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2022 World Series Odds: How Have New Acquisitions Changed the World Series Odds?

Josh Weil breaks down how the World Series odds look after one of the busiest MLB Trade Deadlines that the game has ever seen.
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2022 World Series Odds: How Have New Acquisitions Changed the World Series Odds?

With all of the exciting moves that teams made during the MLB Trade Deadline, World Series odds have been moving up and down. Teams like the San Diego Padres are now one of the favorites after landing Juan Soto, while other teams' odds have gone down after making questionable moves.

30. Washington Nationals (37-77) (+500000)

It is always smart to cash in on a player who doesn't want to be on your roster. Washington has stockpiled youth but they have clearly given up any hope of making any serious playoff run.

29. Oakland Athletics (41-72) (+500000)

The Athletics are actually 9-11 since we last posted these odds, but they are not to be taken seriously as a threat in the AL West. Their only MLB-Ready asset is C Sean Murphy, and unfortunately, this isn't basketball where one player can take you to the playoffs.

28. Detroit Tigers (43-71) (+500000)

Their big three of pitching prospects have been riddled with injuries, but Riley Greene looks like he can be a really impactful player in this league. Javy Baez may have been a signing that was a bit premature after all.

27. Cincinnati Reds (44-67) (+500000)

The Reds got more than people initially thought was possible for their ace, but that adds a small positive to what has been an otherwise underwhelming performance on the season.

26. Pittsburgh Pirates (45-68) (+500000)

Lots of excitement exists about the left side of the infield, but other than that nothing to watch this season. Maybe they'll spend some day? Not making any promises though

25. Kansas City Royals (47-67) (+500000)

Another team with a great young shortstop, but they have some young pitching too. This year is a wash but watch them this offseason and next.

24. Chicago Cubs (46-65) (+500000)

The team historic for being old and not winning World Series very often is at it again. The Javy Baez trade from last year looks amazing, but other than that tune out until they make some moves.

23. Los Angeles Angels (49-64) (+500000)

Shohei Ohtani on the Trade Block?! Might have been the best thing to get out of the bottom half of this list for the long term, but they just can't seem to figure it out. Oh yeah, and they have this guy Mike Trout who is pretty good too.

22. Texas Rangers (49-63) (+500000)

I like that they planted the seeds with Seager and Semien, but they know they are at the bottom of the mountain. At least it is reasonable to see what they are trying to do! Expect them to be in the top ten of this in two years and remember I said the name Justin Foscue.

21. Colorado Rockies (51-64) (+500000)

The Mile High boys just cannot figure it out away from Coors. They have some talent now, but they just seem to have new holes each year. Maybe signing Kris Bryant will bring some interest going forward.

20. Miami Marlins (50-62) (+500000)

Sandy Alcantara is having a year for the history books. It is a shame that he won't have anything to show for it at the end of the year.

19. Arizona Diamondbacks (51-61) (+500000)

Another NL West team who is a lot better at home than they are on the road. They have a nice piece in Ketel Marte, and a couple of young guys, but they're not to be taken seriously until they get some real pitchers.

18. San Francisco Giants (55-57) (+45000)

The first team out of the gutter is still an incredible long shot. They have a few exciting prospects and a ton of cap space, so this could be a team to check on in March.

17. Boston Red Sox (56-58) (+35000)

Being the worst team in the best division in baseball is tough, but they will not commit to a direction and as a result, I would expect middling results for the time being.

16. Chicago White Sox (57-56) (+5500)

This team has been a mirage of themselves from just a season ago, but they are alive in the AL Central. If they can get confidence from getting hot against the division, they can compete with anyone.

15. Baltimore Orioles (59-54) (+12000)

Wait...what?! You read that right, Baltimore is in the top half! They have become a great story and while I think this year is too little too late, they just need a true ace, and a couple of pieces to have the beginnings of a dynasty brewing.

14. Minnesota Twins (58-53) (+5000)

An unlikely team to land SS Carlos Correa looks like it was actually the match made in heaven. Byron Buxton is who everyone thought he could be and they are a couple of pieces away from being taken seriously.

13. Tampa Bay Rays (59-53) (+5500)

They need to get away from the monotonous, boring baseball that they are playing this year as it is not going to get them to the promised land. Being a good team who is on the edge of the playoffs seems like a year-by-year standard for them, at least for now.

12. Cleveland Guardians (60-53) (+5000)

They are a team that deserves some more respect than they are getting, but not any sort of World Series talk at this time. As long as they are built around Jose Ramirez, anything is possible though.

11. Milwaukee Brewers (60-51) (+4000)

This pitching-first team traded Josh Hader, but got a guy who has been extremely underrated in return. The offense doesn't seem sustainable to beat a playoff team in a series, but there is some value here.

10. Seattle Mariners (62-52) (+3500)

Wow is this team fun? This isn't their year, but I expect them to be a consistent playoff team after the longest drought in professional sports. They have a few of the building blocks, but need a veteran stud to get them over the hump.

9. Toronto Blue Jays (61-51) (+1700)

This team is good, but I find these odds crazy. There is no bullpen at all besides Jordan Romano to back their starters, and even there, who but Manoah would you start against a good team? They deserve to have odds like the Cardinals and Phillies.

8. St. Louis Cardinals (62-50) (+3000)

This is a team built to either lose pretty badly in the first round or go on a run. They play defense, have pitching, and really hit the ball well. This prestigious organization is being undervalued, but they are not on my contenders' list at this point.

7. San Diego Padres (64-51) (+1800)

Fernando who? This is Juan's town now. They are playing great baseball, and are deep at many pitching roles, but to me, they are a glorified Brewers. With another polarizing superstar next year, I may look more seriously into this.

6. Philadelphia Phillies (63-49) (+3500)

Bryce has been out for some time, but they don't care. They have commanded respect and hopefully can get a third legitimate stud after Nola and Wheeler to allow them to compete with the Mets and Braves.

5. Atlanta Braves (68-46) (+1300)

The defending champs have an even better bullpen than last year, and a healthy Ronald Acuna, so how can I doubt them right now?

4. New York Yankees (71-42) (+400)

The Evil Empire has hit their first snag, they are in a fair position value-wise, but they have to turn it back up to prove to their doubters wrong, which is honestly everyone. Aaron Judge can only do so much, but Giancarlo Stanton is expected back in September.

3. Houston Astros (73-41) (+400)

This is a team that plays the right way and does it extremely well. Jeremy Pena has hit the ground running as their shortstop, and they have minimal holes. Lance McCullers Jr. is back and may be the key to a banner.

2. New York Mets (73-40) (+450)

Could this finally be the year it all comes together for the Mets? There is no reason they shouldn't be +400 like the Yankees and Astros, but they are no stranger to adversity. Buck Showalter gets the best out of these guys each night and has the best starter and best closer in baseball.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (78-33) (+350)

The clear favorite, they haven't lost in August and they have the most talented roster in the league on paper. There are a few teams in the NL gunning for them, but if they play as well as they can, the sky is the limit.


Josh obtained his Master's in Sports Analytics from American University. He's a sports handicapper, writer, and stats nerd, as well as an MLB enthusiast. You can follow him on Twitter at @Josh_Weil.


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