Five Reasons You Should Sign up to Prophet Exchange

Interested in betting exchanges? Here is five reasons you should sign up for Prophet Exchange
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Five Reasons You Should Sign up to Prophet Exchange

Prophet Exchange are the premier sports betting exchange platform in the US, set to launch in New Jersey in the next couple of weeks. Even if you have been betting forever, you may have not heard of betting exchanges - let's take a look at five reasons why signing up for Prophet Exchange account is a no-brainer.

Reason 1 - Before we get into the benefits of betting on an exchange compared to a traditional sportsbook, we thought we'd entice you with a huge Prophet Exchange welcome offer that can be claimed right now! Although the perks and benefits of betting on Prophet Exchange are reason enough to bet on their platform, they are adding a cherry to the cake by offering new users a $200 deposit match once the site goes live. Check out how to claim this offer below.

1. Click this LINK HERE or hit the button below to qualify for the $200 deposit match

Prophet Exchange logo
Pre Sign Up Bonus: 100% Deposit bonus
  • New Exchange Betting Operator
  • Double Your First Deposit
  • Pre-Registration Offer

Reserve Your Spot Now

2. Sign up for a Prophet Exchange account by completing the really simple registration process

3. As soon as the site goes live in the coming weeks, you'll get your first deposit matched up to $200!

Reason 2 - Getting the best odds: How long do you spend searching the internet for the best odds for your wagers? We can spend so much time trolling through different sportsbooks in hopes of getting the biggest payouts from our wagers. However, with Prophet Exchange you don't need to!

Prophet Exchange allows users to set their own wagers and odds, giving full flexibility on each wager. Wanted to take the Rams -3 to win the Super Bowl @ +100? Set the bet up on Prophet Exchange and see if you can find any takers to bet against you. (not sure how betting exchanges work in general? Check out our guide here to get all the knowledge you need)

Reason 3 - Peer-to-Peer Betting: Prophet Exchange is a betting exchange platform that allows users bet against each other. Each bet is placed on an open market, letting users either create new bets, or pick up the inverse of bets already on site.

For example: You could post a wager for OBJ to score a touchdown in a game at +200, and someone could bet against you for the same odds - cashing in +200 if OBJ fails to score a TD.

Prophet Exchange removes the need for a traditional sportsbook which brings us on to our next reason...

Reason 4 - Stop the limiting: Traditional sportsbook makes their money by stacking odds on wagers and have been pretty open about limiting users when they become too profitable. If you are a 'sharps' bettor, winning big more than losing, you can expect traditional sportsbooks to throttle your wagering power, making your winning potential less and less.

However, Prophet Exchange LOVE sharp bettors. Rather than making money of stacked spread lines (-110/-115 for example) Prophet Exchange take a small commission on winning wagers, meaning the more you win the better - for both you and Prophet Exchange.

Don't get limited and continue winning BIG with Prophet Exchange.

Reason 5 - Dedicated Customer Support: Have you ever been in the unfortunate position of needing to help from a traditional sportsbook? It's enough to make you quit betting altogether. Prophet Exchange are committed to customer service excellence, and are always on hand to provide professional and impartial advice on all questions surrounding the Prophet Exchange platform.

No more wondering why your fund haven't cashed yet, or why your welcome bonus didn't activate. Prophet Exchange customer support will answer all your questions and more.

Let's sum all that up...

Betting with Prophet Exchange gives you the best odds on the market and allows total flexibility to your wagers. They appreciate winners on the site, welcoming everyone - win or lose, and will never throttle or limit your wagering amounts, all while providing impeccable customer support. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Register your interest with Prophet Exchange before the site launches and get a $200 deposit match on launch day. Want to know how to make money on a betting exchange? Check out our article here


Liam Hudson is an experienced sports writer, with a finger on the pulse of all things NFL and College Football. He is fanatical about mock drafts and draft analysis, especially those concerning his favored New England Patriots.

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