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2022 MLB Draft Grades: Grading Every Team's Draft Haul

The 2022 MLB Draft concluded yesterday after 3 days of selections. Jason Radowitz is back sharing his 2022 MLB Draft grades.
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2022 MLB Draft Grades: Grading Every Team's Draft Haul

The 2022 MLB Draft has concluded!

After a full three days of drafting, some organizations can now finally get back to preparing for a post-season run while others will prepare to unload players for even more prospects.

Anyway, we broke down each team's draft and graded them based on their performances. Here it goes!

Arizona Diamondbacks: A

The Diamondbacks drafted Druw Jones with the first selection and continued to add highly rated players throughout the draft including Landon Sims, Ivan Melendez, and Nate Savino.

They even added Adrian Rodriguez with Pick 228, and he was rated in the top 175 of prospects.

That haul is looking real nice right now.

Atlanta Braves: B

Selecting Owen Murphy with their first selection with interesting. They're going to try to allow him to pitch and hit, but I just feel like that's not going to totally work out.

I felt like they drafted Blake Burkhalter and Drake Baldwin a little bit earlier than they should've. But their scouts likely know a whole lot more than me.

Baltimore Orioles: A

The Baltimore Orioles selected Jackson Holliday with the first pick in the MLB Draft. They couldn't go wrong there.

But they also loaded up on a lot of talent, selecting Dylan Beavers, Max Wagner, Jud Fabian, Nolan McLean, and plenty more college players. The Orioles feel like they're going to be very competitive in a couple of years. Adding all of these highly regarded college players was smart.

Boston Red Sox: B-

The Red Sox won't be competing with these players for a long time. They went heavy with high school prospects early. We'll see how that plays out.

Chicago Cubs: C

The Cubs went heavy with pitching, selecting nine pitchers with 10 picks. I'm not so sure this is going to work out for the Cubs. It's a weird strategy that hasn't worked for the Angels yet either.

Chicago White Sox: B-

The White Sox are also going heavy in the pitcher department and added three pitchers with their first three picks. However, they did add six players to MLB's Top 250 prospects. So they're moving in the right direction.

Cincinnati Reds: A

The Reds are dominating this draft. They added Cam Collier with the 18th pick of the draft when he could've easily gone in the top 10. The Reds might've reached on Sal Stewart but then added Logan Tanner, Justin Boyd, Bryce Hubbart, Kenya Huggins, Cade Hunter, Zach Maxwell, Trey Faltine, and Chris McElvain.

All of those guys are top-tier prospects. It's been a heck of a draft for those guys.

Cleveland Guardians: B

The Guardians are trying to find gems. They drafted a bunch of players that weren't really highly regarded in the late rounds and selected a ton of college talent in the early rounds. Chase DeLauter was a fun first pick and Justin Campbell with Parker Messick were solid selections as well.

Colorado Rockies: B+

The Rockies added 10 players in the Top 250 list with their 12 selections. Gabriel Hughes was reached on early, but the Rockies continued to add college players to their roster that were really rated high on most draft boards.

The Rockies should start to compete with some of these guys in the next couple of years. So while I didn't love the Hughes selection, overall, the Rockies have done well.

Detroit Tigers: A-

The Tigers also went the college route, adding 10 college players with their 10 selectins. Jace Jung has plenty of pop and the Tigers were able to find a ton of value with Peyton Graham at 51 and Luke Gold at 147.

They're getting a solid rating.

Houston Astros: B+

The Astros are going heavy with pitching in the late rounds but found some solid outfield talent with their first two picks including Drew Gilbert and Jacob Melton. Both are college players that should see the field pretty soon. Plus, they're both left-handed bats. The Astros like those kinds of bats.

Kansas City Royals: B

It's been an up-and-down draft for the Royals. The Royals selected Gavin Cross with their first selection. Then they added Cayden Wallace, Mason Barnett, and Steven Zobac a little too quickly.

However, they found value a little bit later after drafting Hayden Dunhurst and Mack Anglin later than they were projected.

Anyway, the Royals went all college in this draft. Good for them.

Los Angeles Angels: C+

The Angels actually started drafting position players now. They also went the full college route and will be trying to contend before Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani leave them.

However, I must say, the Angels have been all over the place with this draft in terms of talent.

Los Angeles Dodgers: B-

The Dodgers are looking for a ton of infield help in the draft. They've already drafted five middle infielders through their first nine draft selections.

I think that probably means Trea Turner is gone. I won't question the Dodgers because they have a great track record, but this draft just doesn't seem all that appealing.

Miami Marlins: B

The Marlins made sure to draft Jacob Berry with their first selection and then went pitching for the rest of the draft. The Marlins already have an exciting pitching staff. Some of these players could end up being trade chips for the Marlins as they look to get back into contention.

This wasn't the most insane draft for the Marlins, but they stuck to their game plan and added a ton of solid college pitching arms.

Milwaukee Brewers: B-

The Brewers ended up with just four players on the Top 250 prospect list on MLB.com. They also haven't added a single outfielder in the draft.

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Minnesota Twins: B

The Twins started the draft very well with Brooks Lee at 8 and Connor Prielipp at 48. Both of those two could've easily been drafted earlier.

Like most teams, the Twins have stuck with college players with their draft class and have added a ton of middle infield depth and pitching. Again, there's no outfield in this draft for the Twins.

And obviously, these teams could have their middle infielders play the outfield eventually. But in terms of primary positions, the Twins haven't drafted an outfielder. I still love their first two picks though.

New York Mets: B+

The Mets added Kevin Parada at 11 and I had him going much earlier to the Rangers at 3. You don't see power-hitting catchers very often but he's one of them.

The Mets also added a ton of pitching depth and went mostly college in this draft class.

New York Yankees: B+

The New York Yankees added Spencer Jones with their first selection. He fits well at Yankee Stadium, being a left-handed power slugger.

The Yankees continued their draft with many college athletes and while they probably reached for some, their pitching depth looks a whole lot better than it did last week.

Oakland Athletics: B+

It looks like the Athletics stole the outfield depth in the draft. They added Daniel Susac first but then took three outfielders between Henry Bolte, Clark Elliott, and Coly Thomas. I like that.

I don't like what they've done with the bottom portion of the draft, but again, they went the college route and should start getting these players ready to compete in the next couple of years. There will be many openings.

Philadelphia Phillies: B

The Phillies only ended up with four Top-250 prospects in their draft so far. They've been heavily drafting pitching in this draft but have added a couple of catcher prospects and whatnot.

The Phillies haven't shied away from taking high school prospects, meaning they know they're likely a few years from competing in the NL East again.

Pittsburgh Pirates: B+

The Pirates added Termarr Johnson with their first selection. That was a terrific draft pick. They then added Thomas Harrington, Hunter Barco, Jack Brannigan, Michael Kennedy, and Tres Gonzalez, who are all highly regarded as top prospects. I dig it.

San Diego Padres: A-

The Padres really got after it with pitching, using their first four selections on arms. All four arms were top 100 players on my MLB Draft Board and were clearly top-100 on theirs.

San Francisco Giants: B-

The Giants went all-in on pitching. But unlike the Padres, it feels like the Giants reached a bit. They went after a bunch of college arms but took Reggie Crawford way too early with their first selection.

Seattle Mariners: B

The Mariners drafted Cole Young with the first selection, which was ideal. Throughout the draft, the Mariners have been looking for infield depth and pitching. They're making some really good picks and then some questionable ones. Reid VanScoter at 156 was questionable.

But it hasn't been a bad draft.

St. Louis Cardinals: B

The Cardinals used their first three selections on pitching. And I think they reached on each of those selections between Cooper Hjerpe, Brycen Mautz, and Pete Hansen.

There might've been better prospects at those times, but the Cardinals, again, probably know more than me. We'll wait and see!

Tampa Bay Rays: B

The most shocking first-round selection was Xavier Isaac, at 28th overall. But I can't question the Rays. They always find raw talent that becomes a solid asset to their team.

The additions of Chandler Simpson and Ryan Cermack, along with Brock Jones make up for it.

Texas Rangers: B+

Kumar Rocker going third overall was just as shocking as Xavier Isaac going 28th overall. But the Rangers obviously liked the pairing of Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker. Plus, they felt good about his physical.

Anyway, the Rangers also added Brock Porter at 109, which was insane value as well. I got to give them credit for the beginning of the draft. This was a bold draft for the Rangers. If it works out, they'll be in great shape for years.

Toronto Blue Jays: B

The Blue Jays selected Brandon Barriera 23rd overall. I think he could be the best pitcher in this draft. Then they added middle infield help and added some intriguing bats.

It wasn't the best draft, but I think at the top of the draft, the Blue Jays did well.

Washington Nationals: B

The Nationals were able to bring in Elijah Green with their first selection. That was huge. They've added all-around talent and will probably get even more talent for their farm system once Juan Soto (and Josh Bell) are traded. The Nationals are headed in the right direction when it comes to their farm.

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