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Prophet Exchange: New Jersey Peer to Peer Betting Exchange

Find out about the future launch of Prophet Exchange, a peer-to-peer betting exchange set to go live in the New Jersey betting market soon
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Prophet Exchange: New Jersey Peer to Peer Betting Exchange

The world of betting exchanges is pretty unknown in the US sports betting market, but Prophet Exchange are looking to enlighten US sports bettors and provide a new way of betting - giving users full control over their wagers and offering the best odds on the market. Check out our top reasons to sign up for a Prophet Exchange account, and grab a Prophet Exchange welcome bonus when the site goes live in the next few weeks.

Before we dive into our top reasons to sign up for a Prophet Exchange account, we want to share an amazing welcome bonus from Prophet Exchange - the first betting exchange set to go live in the USA in the coming weeks. New users can register their interest with Prophet Exchange and receive a $200 deposit match that will be activated in your Prophet Exchange account on launch day.

Here is how to claim your Prophet Exchange welcome offer.

1.  CLICK HERE or hit the button below to register for the $200 deposit match

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2. Sign up for a Prophet Exchange account by completing the really simple registration process

3. As soon as the site goes live, you'll be notified and your first deposit will be matched up to $200!

Ready to get better odds on your bets?

Three reasons to bet on a betting exchange

Traditional sportsbooks have had full control of the US sports betting market since state legalization began, and users have had no other options available. However, the impending launch of Prophet Exchange in New Jersey will give users a totally different betting experience and provide more ways to maximize winnings. Check out our top three reasons to bet on a betting exchange like Prophet Exchange.

Reason One - Pocket More Money: Traditional sportsbooks have have a ton of different odds on betting lines, and so much user time goes into searching for the best odds and hoping the line doesn't move dramatically before you get a chance to place your bet.

However, Prophet Exchange allows users to set their own odds, giving full flexibility back to the user. Want to bet on a certain team to cover the spread +100? Set the bet up on Prophet exchange and if someone wants to bet on their opponent to cover +100, your wager is live! Why waste your time with smaller odds, when betting on an exchange guarantees bigger returns?

Reason Two - No More Limits: Traditional sportsbooks have been pretty open and honest about not wanting consistent winners on their site, and are known for limiting successful players. There is nothing worse than hitting a hot streak and seeing your wager limit get capped on a lock bet.

However, Prophet Exchange LOVE sharp bettors. Rather than making money of stacked spread lines (-110/-115 for example) Prophet Exchange take a small commission on winning wagers, meaning the more you win the better - for both you and Prophet Exchange.

Reason Three - Flexible Wagers: Betting exchanges allows wagers to be placed on a peer-to-peer level, giving total control and flexibility when placing wagers. If there isn't a wager on the open market you want to bet on, create your own - the options are endless.

Prophet Exchange also allows users to answer 'no' to questions unlike most traditional sportsbooks. Want to bet 'no' on a Jonathan Taylor anytime TD bet? Go for it! Prophet Exchange removes the restrictions set by traditional sportsbooks.


Liam Hudson is an experienced sports writer, with a finger on the pulse of all things NFL and College Football. As a fanatical New England Patriots fan, he spends most of his time convincing others he is not a bandwagoner and defending Bill Belichick in Brady vs Bill arguments. He is also a Fantasy Football fanatic and spends far too much time analyzing player data and statistics in hopes of finding a hidden gem in one of his many yearly fantasy leagues.


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