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NFL Season Win Totals: An Early Look at the 2021 Season

A complete look at the 2021 NFL season win totals
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NFL Season Win Totals: An Early Look at the 2021 Season

As always, sportsbooks are ahead of the curve. With two weeks left before the NFL Draft, the first over/under predictions are out. We at OddsChecker have compiled those Over/Under projections as well as early "To Make Playoff" odds and put them all in one place.

Of course, this year is the first with the 17 game schedule, but that seems to have had little effect. Without further ado, here’s to opening NFL 2021 Season market

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2021 NFL Win Totals & Playoff Odds

TeamOver/UnderTo Make Playoffs
Kansas City Chiefs12 wins-900 (Yes) +625 (No)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.5 wins-670 (Yes) +450 (No)
Baltimore Ravens11 wins-333 (Yes) +310 (No)
Green Bay Packers11 wins-667 (Yes) +500 (No)
Buffalo Bills10.5 wins-305 (Yes) +260 (No)
Los Angeles Rams10.5 wins-175 (Yes) +170 (No)
Cleveland Browns10 wins-175 (Yes) +150 (No)
Indianapolis Colts10 wins-200 (Yes) +190 (No)
San Francisco 49ers10 wins-150 (Yes) +127 (No)
Seattle Seahawks10 wins-110 (Yes) +100 (No)
Dallas Cowboys9.5 wins-167 (Yes) +145 (No)
New Orleans Saints9.5 wins-105 (Yes) +100 (No)
Tennessee Titans9.5 wins-150 (Yes) +125 (No)
Los Angeles Chargers9 wins-161 (No) +149 (Yes)
Miami Dolphins9 wins-150 (No) +135 (Yes)
New England9 wins-150 (No) +137 (Yes)
Pittsburgh Steelers9 wins-143 (No) +137 (Yes)
Minnesota Vikings8.5 wins-167 (No) +137 (Yes)
Arizona Cardinals8 wins-213 (No) +200 (Yes)
Las Vegas Raiders8 wins-350 (No) +333 (Yes)
Washington Football Team8 wins-200 (No) +188 (Yes)
Carolina Panthers7.5 wins-260 (No) +245 (Yes)
Chicago Bears7.5 wins-278 (No) +220 (Yes)
Denver Broncos7.5 wins-340 (No) +310 (Yes)
Atlanta Falcons7 wins-303 (No) +300 (Yes)
New York Giants7 wins-335 (No) +280 (Yes)
Philadelphia Eagles7 wins-350 (No) +280 (Yes)
Cincinnati Bengals6.5 wins-500 (No) +425 (Yes)
Jacksonville Jaguars6 wins-455 (No) +370 (Yes)
New York Jets6 wins-550 (No) +440 (Yes)
Detroit Lions5 wins-900 (No) +600 (Yes)
Houston Texans5 wins-835 (No) +600 (Yes)

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Over/Under win totals always tend to be conservative, but this year they seem to be more aggressive. With the new 17 game schedule, these win totals only project 14 teams to finish below .500. The last time only 14 teams finished under .500 was 2017, so that’s an incredibly aggressive prediction.

 There’s also some major surprise playoff predictions Among the most shocking are the Steelers missing the playoffs, The Brees-less Saints making the playoffs, and the Washington Football Team being a pretty big underdog to make the playoffs. One thing is for sure, oddsmakers are being as aggressive this year as they’ve been in a long time.


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