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Lakers NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Trade Options for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of work to do this offseason, so Kade Kimble analyzes five potential trade options for them this offseason.
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Lakers NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Trade Options for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2022

It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers fell short of expectations last season. With a season full of hope being shot down, the Lakers ought to be hungry to prove themselves as an organization this offseason. It’s a chance to show future free agency targets that they can support the main guys with a winning supporting cast. 

That being said, let’s take a look at potential trades the Lakers could execute to bring themselves back to contention. 

5. Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving

This trade is complicated, as the Brooklyn Nets have expressed uninterest in bringing in Westbrook, and a third team would need to be involved, but in this case, Kyrie would land in LA, with Westbrook going to a third team – potentially the Indiana Pacers – and the Nets bringing in any young talent, which is much better than Kyrie leaving them for nothing. The Lakers find a way to offload Westbrook and bring in Kyrie, which seems like the best-case scenario and the farthest possible for them.

4. Russell Westbrook for Gordon Hayward

One trade partner – of the few – that have been linked to interest in Westbrook has been the Hornets, and it’s rumored that they are interested in moving Hayward. So, theoretically, both teams are winners in this situation, if the Lakers are intrigued by the idea of bringing in Hayward alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Fit-wise, Hayward would do well in LA’s system, as he offers a shot creator who can survive on his own without the other stars on the court but could also spot up and provide space for the other two stars.

3. Russell Westbrook for Malcolm Brogdon

The final of my Westbrook mockups is a simple, more reasonable trade. If the Lakers can’t offload Westbrook and bring in another star, they could fall back and try and land a trade for Malcolm Brogdon. It’s another excellent fit for the Lakers. He can easily be the lead ball handler and playmaker – while being just as acceptable off the ball with LeBron. The fit is there and the Pacers get Westbrook for just one season to benefit both sides, the Pacers continue to rebuild and free up cap space in a year, and Westbrook gets to rebuild his reputation and hone his skill. Not to mention Brogdon will be very solid defensively, which helped the Lakers tremendously in their most recent title run.

2. Myles Turner to the Lakers

The Pacers and Lakers seem like very great trade partners for multiple moves this offseason. Turner is ready to move on and has been understood to like the idea of playing in LA. Turner would also fit well alongside Anthony Davis while maintaining a high-level defense. Talen Horton-Tucker and Kendrick Nunn would center the trade, with a future pick involved. Horton-Tucker has potential, as we’ve seen, as a primary ball handler. At the end of the season, Horton-Tucker shined when the main guys were all out with no hopes of making the play-in tournament. This trade is another one that boosts the Pacers' rebuild and helps the Lakers fix their poorly constructed roster. 

1. Eric Gordon for a first-round-pick

Gordon’s price is expected to be high, and the Philadelphia 76ers couldn’t meet that expectation, and it’s unlikely that the Lakers could make the trade go down, but if they could, it might be their best of the offseason. The Lakers can offer Horton-Tucker, Kendrick Nunn, and a future first, and if the Rockets accepted that for Gordon and salary filler, the Lakers will have scored their best trade of the offseason. Gordon is a great fit for whatever the team will look like next season, as he can offer elite floor spacing and tolerable shot creation. It’s questionable as to whether it’s worth trading a first-round pick to land Gordon, but if they find a way to win and compete at a high level, none of it will matter. 

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Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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