Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury II Odds: Fury Given 60% Chance to Win in Rematch

On Sunday, Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul to deliver the YouTuber star his first-ever pro boxing loss. Less than a day later, we have Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds for their rematch. Who will win? Sportsbooks like Fury's chances again
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Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury II Odds: Fury Given 60% Chance to Win in Rematch

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury was hyped up as one of the biggest celebrity boxing events in the history of the sport and it didn't disappoint.

When Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds were first announced, Paul was an underdog for the first time in his career. However, when the fight finally got underway Paul found himself as the favorite again.

When the final bell rang, Paul had encountered another first for his career as he was defeated for the first time ever via split decision.

Now, just a few days after their first encounter in the ring, bettors and fans are already talking about Paul vs. Fury II. More importantly, sportsbooks have begun to roll out Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds for their potential rematch.

Fury has already stated that he will give Paul his rematch, so it's a matter of when, not if the two meet again. Predictably, Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds favor Fury to win again, but not by a large margin.

So, who should you be betting on when it comes to Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds? Let's try and find out.

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Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Odds

FighterOddsImplied Chance
Tommy Fury-15060%
Jake Paul+12045.5%

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As we mentioned earlier, the first time these two were supposed to meet in the ring, Fury was a sizeable favorite over Jake Paul. As a matter of fact, Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds had Fury as a -200 favorite in some places.

Unfortunately for Fury, the first fight was canceled due to an illness for Fury and the second fight was canceled when Fury had issues entering the United States. By the time they finally got into the ring this past Sunday, Jake Paul was the favorite. But, it looks as though sportsbooks may have learned from their mistakes.

Right now, Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds for their rematch bout have Tommy Fury as the favorite. At -150, his implied chance of winning again is sitting at 60%.

As for Paul, he will undoubtedly go into the rematch as the underdog for the first time in his career. At +120, Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury odds give Paul a 45.5% chance of coming out on top.

Jake Paul

In case you live under a rock and don't know who Jake Paul is, I'm here to help.

Jake Paul got famous via his brother Logan Paul's popularity on the social media app Vine. Once Jake Paul garnered a following of his own, he became a problem child, ruffling feathers whenever he got the chance.

Then, in one of his more productive moves, Jake Paul took up boxing and the rest is history.

Paul leveraged his massive following into an army of PPV purchasers and has been putting on massive fights since Day 1. Originally, Jake Pual fought on his brother Logan's undercard, defeating AnEsonGib. From there, his love for boxing took off.

Paul showed promise and defeated Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva before stepping into the ring with Fury this past Sunday.

Tommy Fury

Not only is Tommy Fury the younger brother of the heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, but he's a social medial star in his own right. Those two things alone made Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury a perfect match.

Tommy Fury actually gained most of his stardom by going on the show Love Island and competing in front of millions every night.

However, unlike Paul, Fury was a boxer before he had fame. Fury has been boxing his whole life, unlike Paul, and amassed a eight wins and no losses before getting his ninth win in a row by beating Jake Paul.

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