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New Jersey Sports Betting: Win More, Lose Less With Prophet Exchange

New Jersey sports betting is about to get access to a brand new style of sports betting. Prophet Exchange is almost ready to launch in the market, giving users bigger wins, and smaller losses. Collect a $200 bonus now.
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New Jersey Sports Betting: Win More, Lose Less With Prophet Exchange

The New Jersey sports betting market is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the United States, boasting access to some of the biggest sportsbooks in the country. To make things even better, the New Jersey sports betting market is about to gain exclusive access to the first US betting exchange 'Prophet Exchange', giving users the chance to win bigger and lose less on their favorite sports.

How is this possible? Well, unlike betting on a traditional sportsbook, users that bet on an exchange get full control over their wagers, and lines allowing them to get access to better odds. If you are consistently getting boosted odds, you don't need to bet as much to win big - making your losses smaller. On the flipside, when your wager does hit, your wins will be bigger, letting you win more, for less.

Still confused? Let us give you a live example. But first - take a look at the amazing Prophet Exchange welcome offer below. New customers in the New Jersey sports betting market can get a huge $200 deposit boost on opening day when registering interest below. Act fast, Prophet Exchange is set to launch any day now, and this offer is only available for new users that sign up BEFORE launch day.

How To Claim The Prophet Exchange Welcome Offer

Step One: CLICK HERE or hit the button below to register for the $200 deposit match

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Step Two: Sign up for a Prophet Exchange account by completing the simple registration process

Step Three: Once the site goes live, you'll be notified and your first deposit will be matched up to $200!

Betting with Prophet Exchange: A Live Example

Signed up for your Prophet Exchange welcome offer? Great, you are one step closer to bigger wins and boosting your bankroll on your favorite sports.

If you are still trying to wrap your head around a betting exchange, check out our 'What is a Betting Exchange' article. For now, let's take a look at a live sporting example.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event on the sports calendar, and it seems like a pretty good game to use as an example.

Imagine it's the night before Super Bowl LVI, and you decide to place a last-minute wager on the Rams to win -2.5. If you logged into your traditional sportsbooks apps, you'd see spread odds around -110, or -115, that's assuming the sportsbooks are even showing the exact spread you want to bet on.

However, if you were looking to place the same wager on Prophet Exchange you'd be able to get +100 odds on your spread line, as a betting exchange cuts out the middleman and lets you bet on a peer-to-peer level.

What does that mean for you? It means that your wagers are completely customizable, and as long as there is another user on the exchange willing to bet against you, your wager will go live. When it does go live, you will be getting much better odds than a traditional sportsbook, as there is no cut (vig) taken by Prophet Exchange when the line is set.

If you'd placed a $100 wager on the Rams to win Super Bowl LVI -2.5 on a traditional sportsbook, your winnings would have been $186.98. However, if you'd placed the same exact bet on the Prophet Exchange, your winnings would have been $200.

Sure, winning $13.02 more isn't a massive difference, but can you imagine this multiplied over every game you bet on each year? 10 wins with the above numbers would net you $130 more, and 100 wins would net you $1300 more. Small differences add up in this market, and Prophet Exchange makes sure you win BIGGER and lose SMALLER each week on your favorite sports.

Register your interest now to get a huge $200 deposit bonus now.


Liam Hudson is an experienced sports writer, with a finger on the pulse of all things NFL and College Football. As a fanatical New England Patriots fan, he spends most of his time convincing others he is not a bandwagoner and defending Bill Belichick in Brady vs Bill arguments. He is also a Fantasy Football fanatic and spends far too much time analyzing player data and statistics in hopes of finding a hidden gem in one of his many yearly fantasy leagues.


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