March Madness Vegas Odds: NCAA Tournament Vegas Odds for Thursday

March Madness officially starts today as the Round of 64 kicks off at 12:00 p.m. ET. Abby Moeckler is here to break down the odds for every NCAA Tournament matchup on Thursday.
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March Madness Vegas Odds: NCAA Tournament Vegas Odds for Thursday

Round 1 of March Madness 2023 is about to begin. With 16 different matchups, today is going to be one thrilling day filled with college basketball. So, who do the books think is going to win each round? Will there be upsets? Let's break down the NCAA Tournament Vegas odds for Thursday.

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March Madness Vegas Odds

No. 9 Illinois vs. No. 8 Arkansas

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 12:00 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Illinois (+117)/Arkansas (-128)
  • Point Spread: Arkansas -2

Get the latest Illinois vs. Arkansas odds here

Illinois vs. Arkansas is one of the most anticipated matchups of the Round of 64. With Illinois ranked as a 9-seed and Arkansas as an 8-seed, the odds for this game have been fluctuating tremendously. With a point spread of just two points, Vegas sees this game being incredibly close, with Arkansas slightly favored over the Fighting Illini.

No. 9 West Virginia vs. No. 8 Maryland

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 12:15 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Maryland (+130)/West Virginia (-148)
  • Point Spread: West Virginia -3

Click here to get the latest West Virginia vs. Maryland odds

Similar to the Illinois vs. Arkansas game, WVU vs. Maryland is predicted to be a close game as we have a 9-seed taking on an 8-seed. It really could go either way. Oddsmakers see Maryland as slight underdogs to West Virginia, but with two teams that are evenly ranked, anything can happen. The total point line for this game is 137, which is on the lower end of the spectrum compared to the other games today.

No. 10 Utah State vs. No. 7 Missouri

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 1:40 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Utah State (-122)/Missouri (+110)
  • Point Spread: Utah State -1.5

Click here for the latest Utah State vs. Missouri odds

The Tigers were given the 7 seed after logging a 24-9 season, while the Aggies were given the 10 seed and logged a 26-8 season. Utah state is seen as the favorite after compiling an impressive end to their regular season. Oddsmakers have been going back and forth over who's seen as the underdog and currently landed on Mizzou. This will likely be a close game that keeps us all on our toes.

No. 13 Furman vs. No. 4 Virginia

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 12:40 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Virginia (-230)/Furman (+210)
  • Point Spread: Virginia -6

Click here for the latest Furman vs. Virginia odds

Virginia is seen as the favorite in the oddsmakers' eyes. While it doesn't seem like a slam-dunk, dominating win for UVA, they are clearly the favorites. With a point spread of six points, this game could be closer than one might expect for a 13-seed against a 4-seed.

No. 16 Howard vs. No. 1 Kansas

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 2:00 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Kansas (-5000)/Howard (+22000)
  • Point Spread: Kansas -22.5

Click here to get the latest Howard vs. Kansas odds

22.5 is one of the biggest point spreads for the Round of 64. Kansas put on an excellent season and earned themselves the 1-seed, so it's no surprise to see them listed as the overwhelming favorite. Oddsmakers do not see this game being remotely close. Kansas should absolutely sweep Howard today.

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 16 Texas A&M-CC

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 2:45 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Alabama (-5000)/Texas A&M-CC (+2500)
  • Point Spread: Alabama -24

Click here for Alabama vs. Texas A&M - CC odds

Similar to Kansas vs. Howard, Alabama vs. Texas A&M - CC is predicted to be another blowout game. A point spread of 24 is the biggest for the day! It makes sense, as Alabama is seen as the best college basketball team in the nation and a contender to win the entire tournament. If Texas A&M - CC could pull off this upset, history would be made.

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No. 12 Charleston vs. No. 5 San Diego State

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 3:10 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: San Diego State (-210)/Charleston (+185)
  • Point Spread: San Diego State -5

Click here to get the latest Charleston vs. San Diego State odds

Charleston vs. SDSU will be one fun game to watch. With a five-point spread, oddsmakers see this game as relatively close. Charleston has always been seen as the underdog, but the books continue to increase their value.

No. 2 Arizona vs. No. 15 Princeton

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 4:10 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Arizona (-1200)/Princeton (+890)
  • Point Spread: Arizona -14.5

Get the latest Arizona vs. Princeton odds by clicking here

It makes sense why the books see Arizona as the overwhelming favorite in this Round of 64 matchup. The Wildcats just won the Pac-12 title and have put together a monstrous season once again. Princeton was the best team in the Ivy League division, but that doesn't compare to the Pac-12. With a point spread of -14.5, oddsmakers see Arizona dominating this game.

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No. 9 Auburn vs. No. 8 Iowa

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 6:50 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Auburn (-111)/Iowa (+105)
  • Point Spread: Auburn -1.5

The latest Auburn vs. Iowa odds are available here

Auburn vs. Iowa should be another nail-biting contest. Auburn are seen as the slight favorites over Iowa, but this number has also been fluctuating since the lines were released. A 1.5-point spread means we'll be seeing another close game.

No. 12 Oral Robers vs. No. 5 Duke

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 7:10 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Duke (-260)/Oral Roberts (+230)
  • Point Spread: Duke -6

Duke vs. Oral Roberts odds are available now here

Oral Roberts went and shocked all of us last year after upsetting Ohio State. Can they do it again this year against Duke? Vegas doesn't seem to think so. The Blue Devils are seen as -260 favorites for tonight's Oral Roberts vs. Duke contest.

No. 15 Colgate vs. No. 2 Texas

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 7:25 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Texas (-975)/Colgate (+700)
  • Point Spread: Texas -13.5

Get the latest Texas vs. Colgate odds here

The Texas Longhorns have been amazing this year. Oddsmakers predict them making a deep run in the NCAA Tournament this year, so it's no surprise they are seen as the strong favorites in this game. If Colgate can upset the Longhorns, I'd be shocked.

No. 10 Boise State vs. No. 7 Northwestern

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 7:35 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Boise State (+110)/Northwestern (-125)
  • Point Spread: Northwestern -1.5

Get the latest Boise State vs. Northwestern odds here

Oddsmakers have been going back and forth on who should be favored in this matchup. Right now, Northwestern are seen as slight favorites over Boise State. With a 1.5-point spread, this should be another close and thrilling game.

No. 16 Northern Kentucky vs. No. 1 Houston

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 9:20 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Houston (-2800)/Northern Kentucky (+1500)
  • Point Spread: Houston -18.5

Northern Kentucky vs. Houston odds can be found here

Houston was one of the best teams in college basketball this year. Listed as the -2800 favorites, oddsmakers thoroughly believe this is a Houston win.

No. 4 Tennesee vs. No. 13 Lousiana Lafayette

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 9:40 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Tennessee (-646)/ Lousiana (+480)
  • Point Spread: Tennessee -11.5

Click here for Tennesee vs. Lousiana odds

We have another large point spread for Thursday, meaning another blowout in the books' eyes. Can Lousiana Lafayette surprise us and win as the +480 underdogs? That would be one great payout if that's the case.

No. 10 Penn State vs. No. 7 Texas A&M

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 9:55 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: Penn State (+130)/Texas A&M (-150)
  • Point Spread: Penn State -2.5

Penn State vs. Texas A&M odds can be found here

No one would have imagined Penn State would be favored to advance in March Madness, let alone make the NCAA Tournament itself. The Nittany Lions shocked us and made a deep run toward the end of the regular season. After beating IU and coming up short to Purdue for the Big Ten title, oddsmakers see Penn State winning tonight's game.

No. 15 UNC Asheville vs. No. 2 UCLA

  • Date: Thursday, March 16
  • Time: 10:05 pm ET
  • Moneyline Odds: UCLA (-2000)/UNC Asheville (+1400)
  • Point Spread: UCLA -17.5

Looking for UCLA vs. UNC Asheville odds? Click here to get them

For the final Thursday NCAA Tournament game, we have the 2-seed UCLA taking on the 15-seed UNC Asheville. The Bruins were phenomenal this year. The books see UCLA having a legitimate chance at taking home the NCAA Tournament title. UNC Asheville will have a difficult time competing with the Bruins tonight.

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