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Prophet Exchange: Exchange vs Sportsbook - Backing the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals

If you want to learn how to win bigger backing the Boston Celtics, then read more about Prophet Exchange, and learn how a betting exchange differs to a traditional sportsbook!
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Prophet Exchange: Exchange vs Sportsbook - Backing the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals

Enjoy betting the NBA? Would like to know how you can make more money betting a favorite like the Boston Celtics tonight? Then read on now, to learn more about Prophet Exchange, and how a betting exchange provides better value than a traditional sportsbook.

The Game 4 matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors will be an epic tonight, and the New Jersey sports betting market should know how best to bet a game like this, as Prophet Exchange enters the fray!

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How To Make More Money Using a Betting Exchange To Bet Boston Celtics

One of the biggest differences between a traditional fixed-odds sportsbook and a betting exchange, is what is called "the VIG". This is a built-in margin for the sportsbooks to minimalize risk and increase profit, which doesn't feature on Prophet Exchange, due to its peer-to-peer betting nature.

When it comes to new betting options, everyone is always interested in how this new offering can improve their betting experience, whether that be better odds, more flexible offerings, or great usability, and with Prophet Exchange all three are covered.

Let us look at the game between the Celtics and the Warriors tonight. The Celtics are favorites and for good reason, but maybe the odds are just off-putting enough that you have decided not to bet.

With the Oddschecker Grid, we can see that the best odds available on traditional sportsbooks for Boston Celtics to win Game 4 is around -162 on the Moneyline. Those are pretty short odds, no matter how good the Celtics are.

With Prophet Exchange, you have an opportunity to dictate those odds, so maybe you can get a peer to get those odds, from -162 to something closer to -150, which suddenly becomes a little more appealing.

In the short-term it may not seem like a huge difference but over the course of the series, and better still over the course of a regular season, these incremental increase in odds will ensure a better profit, the more you stick with Prophet Exchange!

For example, a $1000 bet on the Boston Celtics Moneyline, at -162 odds would = returns of $1,617.28. Boost those odds to -150 and those returns become $1666.67. That may only be a $49.39 difference in returns, but when you add that up over the course of 82 games, you are suddenly talking about a $4,100 difference, which is truly insane.

This demonstrates how even the smallest gains can make a HUGE difference, and with Prophet Exchange, you can get that edge you have been looking for, when trying increase your profit.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Prophet Exchange launch, so that when you next go to bet on the NBA, you are best prepared to increase your profit, as

How To Claim The Prophet Exchange Welcome Offer

Step One: CLICK HERE or hit the button below to register for the $200 deposit match

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Step Two: Sign up for a Prophet Exchange account by completing the simple registration process

Step Three: Once the site goes live, you'll be notified and your first deposit will be matched up to $200!

It really is as simple as that, when it comes to making more money, using a betting exchange, over a traditional sportsbook! You now know how best to back the Boston Celtics or any of the biggest sports in the New Jersey sports betting market. Sign up for Prophet Exchange today, and take the first steps to winning bigger, thanks to the newest betting exchange!


Tom Jacobs is the host of the Lost Fore Words golf podcast and has been writing betting articles on golf for the past decade. Tom also co-hosts the DP World Tour Picks & Bets show on the Mayo Media Network, so has his finger on the pulse on all the major Tours. A long-suffering Nottingham Forest fan, Tom also enjoys watching Soccer at the weekend, and was delighted to see his Forest team win promotion this season!


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