Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Odds: Sportsbooks Disagree On Jake Paul Odds Of Beating Ben Askren

Bettors are flocking to bet on Ben Askren after the press conference and sportsbooks can't decide on Jake Paul's odds
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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Odds and Betting Breakdown

By now we're all familar with this fight. YouTube star Jake Paul is facing former-UFC star Ben Askren this April. Ben Askren was a popular man in UFC, with great mic skills and unfortunately for him, one of the the UFC's most famous knockouts, by Jorge Masvidal.

There's no disrespect meant to Askren but this fight is all about Jake Paul. Paul has a large amount of followers on various social platform and a rabid fanbase who love his every move. Beyond his fans there is a huge amount of people who dislike him and will be tuning into this fight in the hope of seeing his head smashed in.

In the past few days we've seen a bizarre press conference for the fight. Askren was funny and charming while Jake Paul was, well, he was Jake Paul, loud and moronic. That press conference, and indeed one very weak punch, has had a huge impact on the betting.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Betting Market

Jake Paul has been the favorite for this figh since it was announced. His knockout of former-NBA star Nate Robinson was eyecatching, and that combined with Askren famously being on the wrong end of a highlight reel KO, led to Paul being favorite with the bookies, and bettors, but things are starting to change.

Jake Paul remain favorite with sportsbooks but the prices are changing and Paul is a -165 favorite with one book and -220 with others, for their April 17 fight.

There's a lot of disparity in prices with some books altering their prices after that shocking press conference.

Askren isn't a knockout specialist, but as a two-time NCAA national champion while attending Missouri and a FILA Grappling world champion, he is experienced within the fight game. His price has continue to shorten in recent days and is now +160, meaning a $100 stake would return $260 if he wins in April.

For now Paul is at his shortest, -220, but it's worth remebering that he opened as a -280 favorite and the market has continued to adjust, with more and more bettors believing that Askren could have a better shot that his odds suggest.

Jake Paul Best And Worst Odds

FighterOddsImplied Probability
Jake Paul Best Odds-16562.3%
Jake Paul Worst Odds-22068.8%

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Online Betting

At the start of last week 70% of all bets on the fight were on the YouTube star, that has flipped hugely since the press conference. We've already mentioned that odds have move to indicate a better chance for Askren but public betting has moved hugely too.

64.81% of bets over the past 24 hours have been on Ben Askren, indicating the huge swing that has occured since that press conference.

Result% Of Bets In Past 24hrs
Jake Paul Win33.1%
Ben Askren Win64.81%

The press conference was full of the usual bravado and threats that we see in all fight press conferences but the most shocking moment happened at the end. After the face-off Ben Askren turned around and walked away, pushing Jake Paul in the face. Paul reacted with a punch to the ribs of the departing Askren. It was not an impressive punch, and Askren barely flinched. Since that incident the betting has heavily favored Askren with many bettors believing that he'll walk through anything Jake Paul can throw at him.

When Can I Watch Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren?

When: April 17, 2021

Time: 9:00 pm ET

Where to watch: Triller Fight Club for $49.99.

You will be able to see the full fight card here.

How To Bet On Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren?

If you're looking to bet on Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren then we'd recommend signing up to FanDuel to do it. If you sign up to FanDuel then they'll give you a risk-free bet up to $1000. That means you can have a wager on the fight (up to $1000) and if it losses you'll get your account refunded with bonuses matching the amount you staked. It's risk-free so give it a go!

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