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Prophet Exchange: Top 5 Reasons to Bet on a Betting Exchange

Prophet Exchange is coming to the New Jersey Sports Betting market soon, so let us give you a breakdown of the top 5 reasons as to why you should move your betting to a betting exchange when the time comes!
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Prophet Exchange: Top 5 Reasons to Bet on a Betting Exchange

When it comes to a betting exchange, this is a new experience for New Jersey Sports Betting users, but Prophet Exchange are coming to town, and when they do, you will be ready to bet with them, after reading the guide below!

We have laid out many great reasons over the past few articles on Prophet Exchange, to give new users an idea of what to expect, and now it is time to collate those best reasons all in one spot.

Before diving into all of the positives for Prophet Exchange, here is an welcome offer from them, that will encourage you as a New Jersey Sports Betting User to get involved. Follow the simple steps below to claim!

Step One: CLICK HERE or hit the button below to register for the $200 deposit match

Step Two: Sign up for a Prophet Exchange account by completing the simple registration process

Step Three: Once the site goes live, you'll be notified and your first deposit will be matched up to $200!

With the simple steps above showing you how easy it is to signup, here are the five best reasons why to make the move to Prophet Exchange, in order to boost your betting experience!

Prophet Exchange: Better Odds

The obvious and clearly most beneficial reason to make the move to Prophet Exchange is the better odds. A Sportsbook will always factor in margins into their prices, in order to make their money, so with Prophet Exchange you are more likely to get the true odds.

Better odds on betting exchanges really come into their own in the Golf market, as longshots are truly valued by their chances of winning, and more often than not there will be someone out there, willing to lay your price if you can't get the one you want. This doesn't mean you are going to get 100/1 on Justin Thomas to win the US PGA, but you might get a couple of points bigger on Prophet Exchange versus a traditional sportsbook, and that makes an increasing amount of difference, the more you bet!

Prophet Exchange: Less Limitations

So you are doing well, your Sportsbook balance is looking healthy, and you have a bet you are ready to go big on? Some Sportsbooks may start limiting stakes on certain markets for specific accounts, but that cannot happen on a netting exchange.

This is a peer-to-peer betting exchange, so all the time someone is willing to take the other side, you are always going to be able to bet! That is essential when planning to bet an event, especially if you find a longshot you like.

Prophet Exchange: Control

One of the best things about Prophet Exchange is the amount of control you have over your betting experience.

You can bet at only the odds you desire, and are not forced to bet odds that you do not like, because that is all that is on offer.

The users on the site dictate the market, so keep an eye on markets to make sure the odds are getting are exactly what you want before you bet, meaning you control your destiny when it comes to betting.

Prophet Exchange: Laying The Bets

At the moment, unless you are taking some side action with your buddies, you are not able to receive a reward for a strong take, unless it is one you are betting on. What you might prefer to do, is lay odds bigger than on offer at a Sportsbook to encourage a user to bet, and have your stance becoming financially beneficial for you.

If you for example think, that the Milwaukee Bucks are too strong a favorite against the Chicago Bulls tonight, you would perhaps offer some better odds than the Sportsbook are, in order to take some action.

You can also lay off part of your bets, so if you have bet a longshot golfer, and he's got off to a hot start, you may well be able to lay off a portion of your bet, to lock in some profit and ride out with less of the bet going forward.

Prophet Exchange: Flexibility

Flexibility-wise, Prophet Exchange will offer you plenty. Whether you want to bet, lay, follow market trends or anything in between, you really do have the flexibility to do what you want. You are not hamstrung by a sportsbook offering anymore, you can simply bet how and when you want, and at the prices your peers are willing to offer.

Prophet Exchange: Conclusion

It could take a while for people to understand and gravitate to a betting exchange, but there is a reason they are so popular across the pond, and Prophet Exchange should be no different for the New Jersey Sports Betting market. If you want to control your betting experience, there is truly nothing more suited to that, than a betting exchange, and Prophet Exchange looks forward to welcoming you! So much so they are offering you a 100% Deposit Match welcome offer right now, which you can discover below!

This article is one of our betting exchange beginners guides being posted over thru April. Check out our Terminology article to get the know-how on all your betting exchange need-to-know terms here. Interested in digging deeper into betting exchanges? Our deep-dive guide to betting exchanges can be found here and will provide you with everything you need to know about using a betting exchange.


Tom Jacobs is the host of the Lost Fore Words golf podcast and has been writing betting articles on golf for the past decade. Tom also co-hosts the DP World Tour Picks & Bets show on the Mayo Media Network, so has his finger on the pulse on all the major Tours. A long-suffering Nottingham Forest fan, Tom also enjoys watching Soccer at the weekend, and was delighted to see his Forest team win promotion this season!


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