BetMGM Bracket Challenge: Win $10 Million With BetMGM’s March Madness Bracket

BetMGM Sportsbook are running a $10 Million March Madness Bracket Challenge, and it’s completely free to enter. Find out more on OddsChecker.
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BetMGM Bracket Challenge: Win $10 Million With BetMGM’s March Madness Bracket

March Madness is one of the best periods of the year, but somehow, BetMGM Sportsbook have managed to add some extra spice to the month. 

BetMGM Sportsbook March Madness bracket challenge is giving users a chance to win a whopping $10 million! 

The best thing about BetMGM’s Bracket Challenge is that it’s completely free to enter. 

If you pick the perfect bracket, you will walk away with $10 million! Why wouldn’t you enter… 

You have until Thursday 16th March to enter the BetMGM Bracket Challenge. It’s so simple to enter for free you just need to follow the simple steps below. 

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Enter BetMGM $10 Million Bracket Challenge

If you have any interest in March Madness you should be looking to enter BetMGM’s Bracket Challenge. It’s free to play and you could win a whopping $10 million. 

To enter you need to click on any link in this article, which will secure your free entry to the Bracket Challenge.

Once you’ve clicked a link you will need to register an account with BetMGM Sportsbook, which takes less than a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve registered an account, you need to head over to the BetMGM $10 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge and submit your selections. 

If you submit a perfect bracket, you will win a cool $10 million. 

If nobody submits a perfect bracket, the person with the highest score will win $100,000.

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Scoring In BetMGM’s Bracket Challenge 

The perfect BetMGM Bracket Challenge gets $10 million, but if nobody gets the perfect bracket, the user with the highest score will win $100,000. Here’s how you score on BetMGM’s Bracket Challenge:

First Round: You get one point per win 

Second Round: Two points per win 

Third Round: Four points per win 

Fourth Round: Eight points per win 

Fifth Round: Sixteen points per win 

Final Round: Thirty-two points per win 

BetMGM Bracket Challenge 

Below are a few things to know about BetMGM’s March Madness Bracket: 

  • You can only submit one entry to BetMGM’s Bracket Challenge 
  • You can edit your BetMGM’s Bracket Challenge 
  • There’s a March Madness Bracket Challenge leaderboard to check your progress

NCAA Brackets 

BetMGM Bracket Challenge is one of the biggest NCAA Brackets we’ve seen, with $10 million up for grabs, and being completely free to entry. 

What Day does the NCAA Bracket Come Out?

The NCAA Bracket comes out on Sunday during Selection Sunday. You will be able to enter your Bracket predictions following this. 

Has There Ever Been A 100% Correct March Madness Bracket?

Yes, in 2019 an Ohio resident picked a perfect NCAA Bracket.

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