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Ben Simmons Demands Trade: A Look at Simmons’ Most Likely Landing Spots, According to the Latest Odds

Rumors started swirling on Tuesday that Ben Simmons had demanded a trade from the Sixers. Where will he end up? We take a look at the latest odds
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Ben Simmons Demands Trade: A Look At Simmons’ Most Likely Landing Spots, According to the Latest Odds

On Tuesday, Philadelphia 76ers fans had their worst fear realized. After months of rumors that Ben Simmons would refuse to play in The City of Brotherly Love, multiple outlets reported that Simmons had indeed requested to be traded by the Sixers.

Other than completely tanking any ounce of trade value he once had, the other thing that this move did was get oddsmakers’ attention. Before you knew it, Ben Simmons next team odds were popping up and there was one team specifically leading the way.

It has been long rumored that Ben Simmons wants to go play out West for the rest of his career, and oddsmakers heard that loud and clear.

As of Wednesday, the team leading the way to acquire Simmons, according to the latest odds for his next team, is the Golden State Warriors.

There are a bunch of different options when it comes to the odds for Ben Simmons’ next team, which we’ll break down going forward. But, it all starts with Steph Curry and the Warriors.

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Ben Simmons in Philadelphia

The Simmons-Philadelphia marriage was never perfect, but they still won a ton of games with him at the point. No matter how imperfect he was as a player, he was met with cheers whenever he made back-to-back free throws or put up a three-pointer. Yes, that’s how low the bar was.

Year after year, the Sixers would get exposed in the playoffs thanks in large part to the fact that their point guard, Simmons, was completely useless in the half-court when it mattered most.

Their heartbreaking loss to Toronto in the 2019 Eastern Conference Semifinals is remembered by most for the miraculous buzzer-beater by Kawhi Leonard. But my lasting memory of that series is Simmons dribbling the ball up every possession, handing it to Jimmy Butler and standing in the corner until someone got a shot up.

This year’s Game 7 loss to Atlanta was brutal. Most will probably remember Kevin Huerter being unstoppable. Sixers fans will remember Simmons ending up with an open layup as time wound down in Game 7, only to pass it out for a contested shot in what served as a microcosm of his career in Philadelphia.

Now, it seems as though the Sixers-Simmons experiment has run its course and it’s time for the former No. 1 overall pick and the team that drafted him to move on.

Ben Simmons Next Team Odds

Golden State Warriors @ +300

The very first team on this list is also probably the most interesting. It wasn’t that long ago that Golden State was in the middle of a dynasty. They still have Steph Curry and Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson is scheduled to come back this season. The issue here for me is what do they trade? Their best moveable asset is James Wiseman, a piece that the Sixers absolutely do not need. As far as fit is concerned, he could play the same role Draymond does as a point forward, he wouldn’t need to shoot and could thrive playing next to future HOFers.

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Minnesota Timberwolves @ +400

This one is more interesting from a fit with the Sixers. Malik Beasley is a piece that would do well for the Sixers, but is he, Jaden McDaniels and a bunch of picks enough to get it done? Right off the bat, it’s not from a salary exchange standpoint. The Sixers I’m sure will want Anthony Edwards but we can pretty much assume that will never happen.  I’m not even convinced Simmons fits with the Timberwolves, although they did clear up some space at forward by moving Jarrett Culver.

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Sacramento Kings @ +600 

Now we’re getting somewhere. This is the first team that has something the Sixers want when it comes to trading Ben Simmons, and that piece is De’Aaron Fox. Are the Kings likely to move Fox? Probably not, but the Sixers will likely try and insist he’s part of a package that sends Simmons out West. I’m not entirely sure I understand why Simmons would want to go from a perennial contender to the Kings, but we’re talking about the same guy that has refused to improve a single area of his game since coming into the NBA, so who knows. If not Fox, Davion Mitchell or Tyrese Haliburton are also pieces a deal could center around.

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Toronto Raptors @ +800

Another team that makes much more sense than the Warriors or Timberwolves from the Sixers’ standpoint. The Sixers will insist that any deal features both Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby. More likely, it would be Anunoby and Fred VanVleet that would be the pieces the Raptors send to Philadelphia in a Ben Simmons trade. The one thing the Sixers do have is young, attractive pieces to throw in deals. Both Tyrese Maxey and Matisse Thybulle could be tossed in to sweeten a potential deal including Siakam.

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San Antonio Spurs @ +800

As far as the Sixers are concerned, a Ben Simmons trade to the San Antonio Spurs is probably not as attractive as Toronto or Sacramento, but more attractive than a GSW or Timberwolves deal. Dejounte Murray would have to be the centerpiece of the deal, along with picks. Murray is a work in progress, but he’s already a massive offensive improvement over Ben Simmons. I’m just not sure how much value he has compared to Simmons. The protections on futures firsts would have to be extremely low.

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Portland Trail Blazers @ +1100

Is this likely going to happen? No. Would it be the most fun? Yes. The Portland rumor stems from earlier in the summer when Damian Lillard reportedly wanted to leave Portland. That has seemed to calm down. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. What would a trade look like? Realistically, it would be Simmons, Maxey, Thybulle and picks to acquire Lillard. That’s a steep price, but it probably also makes the Sixers one of the two best teams in the East. Pairing Embiid with a true ball-dominant shooter like Lillard may be too good to pass up. I’m just not convinced the Trail Blazers have any interest in moving their home-grown star.

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Brian is a sports journalist with close to ten years of experience in the business. A lifelong Philadelphia sports fan with a passion for all things sports gambling.


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