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NBA Rumors: Top 10 Buyout Candidates After the Trade Deadline

Amidst the NBA trade deadline storm, many players were not moved as they might’ve expected. Kade Kimble examines ten players who may be on the buyout market in March, looking to play for a contender.
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NBA Rumors: Top 10 Buyout Candidates After the Trade Deadline

Amidst the NBA trade deadline storm, many players were not moved as they might’ve expected, or moved to a situation where they won’t be getting the opportunity to play the role they need to. In this case, teams and players will begin to negotiate buyouts to benefit both the team and player. So, let’s look at the top 10 buyout candidates.

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1. Gary Harris

While it’s not guaranteed Harris and the Magic want to move forward with the buyout process, it’s something that would benefit many contenders. The Magic are aware that Harris’ presence has been beneficial to their young squad, but his game is one that could be valued by a team like the Lakers or Nets who need some help post-deadline.

2. Goran Dragic

Dragic is much more likely to be bought out than Harris and should be sought after just as much as Harris. Younger teams looking to make a push in the playoffs could use Dragic not only for his skill but his understood leadership and veteran presence.

3. Dennis Schroder

Schroder was dealt to the Rockets at the deadline and given the Rockets timeline and winning situation, I find it hard to believe that either side of the deal is going to want to stay together long-term, so the Rockets should find a way to let Schroder pick his next team. Schroder still has potential to be a solid backup point guard somewhere.

4. John Wall

Like Schroder, Wall doesn’t make sense on the Rockets roster, and the two parties have yet to come to an agreement to get Wall back in the starting lineup for Wall to play. The Rockets plan for the near future is not to compete so if they could come to an agreement with Wall on a buyout, that would be the best option for both sides.

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5. Tristan Thompson

The Pacers recent trades have been helpful in the sense that Myles Turner may like the idea of having the center position to himself and he gets to play with Tyrese Haliburton. With that being said, when Turner is healthy, Thompson may find himself in a minimal role and a buyout could help him go find a bigger role elsewhere.

6. Eric Bledsoe

To fix short-term and long-term problems, the Clippers made trades to add to their supporting cast and shipped Bledsoe to Portland. Portland is attempting to rebuild around Damian Lillard and it’s hard to see how Bledsoe fits in that plan. Bledsoe could have an opportunity to go compete somewhere and prove he’s still a contributor at the guard position.

7. Robin Lopez

The Magic big man absolutely has a role he is good at in Orlando as a vet for the young guys, but to unclog their center position, the Magic can buyout Lopez’s contract and let him go benefit a young contender.

8. DJ Augustin

DJ Augustin was waived to make room for the Celtics to add Daniel Theis which gives him the flexibility to go a different contender to add his shooting and ball handling. There are plenty of contenders who could use Augustin in many ways to add depth in case of an injury or to fill holes on their roster.

9. Ben McLemore

With the Portland Trailblazers dealing with injuries, it looks likely that they will miss the playoffs this season while gearing up for the return of Damian Lillard. While they will spend the rest of the season losing, it would be a good opportunity for McLemore to go play for a contender and provide scoring off the bench.

10. DeAndre Jordan

The Lakers will be shopping the buyout market with a full roster so they will have to make room to bring in players. DeAndre Jordan’s productivity has been low so he’s one of the guys who could be looking for a new job in the next couple of weeks.


Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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