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Our Favorite Features You Can Find on bet365

We love bet365, and here are just some of the reasons why
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Our Favorite Features on bet365

With so many different sportsbook options these days, it’s important to focus on some of the ways you can benefit from using one over another. One of the sportsbooks we love at OddsChecker is bet365, and a large part of that has to do with the different features they offer users.

There are multiple ways that bet365 separates itself from the rest of the pack. So we’re here to break down our top three favorite features about the site and the reasons we keep running back for more.

1. Partial Cash Out

Almost every legal sportsbook allows bettors to cash out a given bet early. Say you don’t feel like riding it out with a longshot you have on the moneyline, you can cash out for a given amount, determined by the sportsbook.

But with bet365, you can use partial cash out to recoup some of your original investment AND still have some skin in the game.

Say you bet $100 on a game and halfway through you decide you want to risk less money than you had originally thought. On bet365, you can pull $50, or whatever amount you choose, out and let the remaining money ride, and you can use up to 10 partial cash outs on a bet.

This goes for single bets AND parlays. All you need to do is go to the bet slip, use the partial cash out slider to select how much you want to pull out and get your money back. It gives the bettor the ultimate flexibility in managing their risk and reward.

2. Auto Cash Out

Similar to partial cash out, bet365’s auto cash out gives the bettor another tool to manage their risk. With auto cash out, you can set a value for which bet365 will automatically cash you out when the cash out amount reaches that number.

Say you have a $100 moneyline bet on a +220 underdog. You’re set to win $220, but you’d be happy with anything over $170. You can go to your betslip, select your auto cash out amount as $170 and bet365 will cash you out if your potential cash out amount ever gets that high.

No more constantly checking your app to see what kind of value you can get on a cash out. With auto cash out, the sportsbook does all the work for you.

3. Edit Bet

Most sports bettors have had that moment. The moment when you realize you’ve made a mistake in your wager but it’s too late to change. Whether it’s that one leg of the parlay you know is a loser from the start or you think you wagered too much or too little, we all know the feeling.

Well, with our third and final favorite feature from bet365, that’s no longer an issue.

Yup! With bet365’s ‘edit bet’ feature you can alter a wager prior to the start of a game, or even while the bet is in-play. With ‘edit bet’ you can:

  • Edit a bet you’ve already placed.
  • Add a selection to your bet.
  • Remove a selection from your bet.
  • Swap out a selection for a different one.
  • Increase the risk on your bet.
  • Remove unsettled selections from an active bet.

It gives you the ultimate ability to control exactly what you bet on, even if a game has already begun. That’s really the main theme with all our favorite features on bet365, they add a level of customization and control you don’t always find at some sportsbooks.

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