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GameStop Short Squeeze Netflix Film Odds: Justin Timberlake Could Play Robinhood Role

Netflix are set to release a movie based on the rise and fall of Gamestop and r/WallStreetBets
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GameStop Short Squeeze: Who will play Vlad Tenev From Robinhood in Netflix Film?

A down-on-its-luck video game retailer has dominated global news for weeks, and quite rightly so after hedge funds and professional brokers lost thousands when the online traders sent the companies stock skyrocketing.

GameStop’s stock hit a low of $2.57 earlier in the year, and has remarkably rose to a high of $483 a share. The idea of smaller online traders grouping together and taking down billionaires sounds like a movie, and soon it will be. Netflix are finalizing an agreement to produce a movie on GameStop’s stock and impact on Wall Street.

One of the interesting questions of the potential GameStop Netflix film will be who plays the key characters. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any sportsbooks based in the US give odds for this, but as soon as DraftKings or FanDuel do, we will keep you updated. Luckily, there are a few global sportsbooks who are offering odds on GameStop film, so we can at least luck who the experts will portray the key characters.

Who Will Play Vlad Tenev (Robinhood CEO) In The Upcoming GameStop Movie?

Vlad Tenev is obviously seen as a bit of a villain in the whole GameStop saga, due to Robinhoods role. Robinhood are facing lawsuits from investors, and criticism from millions round the world. We are sure that you aware of the reasons behind Robinhoods criticism, but essentially blocked GameStop buys. Plenty of people in the media are suggesting, Robinhood faced pressure from hedge funds, who had bet against Gaemstop.

Anyway, who will play Vlad Tenev? Well when you think of villians, you automatically think of former bond villain Mads Mikkelsen. The Danish actors is favorite to play Vlad Tenev in the upcoming GameStop film. According to the odds, there’s a 20% chance Mikkelsen gets the role.

Second-favorite in the market is Adam Driver, according to the betting odds there’s a 16.7% chance Driver gets the role.

Odds To Play Vlad Tenev the Robinhood CEO In The GameStop Movie?

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Who Will Play Keith Gill (aka DFV) In The GameStop Movie?

The name Keith Gill might not mean that much to you, but he’s the guy behind the pseudonym DeepF*****Value on Youtube, and Roaring Kitty on Twitter. He’s also well known for his posts on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets.

Keith Gill’s analysis and posts on r/wallstreetbets were the main driving factor behind the GameStop short squeeze last month. Therefore, whoever plays Keith Gill is a very important question.

Odds To Play Keith Gill In The GameStop Movie?

Jonah Hill is at the top of the betting market to play the leading man in the film. The Super Bowl actor is currently join favorite with Will Forte. Both Jonah Hill and Will Forte are priced at +400 in the odds market, which means both have 20% of happening.

Strangely enough, Jonah Hill’s Superbad co-actor, Michael Cera is the third favoritie, Cera’s odds imply there’s a 11.8% chance of him getting the role.

Who Will Play Elon Musk In The Upcoming GameStop Movie?

People have mixed opinions on Elon Musk, and who will play him in the upcoming Netflix movie will likely spark debate among readers. We also imagine Elon Mush will have his own opinions…

Kevin Durand leads the way to play Elon Musk in the upcoming film. Durrand is well known for roles in X-Men, Robin Hood and Smokin’ Aces. The 47-year-old does look a little like Elon Musk, and is +275 to get the role, which implies there’s a 26.7% chance.

Robert Downey Jr is the second favorite in the betting market, closely followed by Jimmy Fallon.

Odds To Play Elon Musk In The GameStop Movie?

ActorUK OddsUS OddsImplied % Chance
Mads Mikkelsen4/1+40020%
Adam Driver5/1+50016.7%
Michiel Huisman9/1+90010%
Daniel Radcliffe14/1+14006.7%
Robert Pattinson16/1+16005.9%
Zac Efron18/1+18005.3%
Justin Timberlake22/1+22004.3%

Who Will Play George Sherman (GameStop CEO) In The Upcoming GameStop Movie?

Obviously whoever plays George Sherman in the Netflix movie will have a massive part to play. John Slattery is the sportsbooks favorite to be cast in the role as George Sherman, his odds imply there’s  20% chance of him getting the role.

Mark McKinney is the second favorite in the betting, just ahead of Richard Jenkins and Bryan Cranston.

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Odds To Play George Sherman In The GameStop Movie?

ActorUK OddsUS OddsImplied % Chance
Jonah Hill4/1+40020%
Will Forte4/1+40020%
Michael Cera15/2+75011.8%
Tom Holland10/1+10009.1%
Shia LeBeouf11/1+11008.3%
James Franco20/1+20004.8%
Jared Leto33/1+33002.9%

Who do you think will play the four vital roles?

Let us know on Twitter, simply tweet @OddsCheckerUS with you suggestions. Here are our picks:

Keith Gill – Shia LeBeouf

Elon Musk – Seth McFarlane

George Sherman – Bryan Cranston

Vlad Tenev – Mads Mikkelsen


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