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Love Island Preview: Meet The Islanders

Who are the 2019 Love Island islanders? Who will win Love Island 2019?
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Love Island premieres Tuesday, July 9 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access with new episodes airing every weeknight at 8/7c through Wednesday, August 7.

Having been a sensation in both the UK and Australia, Love Island has now reached our shores. At it's heart it's a dating show with contestants looking for love, but scratch a little deeper and you'll find a show that says a lot about modern society and romance, whilst also being very, very funny. 

We're already looking forward to watching host Arielle Vandenberg meeting the islanders that are set to make this season of the show. We don't have much to go on, besides intro videos for each, so here are our first impressions of the cast of 2019.

Let's meet the cast:

Cashel Barnett

"I'm a self-confessed weirdo" is code for "I've watched every season of Big Bang Theory at least ten times". From wanting to find a girlfriend the "organic way" to taking his shoes and socks off at every opportunity, you can practically smell the weed through the screen. It's hard to know what to make of Cashel, he's either going to be fantastic and win the lot, or be first out of the door.

Verdict: Either first or last out

Kyra Green

She's from Harlem, is in a band, and gives the impression of being handy in a bar fight. She's got a hard front and a soft heart and is the sort of islander that will blossom on the show. She's determined to find love and will no-doubt make your relationship Facebook official after only knowing you for two hours.

Verdict: Possible winner

Zac Mirabelli

Firstly, Zac can't dance, let's get that sorted from the start. His introduction video resembles when your dad was trying to do Fortnite dances last thanksgiving. He considers flirting when he says "Hey, how is your day going?" to customers at work, sadly for Zac, he works in a grocery store, so that should be considered regular service and not flirting. Whatever next? He'll try it on with a girl by packing her produce? 

Verdict: Eliminated early

Alana Morrison

She has a "nice butt", her words, not mine. She seems to have had a tough time with guys in the past and she's ready to right that wrong in the villa. She's one of the few who seem to be genuinely funny and could do very well on the show.

Verdict: I'm calling it now. She'll be one halfof the winning couple.

Weston Richey

Meet the breakout star of this opening season. Texan Weston is so patriotic that Star Spangled Banner is probably his alarm clock, he is a man that practically oozes red, white and blue from his pores. He's 25 (yes, really) and (in absloute seriousness) claims that "a gentleman never talks with his cowboy hat on".

Weston is set for instant fame, he's a bag of one-liners and Americana, all wrapped in a chiselled jaw-line and a stetson. Enjoy him whilst he lasts though because he's at high risk of saying something troubling and being outed in TMZ.

Verdict: Early favorite

Yamen Sanders

The former safety is a unit at 6"4, but where he struggled with a professional football career, he won't struggle in the villa. Good looking and disarmingly self-aware, he'll be popular. Hasn't showed enough character in his intro to say he's a winner just yet.

Verdict: The sky is the limit for Yamen. Couple up with Alana and he'll win the lot.

Mallory Santic

She already has saved photos of her future wedding dress on Instagram and has a host of baby names ready. That is all I need to say. The guys in the villa would do well to swerve Mallory who'll no doubt be using her time in Love Island to plan the furnishings of their first house together.

The 26-year old describes herself as an "all american" girl, something that is certain to make Weston consider proposing, even if can't get on one knee without being triggered by memories of Colin Kaepernick.

Verdict: Will be gone within a week.

Alexandra Stewart

Her greatest achievement is moving from Philly to LA and getting a beauty publicist job, something that she'd studied in. That's exactly how I feel as I sit here writing this Love Island article.

Despite nailing her dream job she'd move states to be with somebody she loved, unless it was a "creepy state" that she'd "never heard of". Unlucky Utah.

Verdict: Reaches the final

Caroline "Caro" Viehweg

"Caro" acts like she's been mainlining coffee straight into her veins. She's the human embodiment of lively but beneath the caffeinated exterior seems a smart and articulate woman who'll be in demand within the villa.

Verdict: A dark horse to win

Elizabeth Weber

Opening your introduction with "I definitely chose to be single" is a sure-fire sign that you are most certainly a social hand grenade that has been putting off suitors. Her dating spell in New York has seen her dating Swedish, French and Spanish guys. She will 100% couple up with Michael, it's inevitable.

Verdict: Will leave the villa halfway through and become a reality TV staple

Michael Yi

Currently looking for "Mrs Right Now" this model is carved like a marble Adonis, and surprisingly, given he has the charisma of a marble Adonis, he says making girls laugh is his best quality. Following heartbreak he's taken time to focus on himself more, which doesn't appear troubling for a man who appears to be made up of more vanity than H2O.

Verdict: Despite a strong start he leaves in the middle of the shows run

Love Island premieres Tuesday, July 9 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access with new episodes airing every weeknight at 8/7c through Wednesday, August 7.

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