Super Bowl 2023 Odds: Early NFL Betting Odds to Win the 2023 Super Bowl for All 32 Teams

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are the way-too-early co-favorites to win Super Bowl LVII.
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Super Bowl 2023 Odds: Early NFL Betting Odds to Win the 2023 Super Bowl for All 32 Teams

With so many NFL betting picks and props available for the Rams vs. Bengals Super Bowl LVI matchup, futures bets might not be at the forefront of many people’s minds. Nonetheless, odds on which team will win the 2023 Super Bowl are already available and ready for action!

This past NFL betting season was one of the wildest in recent memory. In reality, it’s only fitting that it culminates with the first-ever Super Bowl matchup between two teams seeded outside of the top three in their respective conferences since the AFL-NFL merger. Will there be more chaos and another surprising Super Bowl matchup next year? Or will the lookahead 2023 Super Bowl odds prove to be accurate? 

The following takes a gander at the way-too-early betting odds to win Super Bowl LVII for all 32 NFL teams.

2023 Super Bowl Betting Odds for Every NFL Team

All odds reflect those found at DraftKings Sportsbook

Buffalo Bills 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +700 (Bet $100 to Win $700)

After winding up on the wrong side of one of the greatest playoff games in NFL history, the Bills will be vying to take the next step in 2023. After reaching the AFC Championship Game a season ago and the Divisional Round this past year, can Josh Allen help Buffalo take the next step in the franchise’s quest for its first Super Bowl championship? Oddsmakers are certainly showing the Bills plenty of respect on the lookahead odds.

Kansas City Chiefs 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +700 (Bet $100 to Win $700)

The Chiefs emerged victorious in that aforementioned playoff classic against the Bills. Unfortunately, Kansas City’s bid to reach the Super Bowl for a third straight year went up in smoke as they beat themselves in the AFC title game. So long as the duo of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes is around, one has to believe the Chiefs will always have a legitimate chance. Of course, they’ll have to maintain their postseason success against the co-favorite Bills if they hope to get back to the Big Game in 2023.

Los Angeles Rams 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1000 (Bet $100 to Win $1000) The Rams have made it very clear that their focus is on winning in the present, regardless of what that means for the future. The 2022 Super Bowl Champs will be among the teams capable of making another championship run in 2023. With swaths of star power on both sides of the ball, could the Rams win back-to-back Super Bowl titles?

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Cincinnati Bengals 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1200 (Bet $100 to Win $1200) The 12-1 Super Bowl odds that the Bengals have for 2023 are a far cry from the 150-1 price they carried into this past season. Such is the way of life when you exceed expectations and reach the Big Game. Given that the Cincinnati roster is teeming with young talent led by Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, the Bengals appear to be here to stay. 

Dallas Cowboys 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1400 (Bet $100 to Win $1400)

After yet another season of postseason heartbreak, the Cowboys can be found at +1400 on the early 2023 Super Bowl odds board. It’s no secret that Dallas has the talent to win a title, particularly on offense. However, there are still plenty of areas for the Cowboys to improve on the defensive side of the ball. Of course, there’s also the issue of Jerry Jones making the decision to bring back a big, bumbling doofus named Mike McCarthy as the head coach of his football team for another season.

San Francisco 49ers 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1400 (Bet $100 to Win $1400)

After coming up a few plays short of making their second Super Bowl appearance in the last three seasons, the 49ers are getting plenty of respect on the lookahead lines for 2023. While San Francisco is built to last, the team is facing a major question mark at quarterback. It would certainly benefit the Niners financially to move on from veteran Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason. But will the very raw Trey Lance be ready to step in and win right away?

Green Bay Packers 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1500 (Bet $100 to Win $1500) Speaking of teams with uncertainty at quarterback, no fanbase is more nervous heading into the offseason than that of the Packers. After bowing out of the postseason short of even making the Super Bowl yet again, everyone is waiting for word on whether or not two-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers will return next season. If he does, it might actually be worth firing on the Pack to win the 2023 Super Bowl at 15-1 odds. If he doesn’t Green Bay will be lucky to win five games next year.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1800 (Bet $100 to Win $1800)

Injuries doomed the Ravens’ hopes of being a serious Super Bowl contender before this past season even began. The list of unavailable players only continued to grow once the season began. As a result, Baltimore shapes up as a team some NFL betting enthusiasts might have forgotten about. Then again, the Ravens will have to contend with the newly-crowned AFC Champion Bengals within the North Division.

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Denver Broncos 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +1800 (Bet $100 to Win $1800)

Rumored to be one of the most likely landing spots for Aaron Rodgers should he decide to leave Green Bay, the Broncos are tied with the Ravens for the shortest 2023 Super Bowl betting odds among non-playoff teams from this past year. Denver certainly has plenty of offensive talent for any competent QB to work with. The move to hire former Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett as head coach also cannot be overlooked.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2000 (Bet $100 to Win $2000)

The Buccaneers are another team facing uncertainty at quarterback following Tom Brady’s decision to retire. While the author of this column is a firm believer that Brady will play again in the NFL one day, we know it won’t be in 2023 for the Bucs. With the majority of last year’s championship roster still intact, Tampa Bay is among the betting favorites to land Jimmy Garoppolo as they try to win another title while the window remains open.

Tennessee Titans 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2200 (Bet $100 to Win $2200)

The Titans can thank Ryan Tannehill and Ryan Tannehill alone for why they went one-and-done in this year’s playoffs. The only possible way to lose a game in which your defense records nine sacks is to throw three gruesome interceptions and gift the opponent points. With a healthy Derrick Henry, Tennessee will certainly be a threat in the AFC again next season. However, they will also be at a disadvantage relative to several of their competitors when it comes to the most important position on the field.

Arizona Cardinals 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2500 (Bet $100 to Win $2500)

Until Kliff Kingsbury proves he can win games consistently during the second half of the season, it’s hard to get excited about betting the Cardinals to win the 2023 Super Bowl. Arizona largely overachieved relative to expectations this past season. Unless drastic upgrades are made during the offseason, there is little to no value in a starting price of +2500.

Indianapolis Colts 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2500 (Bet $100 to Win $2500)

When we last saw the Colts, they were choking away their seat at the postseason table by losing to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. Indianapolis has had championship-caliber pieces in place for a while now. The question of whether or not they can make good on expectations next year ultimately comes down to the play of QB Carson Wentz. The Colts could certainly help him out by adding a top-tier receiver during the offseason.

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Los Angeles Chargers 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2500 (Bet $100 to Win $2500)

The Chargers also fell short of making the playoffs this past season, falling in overtime in the final game of the regular season. Despite the fact that Brandon Staley’s coaching background is on the defensive side of the ball, L.A.’s defense was a total sieve in his first year at the helm. The unit was particularly poor against the run. Even a promising young QB like Justin Herbert can’t be asked to score 30 every time out.

New England Patriots 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +2500 (Bet $100 to Win $2500)

After a midseason winning streak bolstered the Patriots to the top of the AFC, things came crashing down in a hurry the rest of the way. The disappointing stretch to end the season was capped off with an embarrassing Wild Card Round showing against the rival Buffalo Bills. Even so, the fact that New England made the playoffs at all with a rookie quarterback in Mac Jones cannot be understated. Bill Belichick’s crew will be back in the mix next season, you can count on that.

New Orleans Saints 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +3000 (Bet $100 to Win $3000)

The Saints simply could not overcome the loss of starting quarterback Jameis Winston to injury. Despite Sean Payton throwing everything he could at the wall, nothing stuck. Now, New Orleans will have to navigate a messy salary cap situation and try to find a new quality QB, all without Payton’s help after he gave up his head coaching duties. Thus, it’s tough to advise betting on the Saints 2023 Super Bowl odds until more clarity is established. 

Cleveland Browns 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +3500 (Bet $100 to Win $3500)

In failing to even make the playoffs, the Browns once again fell way short of preseason expectations. Of course, there is the fact that Baker Mayfield played the second half of the year with a torn shoulder. Then again, are we even certain that Mayfield is a quality quarterback when healthy? On the bright side, Cleveland has plenty to work with defensively along with one of the best offensive lines in football. 

Minnesota Vikings 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +3500 (Bet $100 to Win $3500)

The Vikings hardly managed to put up a fight in the NFC North Division this past season, contrary to many NFL betting preseason takes. The result was the decision to fire longtime head coach Mike Zimmer and replace him with Kevin O’Connell. The latest in a long line of Sean McVay disciples to land NFL head coaching gigs will have his work cut out trying to improve a shaky Vikings O-line and defense in time for next season.

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Seattle Seahawks 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +3500 (Bet $100 to Win $3500)

After winning so many one-score games in recent years, the Seahawks’ luck finally ran out this past season. Then again, it was still a surprise to see them bring up the rear in the crowded NFC West Division. The main storyline in Seattle this offseason is the future of Russell Wilson with the team. If he is traded away, betting the Seahawks to win the 2023 Super Bowl no matter the odds would be ill-advised.

Miami Dolphins 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +4000 (Bet $100 to Win $4000)

At first, no one had any idea why the Dolphins had elected to move on from Brian Flores after they rallied for a 9-8 final record after a 1-7 start. Well, now we have a pretty clear answer. The focus for Miami this offseason needs to be centered around improving the offensive line and continuing to develop Tua Tagovailoa. If they do both successfully, the Dolphins could be a surprise factor in the AFC East next season.

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Philadelphia Eagles 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +4000 (Bet $100 to Win $4000)

In many ways, it felt like the Eagles simply made the playoffs this past season because the NFC needed a seventh team to get in. Philadelphia was never viewed as a legitimate Super Bowl threat and that sentiment figures to hold true in 2023. Jalen Hurts will need to improve as a passer in a big way if he hopes to have staying power as the Eagles’ starting QB.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +4000 (Bet $100 to Win $4000)

For the first time since 2003, the Steelers are poised to enter a season without Ben Roethlisberger under center. Pittsburgh overachieved big-time by making the playoffs this past year. The way-too-early Super Bowl odds of 40-1 feel a bit too short considering the Steelers’ overall lack of talent and horrendous offensive line. Then again, if they land a veteran QB this offseason, perhaps the path back to contention will prove clearer than it currently appears.

Atlanta Falcons 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +5000 (Bet $100 to Win $5000)

The Falcons couldn’t even tank right this past season as they somehow managed to win seven games. It’s a pretty sad state of affairs in the Peach State in terms of talent on both sides of the depth chart. On the bright side, perhaps star wideout Calvin Ridley will be back for the upcoming season.

Carolina Panthers 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +5000 (Bet $100 to Win $5000)

Needless to say, the early-season Sam Darnold love affair blew up in the face of every so-called NFL betting “expert” who took part.  The Panthers ended out this past season by losing seven straight. Considering that the Bucs are also searching for a new quarterback, a worst-to-first jump might not be out of the realm of possibilities for Carolina next year.

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Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +5000 (Bet $100 to Win $5000)

The Raiders overcame distraction after distraction on their way to making a shocking postseason appearance. Had Las Vegas not beaten themselves in the Wild Card Round, they likely would have knocked off the Bengals at that. While there’s nothing sexy about the Raiders’ current depth chart as far as the skill positions, one cannot overlook their star pass-rushing duo of Maxx Crosby and Yannick Ngakoue.

Washington Commanders 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +5000 (Bet $100 to Win $5000)

Armed with a new, not-so-impressive nickname, the Commanders will have to set about figuring out what went wrong this past season. After many NFL betting analysts hyped up Washington’s defense as one of the best in the league, the opposite turned out to be true. The Commanders also face significant questions along the offensive front and at quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick did not even play one full game last season.

Chicago Bears 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +6500 (Bet $100 to Win $6500)

The Matt Nagy era may be over in the Windy City, but the Bears still have a long ways to go before they get back to challenging for championships. The only potential saving grace next season could be if Aaron Rodgers ultimately does depart from Green Bay. At that point, the Bears might actually have to be given a legitimate chance to win the NFC North Division. 

New York Giants 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +6500 (Bet $100 to Win $6500)

The Giants predictability cleaned house after yet another losing season. While quarterback Daniel Jones has shown promise, the new regime will have plenty of other areas to address this offseason. On the bright side, New York has two top-10 draft picks to work with this coming April. Even so, their Super Bowl odds are still among the longest on the board at 65-1.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +8000 (Bet $100 to Win $8000)

Armed with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft for the second consecutive year, one has to believe that the Jaguars will show some sort of improvement next season, right? Then again, the gap between where Jacksonville left off this past season and winning the 2023 Super Bowl is massive. Trevor Lawrence will need to take the next steps in his sophomore season, and the Jags will need to prioritize bolstering both the offensive and defensive fronts this offseason.

Detroit Lions 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +10000 (Bet $100 to Win $10000)

Defense, defense, defense! That must be the focal point in the NFL Draft and throughout the offseason in the Motor City. While the Lions only managed to win three games last season, there were several others that they lost by the skin of their teeth. Detroit has a gamer in head coach Dan Campbell and a young star to build around after Amon-Ra St. Brown broke out down the stretch of his rookie campaign. 

Houston Texans 2023 Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +10000 (Bet $100 to Win $10000)

The Texans rightfully noticed the fact that Lovie Smith had his defense playing hard each and every week last season. The result was him becoming the team’s new head coach. Why David Culley got the boot after a single season that was doomed from the start is anyone’s guess. In all honesty, the 2023 Super Bowl betting odds could drop much lower than 100-1 if the Texans get star quarterback Deshaun Watson back next season.

New York Jets Super Bowl Odds

Odds: +10000 (Bet $100 to Win $10000)

The Jets were downright awful on both sides of the ball this past season. While growing pains are to be expected on offense when starting a rookie quarterback, Zach Wilson was very underwhelming in his first year as a pro. The performance of the defense was even more concerning. The Jets were historically bad on that side of the ball and will need to find some playmakers in a hurry if they want to have any sort of chance at the postseason next year.

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