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How To Use OddsChecker

There's a lot to do on our brand new site, so we break down the best ways to use OddsChecker
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OddsChecker is a free-to-use website that provides users with odds comparison from every major sport across the world, expert picks from trusted, proven handicappers, and the latest is sports gambling news.

OddsChecker has been helping sports bettors find the best odds since 1999, becoming one of the most-trusted names across the globe while providing users with a one-of-a-kind experience that brings you the very best odds for your bets.

What is odds comparison?

You wouldn’t buy a new TV or a new couch without first shopping around and making sure you’re getting the best deal available. So why should your sports gambling philosophy be any different?

Oddsmakers, like traditional stores, offer all sorts of different prices for the same bet. At OddsChecker, we collect and display the different odds and prices from every major legal sportsbook around the country. We give you the information needed to make sure you get your bet at the very best price available.

What’s the benefit of odds comparison?

If you’re not using odds comparison, you could be leaving hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table without even knowing it.

Say the Kansas City Chiefs are +500 to win the Super Bowl at your usual sportsbook, but they’re available at +800 at another. That’s a difference of $300 in potential earnings on a $100 bet.

If you would have used OddsChecker’s odds grids to make sure you got the best price, you would have gotten the better odds and maximized your earnings. Something every bettor should be doing.

What sports does OddsChecker cover?

As the world’s most trusted name in odds comparison, we allow users to compare odds for just about any sport imaginable. You can find the best odds for:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLB
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Boxing/MMA

You can find the best price for everything from outright winners, point spread bets, over/under wagers, prop bets and more, all at OddsChecker.

What else can I find at OddsChecker

Odds comparison is our bread and butter, but we’ve got a lot more on the menu.

Need some assistance in breaking down the day’s games and making a pick? Look no further.

At OddsChecker, we have a stable of expert handicappers that bring daily picks to our readers across all major sports. From NHL, to NBA to MLB and the NFL, our handicappers bring a proven record of success to the site that can’t be matched anywhere.

Find names like Geoff Fienberg bringing us his weekly PGA Tour plays, expert MMA handicapper Christian Broughton with his vast knowledge of the octagon and Drew Martin using his background in finance to find any statistical edge he can.

If you’re looking for the latest in sports betting news, we’ve got you covered. Our content team brings readers the latest updates in the industry from state legislation news to betting trends and statistics.

Looking to see who the public is backing before a game so you can fade? Want to know which non-quarterback has the best odds of winning this year’s NFL MVP? OddsChecker is the best place for all your betting news needs.

What handicappers can be found on OddsChecker?

Our Handicappers use advanced statistics to give in-depth analysis for all their picks. On OddsChecker, you can find:


NCAFF – Alex Kirshner

MLB – Matt Zylbert, Drew Martin

NHL – Pete Truszkowski

NBA – Eytan Shander

Golf – Geoff Fienberg

Soccer – Sam Farley

MMA – Christian Broughton, James Lynch

Where can I find the latest in sports gambling legislation?

You guessed it, at OddsChecker!

Our state legislation page provides a state-by-state breakdown of the gambling legislation in each state and if/when you can expect legal sports gambling to be passed in your hometown.

Our state sports betting history and timeline lets you know when you can expect your state to legalize mobile and in-person sports gambling.

What are the best sports gambling offers available?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Free Bets page brings the absolute best promotions and free wagers to our users.

Like odds comparison, sports gambling promotions are a great way to make sure you’re maximizing your earnings.

At OddsChecker, we make sure to bring you the very best offers from legal sportsbooks across the country to make sure you find the right deal for yourself.

So don’t forget to head over to OddsChecker now to find the latest odds comparison, picks and sports gambling news, along with a host of other features that will help you be the best sports bettor possible.

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