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NBA Rumors: 10 Players Most Likely to Get Dealt Ahead of the Trade Deadline

Within a month of the NBA trade deadline, Kade Kimble takes a look at ten players he thinks will suit up for a different team post-deadline.
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NBA Rumors: 10 Players Most Likely to Get Dealt Ahead of the Trade Deadline

The NBA trade deadline is pure chaos year after year. Unexpected trades blow up your phone and you see some of your favorite players wearing new jerseys in just a few games. With all the storylines around the league, I took a look at who I think will be traded by the February 10th trade deadline.

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1. Ben Simmons

​Okay, this one is a little bit obvious. There are some implications because of the chaos that is the Simmons situation. Because of the holdout from Simmons, any team inquiring to trade with the Philadelphia 76ers has the leverage, to begin with. 

On the flip side, Daryl Morey will have to take a discounted offer anyways if the 76ers want to compete in the playoffs. The current team isn’t good enough to compete in the Eastern Conference, but with the way Joel Embiid is playing, they aren’t that far off. A good trade to surround Embiid with more talent alongside Tyrese Maxey’s breakout year.

Potential Destinations: Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers, and Sacramento Kings

2. Domantas Sabonis

​This is another situation where it’s evident what the Indiana Pacers want to do. They’re gearing towards a rebuild after finishing in the middle of the pack year after year. The years of mediocre are going to come to an end soon as the Pacers have made it clear they are shopping Sabonis, Myles Turner, and Caris LeVert. Sabonis will likely be the most sought-after Pacer with Turner’s recent injury, which will hold him off the court until after the trade deadline.

Potential Destinations: Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, and Sacramento Kings

3. Marvin Bagley

​Bagley hasn’t been as productive as you would expect when you draft a player in the top 3 in the draft, but he also hasn’t had the most opportunity as of late. The Kings seem to have lost hope early in Bagley’s career and there has been public frustration from Bagley and his party. It would not surprise me to see the Kings try to get an asset they see fit while letting Bagley get a second opportunity elsewhere.

Potential Destinations: Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Indiana Pacers

4. Eric Gordon

​The Rockets have been rebuilding for over a season now, and it won’t be a short process. Eric Gordon is 33 years old and will not have a place in the long-term rebuild. It’s inevitable that we see Gordon switch teams, but it’s a matter of when. The Rockets should look to trade him at the deadline to a contender needing scoring, and more importantly, shooting. Gordon’s style of play has good value in today’s league, and a team needing to get over the hump to contend might not mind giving the Rockets an asset or two for him. 

Potential Destinations: Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, and Denver Nuggets

5. Al Horford

​The Celtics are reportedly looking to move Horford, among other players on the roster. The lack of success this far into the season has forced the Celtics into some changes. They are looking to switch things up at the center position, and Horford is too expensive to become a backup center. Their best option would be to trade him for a center that is younger or has more production while costing them less. 

Potential Destinations: Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks, and Brooklyn Nets

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6. Jerami Grant

​With the Piston’s current position in their rebuild, it doesn’t make too much sense to keep Grant on the roster. Grant would be best on a playoff team at this point in his career, and the Pistons are focused on the development of their number one overall pick Cade Cunningham. Grant has stated that he wants to play on a team where he can be the number one option on an offense, but quite frankly he doesn't get the final say in that decision.

Potential Destinations: Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Celtics 

7. Joe Harris

​While Joe Harris is a good spot-up shooter for the Nets, his talent could be impactful on any playoff team. It would benefit the Nets to trade Harris in return for some more depth, which is needed with their current roster. Kevin Durant's injuries will hold him out of some games and Kyrie only playing part-time will be an issue too. Harden will be alone in plenty of their games and will need some help when the time comes.

Potential Destinations: Portland Trailblazers, Indiana Pacers, Houston Rockets, and Phoenix Suns

8. Terrence Ross

​The Orlando Magic currently have one of the youngest rosters and own the worst record, or in their eyes, the best odds at the number one overall pick. At this point in their rebuild, Ross holds little value to the roster, whereas he could be a solid bench player and spark plug for a playoff team. 

Potential Destinations: Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and Cleveland Cavaliers

9. Robert Covington

​The 8-year veteran holds value as a three-point shooter with exceptional defense, and his contract gives the Trailblazers reason to test out his market come time for the deadline. The Trailblazers haven’t been good this season and do not look like a contender. They need to shake up their roster if they want to have any success and Covington could benefit many teams with his 3&D style of play.

Potential Destinations: Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets

10. Buddy Hield

​Recent reports suggest that the Kings are looking to build around De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton, which would mean the team is looking to get younger and add some long-term talent to the team. Buddy Hield has been in the trade rumors for some time now, but nothing has yet to be done. It would be best for both parties to make this trade happen and get Hield in a better situation for himself. 

Potential Destinations: Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, and Detroit Pistons

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Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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