeanPierre Ortiz, SS, IMG Academy (FL)

369: Red Sox: Will Vierling, C, Homestead HS (WI)

370: Yankees: Jack Crighton, 3B, Orchard Lake St Mary's Prep

371. White Sox: Noah Samol, Williams Mason HS (OH)

372: Brewers: Christian Oppor, LHP, Columbus HS (WI)

373: Astros: Zachary Root, LHP, Fort Myers HS

374: Rays: Ethan Petry, 3B, Cypress Creek HS (FL)

375: Dodgers: Ethan Long, 1B, Arizona State

376: Giants: Isaiah Jackson, OF, Cienega HS (AZ)

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MLB Draft Round 13

377. Orioles: Luis Ujano, LHP, Sunshine State Elite Academy (FL)

378. Diamondbacks: Nate Baez, C, Arizona State

379. Rangers: Carter Young, SS, Vanderbilt

380. Pirates: Dominic Johnson, OF, Kansas State

381. Nationals: Gavin Van Kempen, RHP, Maple Hill HS (NY)

382. Marlins: Matthew Grabmann, RHP, TNXL Academy (FL)

383. Cubs: Emaarion Boyd, OF, South Panola HS (MS)

384. Twins: Korbyn Dickerson, Trinity HS (KY)

385. Royals: Michael Curialle, SS, UCLA

386. Rockies: Colby Halter, SS, Florida

387. Tigers: Jim Jarvis, SS, Alabama

388. Angels: Isaiah Jackson, OF, Cienega

389. Mets: Bo Bonds, RHP, Louisiana

390. Padres: Patrick Pridgen, RHP, FIU

391. Guardians: Marek Houston, SS, Venice Senior

392: Phillies: Pierce George, RHP, Lake Travis

393: Reds: Jarrod Hocking, OF, Servite

394: Athletics: Drew Smith, 3B, Buchanen

395: Braves: Josh Rivera, SS, Floria

396: Mariners: Hayden Mullins, LHP, Auburn

397: Cardinals: Jake Brooks, RHP, UCLA

398: Blue Jays: Michael Walsh, RHP, Yale

399: Red Sox: Ryan Ramsey, LHP, Maryland

400: Yankees: Luke Franzoni, 1B, Xavier

401. White Sox: Paul Toetz, 2B, Purdue

402: Brewers: Mitchell Daly, 2B, Texas

403: Astros: Brady Slavens, 1B, Arkansas

404: Rays: Grayson Moore, RHP, Vanderbilt

405: Dodgers: Julian Bosnic, LHP, South Carolina

406: Giants: Ethan Goff, OF, Tulane


Jason grew up an avid sports fan. His passion for sports writing grew in high school and he developed a blog that was strictly for New York Sports. From his work, you will quickly realize that he loves looking at games from an analytical and numbers perspective and hopes to provide you with that same perspective in his articles.


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