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2022 NFL Win Total Odds: Way-Too-Early Team Win Total Picks and Predictions

DraftKings released their 2022 NFL win total odds for each team. Let's take a look at the teams and see if we can find some value.
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2022 NFL Win Total Odds: Way-Too-Early Team Win Total Picks and Predictions

It's never too early to look at the next NFL season. Heck, from the day after the Super Bowl I know I'm already looking towards the next NFL season. It's been a busy offseason so far with player movement through trades and free agency.

Guys like Devante Adams, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Deshaun Watson, Tyreek Hill, etc. all find themselves on new teams. With that in mind, and considering that the NFL Draft has still yet to happen, DraftKings released their 2022 NFL win total odds for every team in the NFL. Let's take a look.

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AFC East

Bills11.5 (-135)11.5 (+115)
Patriots8.5 (-125)8.5 (+105)
Dolphins 8.5 (-120)8.5 (+100)
Jets5 (-130)5 (+110)

Not too much surprise here. The Bills over at 11.5 feels pretty good, considering how complete their roster is. Yes, the AFC improved drastically but asking Buffalo to go 12-5 doesn't feel like too much at all. The number being 8.5 for Miami and New England feels perfect. Both teams should be hovering around .500 this year so if you have a strong feeling one way or the other that will be your decision-maker.

Taking off the biased Jets fan hat even, the Jets number feels low. They won four games last year, had a good free agency period, and have four picks in the top-40 this year in the draft. I'm not saying this team will be a playoff team or anything like that but they should clear five.

AFC North

Bengals10 (-130)10 (+110)
Ravens9.5 (-125)9.5 (+105)
Steelers7.5 (-110)7.5 (-110)

Obviously, the Browns not having odds is going to jump out. The reason for that is we have no idea if Deshaun Watson is going to be suspended and if so for how long. The Bengals at 10 feels like an over with the offseason that they've had. They've massively improved that offensive line which will help Joe Burrow a ton. The same could be said for Baltimore. With Lamar Jackson coming back from injury they should win double digit games in 2022. Mike Tomlin's streak of not having losing seasons comes to a close this year, take the under there.

AFC South

Titans9.5 (-110)9.5 (-110)
Colts9.5 (-110)9.5 (-110)
Jaguars6.5 (+100)6.5 (-120)
Texans4.5 (-105)4.5 (-115)

Can I be boring? Take the under on all of them! Okay, I can maybe be talked into the over on the Colts but nine wins feels perfect for both the Colts and the Titans. Jacksonville spent a ton of money in free agency but did they do it wisely? I think they can jump up to five or six wins but seven is a big ask and for Houston...sorry, it's going to be ugly.

AFC West

11 (+115)Chiefs11 (-135)
10 (-125)Broncos10 (+105)
10 (-120)Chargers10 (+100)
8 (-125)Raiders8 (+105)

Okay, this has the chance to be the best division in football but to me, that says it's a tight race. I think we get a push with Kansas City, the Chargers I'll take the over, the Broncos I think is probably a push, and for the Raiders I'll take the under. Someone has to lose games in this division and I'll take the team with the worst quarterback (Derek Carr is still good) to be the only under .500 team in the division.

NFC East

Cowboys10.5 (-105)10.5 (-115)
Eagles8.5 (+100)8.5 (-120)
Commanders7.5 (+100)7.5 (-120)
Giants7.5 (+115)7.5 (-135)

I was tempted to take the under on every team but I think Dallas gets to 11 wins so I'll take the over on them. They haven't done much to improve but just looking at the rest of the division it's hard for me not to assume they get to that mark. The Eagles might be an over team but 8 feels like the right number for them. The other two are going to be rough because of the quarterback play. The Giants under 7.5 is the most obvious play in all of this.

NFC North

Packers11 (-125)11 (+105)
Vikings9 (-110)9 (-110)
Bears7.5 (+110)7.5 (-130)
Lions6 (-115)6 (-105)

The Packers without Davante Adams definitely got worse but looking at the rest of the division Aaron Rodgers could sleepwalk to 12 wins. Chicago and Minnesota are obvious unders to me. I don't trust Kirk Cousins as far as I can throw him and the Bears without a first round pick won't improve enough to take a significant leap.

Detroit is tricky but I think the value on the under is solid. They have a lot of draft capital so maybe they surprise but this feels like a five win team to me.

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NFC South

Buccaneers11.5 (-110)11.5 (-110)
Saints7.5 (-120)7.5 (+100)
Panthers6 (-110)6 (-110)
Falcons5.5 (-120)5.5 (+100)

Another NFC division that stinks. Tom Brady is going to win the NFC South and likely compete for a first round bye, again, because of how poor the rest of the division is. The Saints should hit their over but I don't think they're a playoff team, and I'm on the under for the Falcons and Panthers. The Falcons have a real chance to be the worst team in the league next year that number being at 5.5 is almost criminal.

NFC West

10.5 (-115)Rams10.5 (-105)
10 (-115)49ers10 (-105)
9 (-110)Cardinals9 (-110)
6.5 (+100)Seahawks6.5 (-120)

The Rams as the defending champs should clear their number and be up around 11 or 12 wins. The 49ers are a bit of a wild card but if you believe in Trey Lance the rest of that roster is excellent. I'll take the over for the 49ers but this one could also be a push candidate.

The Cardinals I think regress hard, they feel like an eight win team in a tough division especially with all the Kyler Murray drama. Finally, Seattle after trading Russell Wilson is going to be brutal. Take the under there too.

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