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Oddmakers Give Charlie Woods 10/1 Odds To Win a Major Before 2040

Oddsmakers already have odds on Charlie Woods, the son of Tiger Woods, winning a major before the age of 30.
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Oddmakers Give Charlie Woods 10/1 Odds To Win a Major Before 2040

What were you doing at 12 years old? I know the answer for me, I was hanging out playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, eating pizza, and making immature prank calls. You know, 12-year-old guy stuff. Well, Charlie Woods, the son of golf legend Tiger Wolds, is 12 years old and playing golf with his dad at a high level. 

The scary thing? He’s unbelievably good. Like it’s scary how much he resembles Tiger. In fact, here’s a great clip of their mannerisms and how similar they are on the course.

You can’t tell me that it’s not some kind of cloning technology, I just don’t buy it. Anyway, before becoming a teenager, Charlie is already looked at as the next young phenom in the golf world. In fact, oddsmakers are already giving him odds to win a major.

He’s at 10/1 to take home a major before the year 2040. You’re telling me, I can get +1000 odds on Charlie Woods winning a major before the age of 30? Where do I sign on the dotted line for that one?

For reference, Tiger has 15 majors under his belt. By the time Tiger Woods was 31 he had won 10 majors already, and you’re telling me this one hits if Charlie Woods only wins one of them?

Obviously, this one is for the long game as we’re six years away from Charlie Woods being able to play on the tour but man, this is a fun one to look at. 

Charlie Woods Major Odds

NameOddsImplied Chance
Charlie Woods+10009.1%

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