2022 NFL Division Odds: Who is the Favorite to win Each Division?

Today, we'll take a look at all eight divisions and who the favorites are at this point for the 2022 NFL season.
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2022 NFL Division Odds: Who is the Favorite to win Each Division?

The NFL season may have just ended a couple of weeks ago but with the NFL Draft Combine this week, and free agency looming, the focus is already on the 2022 campaign for these teams.

Sure, there's still a lot to change with each of these teams as the league year is still a couple of weeks out but it's always fun to take a way too early look at the odds for the division winners.

Let's go through all eight divisions and see each team's odds to win it.

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AFC East

Team OddsImplied Chance
Buffalo Bills-18564.91%
New England Patriots+32023.81%
Miami Dolphins+55015.38%
New York Jets+14006.67%

The Buffalo Bills are the odds on favorite to win the division in 2022. They've won it in back-to-back years and unless something crazy happens they should win it again in 2022. New England, who was a wild card team last year, at +320 has the next best odds with the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets rounding out the division as two long shot plays. The Patriots are really the only team that I could see challenging Buffalo and they would need a massive step forward from Mac Jones for that to be the case.

AFC North

Team OddsImplied Chance
Baltimore Ravens+17536.36%
Cincinnati Bengals+20033.33%
Cleveland Browns+32023.81$
Pittsburgh Steelers+50016.67%

Ironically, the AFC Champions are not favored to win their own division. Instead, it's the Baltimore Ravens who finished on the outside looking in after an injury-plagued season. Pittsburgh was a playoff team last year but with the uncertainty at the quarterback position, one can see why they would have the worst odds at +500 to win the AFC North, even with Mike Tomlin's track record.

AFC South

OddsTeam Implied Chance
+100Tennessee Titans50%
+140Indianapolis Colts41.67%
+550Jacksonville Jaguars6.5%
+2500Houston Texans3.85%

This is pretty much between the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans won it last year and was the one seed in the AFC, while the Colts missed the playoffs after a Carson Wentz meltdown in the final week of the season. The quarterback position is very much so up in the air and even though it's the chalk answer, getting the Titans at even money feels pretty good.

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AFC West

Team OddsImplied Chance
Kansas City Chiefs-14058.33%
Los Angeles Chargers+37521.05%
Denver Broncos+40020%
Las Vegas Raiders+80011.11%

Kansas City being the favorite is a given, everyone knew that would be the case. The value here is on the Chargers and the Broncos. If you believe Aaron Rodgers is Denver-bound, then that's your play. If you buy into Justin Herbert being a top-five quarterback and getting even better next year then Los Angeles is your play. Don't be boring and back the Chiefs, if you think they'll win just look for value on another division.

NFC East

OddsTeam Implied Chance
-120Dallas Cowboys54.55%
+300Philadelphia Eagles25%
+450Washington Commanders18.18%
+700New York Giants12.5%

No surprise here either, the Dallas Cowboys are the odds on favorite at -120. If you think that Washington will be active in the veteran quarterback market that might be your best value. Their roster is probably the closest to competing with Dallas outside of the quarterback position.

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NFC North

OddsTeam Implied Chance
-155Green Bay Packers60.78%
+300Minnesota Vikings25%
+650Chicago Bears13.33%
+800Detroit Lions11.11%

Do not bet this one! Too much is up in the air right now with Aaron Rodgers and his future. I guess if you think Rodgers stays this will likely be when you will get your best price but if he does leave these odds are going to shift dramatically. Detroit and Chicago are too far away to be considered a real threat in the division. If for whatever reason Kirk Cousins figures it out perhaps they can get over the hump in Minnesota but that sounds like a stretch.

NFC South

Team OddsImplied Chance
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+14041.67%
New Orleans Saints+22031.25%
Carolina Panthers+37521.05%
Atlanta Falcons+50016.67%

This division feels wide open. The Buccaneers have the best roster but with Tom Brady retiring who knows who will be playing quarterback there in Tampa. The Saints are in a bit of a shift now after the coaching change and who knows if they bring back Jameis Winston. Then you have the Panthers and Falcons who are difficult to get a read on. It's way too early and this is subject to change depending on what happens with the Bucs quarterback but I might like the Saints the best here with that defense.

NFC West

OddsTeam Implied Chance
+150Los Angeles Rams40%
+230San Francisco 49ers30.3%
+320Arizona Cardinals23.81%
+500Seattle Seahawks16.67%

Ah, the toughest division in football. It looked like the Cardinals were going to stroll to an NFC West title in 2021 and then fell off a cliff (pun intended) in the second half of the season. The Rams are likely your safest bet here though. I don't trust Arizona as far as I can throw them, San Francisco is making a quarterback change most likely, and Seattle seems to be in turmoil at the moment.

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