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2022 NBA Offseason Grades: Grading Every Team's Moves Two Months Before the NBA Season

The NBA training camp is closer than it may seem, and that means free agency, for the most part, is completed. With that, Kade Kimble analyzes this offseason for each and every NBA team.
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2022 NBA Offseason Grades: Grading Every Team's Moves Two Months Before the NBA Season

The NBA training camp is closer than it may seem, and that means free agency, for the most part, is completed. As long as a very large, multi-team KD trade doesn’t go down, we know what each roster *roughly* looks like for next season. With that, let's analyze this offseason for each and every NBA team.

2022 NBA Offseason Grades

Atlanta Hawks: A-

The acquisition of Dejounte Murray alone makes the Hawks' offseason a win. Bring in the fact that they brought in more talent than they lost, it’s been a great offseason for the Hawks to make a competitive push.

Boston Celtics: B+

A trade for Malcolm Brogdon and signing Danilo Gallinari following him being waived highlights the Celtics' only moves. They were able to acquire Brogdon for a reasonably cheap price. Following a Finals appearance, it’s safe to say the Celtics got better this offseason. 

Brooklyn Nets: C

There are so many directions the Nets' offseason could *still* go. KD gone? Steve Nash and Sean Marks? Where does that leave Kyrie? So much for them has yet to be finished. Either way, they haven’t quite prepared themselves for either way. Unload their role players for picks if they lose KD and Kyrie. They didn’t add too much talent in case they stay, which seems unlikely for KD.

Charlotte Hornets: D

This offseason has been rough for the Hornets, and their fans. It seems they finally had a squad and it was time to start upgrading, and then this offseason happened. It was mainly unintentional, but their players began to get in trouble and threw their offseason for a loop. Long story short, they were unable to upgrade their squad, and they lost their coach. 

Chicago Bulls: C+

Bringing back Zach Lavine didn’t seem so secure at first, but it was done and he’s now a max player. The Bulls also brought in Goran Dragic, which was supposedly where he wanted to go last time he was a free agent. Andre Drummond also signed with the Bulls. Not a bad offseason by any means, but I can’t imagine that’s exactly what Bulls fans wanted to happen.

Cleveland Cavaliers: C-

Darius Garland joined the likes of Ja Morant and Zion Williamson this offseason with his rookie max extension being signed. Beyond Garland’s extension, the Cavaliers didn’t address any flaws from their squad last year, but at least Rubio is back for another run with the Cavs.

Dallas Mavericks: C

The Mavericks retained some players, but not their main free agent in Jalen Brunson. While they lost Brunson to the Knicks, the Mavs were able to trade for Christian Wood in a trade that worked out very well for themselves. 

Denver Nuggets: B+

Nikola Jokic got PAID. And respectively so, he deserved it and more. Alongside the Jokic extension, the other moves were sneaky solid additions. Other than potentially getting healthy, they brought in four solid role players who will fit in seamlessly. 

Detroit Pistons: B-

As a young team, the Pistons did everything right this offseason. They made the right moves to bring in both Jaden Ivey and Jalen Duren. Not to mention, they benefited while bringing in the draft pick that was Duren. They’re taking the right strides and their rebuild is continuing on pace. 

Golden State Warriors: C+

What could have been a disastrous offseason in the Bay didn’t turn out too bad at all. They’ve got minimal money to work with (as we all know), so their championship role players that got paid had to do so elsewhere. The Warriors brought in Donte DiVincenzo and retained Kevon Looney. Their young guys will now have the rotational minutes to prove themselves in the league.

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Houston Rockets: B

The Rockets drafted very well, executed a solid trade to get Christian Wood to a better position, and created more room for their young guys. They brought in the role players to help with a veteran and bench presence. All around a good offseason for the Rockets.

Indiana Pacers: B-

The Pacers rebuild is finally underway, and they’ve started it off the right way. They’ve got one of their young star players in Tyrese Haliburton and have already taken a swing to bring him some talent. 

Los Angeles Clippers: B+

As previously mentioned, the Clippers did their reconstruction during the last season. They did sign John Wall following his buyout with the Houston Rockets. So to add John Wall who should be fairly productive as the third option, the Clippers had a solid offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers: B+

While it’s not understood whether or not the Lakers will be better — or even if they got better on paper — I’m a big fan of the approach they took this offseason. They understood that they had a bad season last season, and one of the many, many issues was the age of their players. If they’re going to underperform, at least do it with youth. So, they put young, solid players around LeBron, Russ, and AD.

Memphis Grizzlies: B-

The Grizzlies were by no means in a position to make a splash this offseason or even make any leap at all. They were a top-2 seed in a stacked conference last season. Not to mention, they did so with a very young, talented squad. They just needed to sit on their hands and improve with their current squad next season, and they did so.

Miami Heat: C-

The Heat are one of the top candidates for either KD or Donovan Mithell, so they haven’t made many groundbreaking moves. They’re waiting for the KD situation to be cleared up for their next move to be made, so their offseason has been rather underwhelming this offseason.

Milwaukee Bucks: B-

Nothing crazy for the Bucks, and that’s perfectly fine. They were a great team on the brink of contention again. They seemed like favorites to repeat their title season. Then, of course, injuries happened. Get healthy, reload, try again. That should be the theme for the Bucks. And they brought in Joe Ingles who will fit seamlessly.  

Minnesota Timberwolves: B+

Shoutout to the Timberwolves. Big ups to them for making a splash. Whether it plays out or not, trading for Gobert was huge. It makes them look serious about wanting to compete. KAT is soon to be entering his prime, DLo is in his prime, and Ant can arguably contend right now even ahead of his prime. Making a splash makes sense. 

New Orleans Pelicans: B-

The Pelicans, in all honesty, did not need to do much this offseason to win me over. Trading for CJ was a fantastic move and I was a huge fan of it. They went and made the playoffs, and even made some noise against the Suns, all without their best player in Zion. Add Zion to the team that made an impressive playoff push and you’ve got something special as-is. Bonus points for extending Zion.

New York Knicks: A

Great job from the Knicks to bring in Brunson. They’ve shown they can shed the cap and it won’t be an issue. So why not make the move? Brunson’s situation doesn’t work out? Fine, offload the cap and prepare for the next big free agent. 

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Oklahoma City Thunder: B

Incredible draft for the Thunder to bring in four solid players with three of them being lottery picks. Chet makes perfect sense in OKC and will be maximized there in all aspects of his game. Dort gets his extension and Muscala returns on a team-friendly deal to be a solid veteran. Good offseason for a rebuilding team.

Orlando Magic: B

After tricking everyone on draft night, the Magic had a great draft bringing in Banchero. They also retained Mo Bamba and not much more needed to be done as the Magic have plenty of young, solid players. 

Philadelphia 76ers: A+

My personal favorite offseason. Huge shoutout to Harden for, even if they tampered, taking less money for the betterment of their team. It seems Harden is ready and serious about winning. They brought in PJ Tucker and Danuel House with that money, which I’m fine with both those moves. 

Phoenix Suns: B-

Plenty of credit goes to the Suns for being smart and retaining Ayton. They didn’t get KD, but neither has anyone so far. Nonetheless, Ayton is back and they’ll likely reload for another solid playoff run. 

Portland Trail Blazers: A-

This offseason could have been disastrous for the Blazers. Instead, they surprised me with their moves. Great draft taking a shot on Sharpe. Trading for Grant for a cheap deal is great. Gary Payton II has championship experience and will benefit the defense big time. 

Sacramento Kings: B

Two sneaky solid additions for the Kings as they try and make their first playoffs in 16 years. Also, a great draft, as Keegan Murray looks phenomenal so far. Malik Monk and Kevin Huerter add great depth to the squad. 

San Antonio Spurs: B

The tank is officially underway for the Spurs, and it feels weird. They sent Dejounte to Atlanta for draft capital and they’re looking ready to get the first pick in the next draft. 

Toronto Raptors: B

The Raptors are building off a successful playoff season last season by adding more depth and more championship experience with Otto Porter Jr. No real losses for the Raptors either, which was impressive. Their post-Kawhi era has been surprisingly solid and looks to remain that way. 

Utah Jazz: B+

The inevitable is coming to Utah. The cycle of a small market remains the same, and it’s time for the Jazz to rebuild. They maximized their value for Rudy Gobert and will do the same with Donovan Mitchell. Let the tanking begin.

Washington Wizards: D

The Wizards got Bradley Beal back on a long-term, which is great for a small market team. They brought in solid role players to help Beal and Porzingis. But they’ll also likely remain in the not contenders, but not tanking realm that feels like no end, and that helps them lose points. 


Kade has spent his last 3 years writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder. He has also been following the NBA for the past 11 years. Just recently, Kade began co-hosting the Boomtown Hoops Podcast.


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