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Prophet Exchange: Bigger Wins, Smaller Losses - Get a bigger ROI on a Betting Exchange

Get bigger wins on your winning bets, and lose less on your losses with a betting exchange. Find out how to claim a $200 bonus from Prophet Exchange when the site goes live in New Jersey soon.
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Prophet Exchange: Bigger Wins, Smaller Losses

Whether you are a betting pro or are relatively new to the scene we are sure that getting more money for your wagers interests you. Prophet Exchange is the United States' first betting exchange, set to launch in the New Jersey sports betting market in just a few weeks - find out how you can win bigger on your wins, and lose less on your losses with a betting exchange.

Before we continue, check out the amazing Prophet Exchange welcome offer and get a $200 bonus when the site goes live.

Prophet Exchange: Welcome Offer

Step One: CLICK HERE or hit the button below to register for the $200 deposit match

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Step Two: Sign up for a Prophet Exchange account by completing the simple registration process

Step Three: Once the site goes live, you'll be notified and your first deposit will be matched up to $200!

Prophet Exchange: Boosting your ROI on a betting exchange

Although short-term, big hit wins are exciting, experienced sports bettors know that playing the long game is the best way to win in sports betting, and tracking your ROI and Win/Loss records are valuable tools.

If you have a track win/loss or ROI ledger, you will also know how important it is to get the best odds on each of your bets, and how big a difference the jump from odds of say -110, to -100 can be.

Even the smallest of odds boosts can add up over time, and Prophet Exchange makes sure that you always get the best odds, boosting our ROI on all your wagers.

Prophet Exchange: Spread betting

Let us take a look at the NBA Season, as a good example of how betting on an exchange helps you win bigger, and lose smaller.

The LA Lakers were a promising team when starting out the 2022 NBA season, and were a fan favorite to bet on weekly, (it's tough not to back the King right?). Despite their hype, the Lakers were the worst team against the spread this season, with a dismal 35-47 record.

Let's say you wagered $100 on every Lakers spread this season on a traditional sportsbook, at odds of -110. At 35-47, you'd have lost a total of $1,518.15. Not a great year backing the Yellow and Purple.

However, betting on an exchange gets rid of the sportsbook Vig, meaning spread bets are posted at +100, directly between you and another bettor. Betting on the Lakers spread all year still wouldn't have been a record year, but rather than being down $1,518.15, your loss total for the year would have only been $1,200, saving you $318.15 on the year. If the traditional sportsbook spread lines had been -120, you'd have lost $1783.45, and betting on an exchange would have saved you $583.45.

Losing $500 less is a massive amount. Stop playing with high vig odds, and switch to a betting exchange to get the best betting odds. Claim the Prophet Exchange pre-launch offer above and get your first deposit matched up to $200.


Liam Hudson is an experienced sports writer, with a finger on the pulse of all things NFL and College Football. As a fanatical New England Patriots fan, he spends most of his time convincing others he is not a bandwagoner and defending Bill Belichick in Brady vs Bill arguments. He is also a Fantasy Football fanatic and spends far too much time analyzing player data and statistics in hopes of finding a hidden gem in one of his many yearly fantasy leagues.


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