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Nets NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Trade Options for the Brooklyn Nets in 2022

What direction will the Nets go next season, as their drama with Kyrie Irving could decide whether they begin bringing in young assets or try to compete for a championship? Kade Kimble has trades that would work for them.
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Nets NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Trade Options for the Brooklyn Nets in 2022

It’s unclear what directions the Nets will go next season, as their drama with Kyrie Irving could decide whether they begin bringing in young assets or try to compete for a championship. No matter which way they decide to go, there are trades that would work for them.

Nets NBA Trade Rumors

5. Myles Turner

Turner is a great player to trade for whichever route the Nets end up taking. With the stars, Turner could provide great spacing and is a great versatile defender to help on the other end of the floor. If they decide to move on from Kyrie and KD, he’ll be a great help to the Nets remaining relevant with the help of Ben Simmons. It’ll be interesting to see what a team without KD and Kyrie would look like, but I imagine with the return they’d get from trading the two would help the Nets remain a playoff team with extra draft capital. The Pacers are preparing for a fire sale, so Turner shouldn’t be too hard to obtain.

4. D’Angelo Russell

It’d be interesting to pair Russell with KD after trading Russell for KD in 2019, but it’d be a great fit. The Minnesota Timberwolves are a team that has been linked to Simmons, and they’ve got an odd man out in their young core in Russell. The Timberwolves would have a new look for their young core with Simmons, which is arguably his best fit. The Nets would have improved spacing and an easier squad to build around. If the Nets have to blow up their squad, more young talent would be brought in to assist Russell on a squad that he’s previously led to the playoffs in his younger days.

3. John Collins

A John Collins/Ben Simmons swap might be the best way for both teams to get past the first round since both teams had quick exits in these most recent playoffs. A playmaker and elite defender would likely be a better pairing with Trae Young than Collins was, and Collins would be a great fit alongside KD and Kyrie. It’s a scenario where both teams will get to try something new next season, and both players’ talents will be able to be maximized. 

2. Luke Kennard

If the Nets keep their current big three together, their best option is to bring in as much floor spacing as possible, as that was proven to be an issue in the past playoffs. Kennard was a top-three three-point shooter last season and would get plenty of catch-and-shoot opportunities when playing with KD and Kyrie. Simmons’ playmaking ability will also be able to set up Kennard for better opportunities as a shooter as well. Just like it’s been mentioned, the Nets need shooters and Kennard is exactly that.

1. Tyler Herro and Draft Capital

If the Nets decide to blow up their squad, Herro is a great start to a quick rebuild. A duo of Simmons and Herro, alongside whatever assets they get in return from shipping off their stars, will be a huge boost in a rebuild. Herro will finally get an opportunity to be one of the main guys and the squad can help maximize Simmons’ play style. The roster will be built to assist Simmons and Herro and the two will find themselves in a better position to improve. The Nets will also have plenty of assets to help bring Herro and Simmons help, if that's how the Nets decide to operate next season.

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Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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