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Four Reasons To Be Concerned With Connor McDavid's Recovery

McDavid's injury could have more of an impact than first thought
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For those hiding under a rock, Connor McDavid still appears to be injured. We’ve been told that it’s only supposed to be a ‘minor’ ligament injury, but as time elapses, it would seem that there could be more cause for concern. This situation not only affects the Oilers, but it also creates dilemmas for fans, media, and hockey “experts” alike.

First, there is the injury video itself

This still screams something more torn than the diagnosis.

Again, let the debate rekindle themselves. We were told that this was a PCL injury and that it would not need surgery. Sorry, but that does not seem to fly with what is being witnessed in the video. Consider that McDavid felt “his leg broke in two pieces”. That indicates a bit more damage than just a PCL sprain as was being floated about.

Second, oh so McDavid may not be ready for training camp

When this first came out, it did not hit like a ton of bricks. However, it is something that needs time to sink in. Keep in mind that recovery times for a fully productive McDavid is different than the productive level of most any other NHL player. Several sources have said that McDavid will either miss part of training camp or be on a very modified regimen during camp.

This must be troublesome for Edmonton Oiler fans who already were expecting some regression from players not named Connor McDavid. Edmonton needs to gain offensively not lose it. Now, this is not to suggest that McDavid will miss any time.

The idea is to wait and see. On the other hand, where there is smoke, there is fire. There is something to a story like this if all the versions are basically the same idea. Again, hopefully this is just a case of McDavid and Edmonton being overcautious.

Third, when fantasy hockey experts start downgrading Connor McDavid

Ah, it was going begin quickly after the news came out. When players are downgraded, it is far more drastic. The fact that anyone is considering a small step downward causes fire and panic in the fantasy hockey, and real hockey worlds alike.

So, if McDavid was projected around 115-120 points and some lop off a good portion of his October production.  That drops him to what 100-105 points? That is far from terrible. The honest question is, does an ounce of prevention now prevent a pound of pain later?

Fourth, few have seen Connor McDavid skate, if at all, since the injury.

Hey, this type of thing is more normal than even writers think. Some players just try to stay in shape and take it a little easy. The center did not even take part in Biosteel Camp. Remember, this is a player who is hyper focused on training program and off-season workouts.

There is a little less than a month until the regular season starts and a bit over a week before training camp gets underway. This is not a miss NHL season time type of thing for McDavid. However, this is more of a how effective can McDavid be.

It takes time and getting in playing shape plus accustomed ability. McDavid isn’t even close to either of those in regard.

Also, one cannot see the extent of recovery until McDavid skates. This was the same problem with Taylor Hall who eventually needed knee surgery. Again, it is not to suggest McDavid needed surgery back in May. It is to merely assert that patience is needed here.

Cautious concern is appropriate. Timing is a fickle thing and even for an athlete of McDavid’s ilk, that will take time and patience. Neither of those things are something Edmonton has currently giving their regular seasons over the last decade.

By Chris Wassel


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