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Oddschecker Adds To NFL Player Props Offered This Season!

At OddsChecker, we're expanding on the player props we're offering for this NFL season. Read on to see what NFL player props you can compare at OddsChecker
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Oddschecker Adds To NFL Player Props Offered This Season!

With the legalization of sports betting in the United States expanding on a state-by-state basis, we’ve begun to see the sports gambling market, specifically in the NFL, mature. Originally, single-game wagers were the most popular form of betting.

Now, parlays and player props have become king in the world of sports gambling. You’ve probably seen our parlay calculator. If not, head over there now to find out how much you can win on your next 10-leg parlay that’s definitely going to hit and won't fall apart in game 1.

Now, in order to cater to the modern sports bettor, we’re introducing a wide array of props to Oddschecker for the NFL season. We’ve always had props like anytime TD available, but now, we’ve expanded our offerings to include much, much more.

That’s right, for every single NFL game you can compare the different odds and numbers used by each and every sportsbook on OddsChecker. The best part? It couldn’t be easier to find.

Click here for the latest NFL odds for this week!

What NFL player props are offered at OddsChecker?

  • Anytime TD
  • First TD scorer
  • Last TD scorer
  • Passing yards
  • Rushing yards
  • Receiving yards
  • Rushing + receiving yards
  • Receptions
  • Multi-TD scorers

So, no matter what NFL game you want to bet this season, we’ve got you covered for every single prop above.

Find all the NFL player props listed above HERE

Why compare odds and prices for NFL player props at OddsChecker?

As we always tell you, odds comparison is the key to making sure you maximize your winnings. You wouldn’t knowingly go to a store that is charging more for the same item that costs less at a different store. So, make sure you’re getting the best price when you place any bet, at OddsChecker.

But, with NFL player props, it’s even more crucial that you compare sites. That’s because not only do odds vary, but the total yards, receptions, carriers, etc. all vary by site. So, the difference between winning and losing can be made just by checking and making sure you got the best NFL player prop available.

If you have a running back to have over 50.5 rushing yards and he finishes with 49, you don’t want to find out after the fact that a different sportsbook had his rushing total prop set at 48.5.

Make sure you always use OddsChecker to compare the price and total for each of the NFL player props listed above.

How do I compare odds for NFL player props at OddsChecker?

It’s really simple to compare NFL player props for each and every game of the 2021-2022 NFL season. If you’ve used our odds grids for game wager before, it’ll be a breeze to find our NFL player props. But, just in case you haven’t, we’ve included a step-by-step guide below to help you out form our home page.

1. Navigate to the NFL odds grid by selecting “NFL” at the top of the homepage

All you need to do is click “A-Z sports” at the top of the page then find “NFL”, under football, which you can see in the photo below.

2. Find the game to bet and hit “More Odds”

Select the NFL game you want to compare player prop odds for and click “more odds” on the bottom right-hand corner of the card.

3. Click “All Markets” on the right side of the page

Once you’re on the game that you want to compare odds for, click “All Markets” on the right side of the page.

4. Select “Player Props”

An odds selection board will pop out after you click “All Markets”, click on the “Player Props” tab to see all the props offered on Oddschecker.

5. Pick which NFL player prop you want to compare

You’ll see every single prop listed above for each and every NFL game that week. Select whichever prop you’d like to start comparing odds.

6. Compare odds for that NFL player prop and maximize your winnings!


Here at oddschecker, we have a team of highly-experienced writers, who keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest sports and betting news and predictions. This gives us the ability to bring you all the information you need when it comes to your favorite sports.


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