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Sports Betting Sites Are Offering Odds On Kim Kardashian Next Partner Following Kanye West Split

Sports Betting Sites Are Offering Odds On Kim Kardashian Next Partner Following Kanye West Split
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You can literally bet on anything these days…

Kim Kardashian once again caused a huge stir online last week when she unfortunately filed for divorce from Kanye West after 7 years of marriage. Kim and Kanye met in the early 2000s, and fell in love in 2012.

Obviously It’s not nice for the couple and we don’t want to make light of the situation. But…one Australian sportsbook are offering odds on who Kim Kardashian’s next partner will be, and who doesn’t love a bit of speculation.

Don’t worry, your favorite sports betting site hasn’t become a showbiz column, and we will give you the best odds on ever bet, and make sure you get exclusive access to the best offers.

Back to the real news, if you are a big Kim Kardashian fan, then you could probably guess the betting favorite. Van Jones tops the odds market, the CNN commentator was rumored to be dating Kim back in January. The pair have done a lot of work together which has sparked the dating rumours. According to the betting odds, there’s a 16.7% chance that Van Jones will be Kim’s next partner.

Up next is Klay Thompson, the 31-year-old Golden State Warriors player’s odds imply there’s a 11.8% chance he will be getting cozy with Kim Kardashian in the near future.

LA Clippers’ Paul George closely follow Thompson in the betting market, and his odds imply am 11.1% chance.

Finally we have a break from the NBA, and that’s where we see Drake slide into the frame. Kim Kardashian has denied relationship rumors with Drake on numerous occasions. However, the sports betting odds suggest there’s a 9.1% chance they will partner up. Drakes odds are the same as James Harden’s.

The full list of odds and implied percentage chance can be found below, but if you were looking for some names nearer the bottom of the market. Leonardo DiCaprio’s odds suggest that there’s a 2.9% chance he will partner up with Kim Kardashian.

Jeff Bezos is in the betting market with odds implying a 1% chance, and finally Donald Trump is at the bottom of the market with only a 0.4% chance of happening.

Interestingly the odds suggest that there’s more chance that Kim Kardashian dates Jeff Bezos than Detroit Lions or Houston Texans winning the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, US residents can’t bet on markets like this just yet, however, sports betting is legal in various states. Sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM offer on all events like the Masters and NBA Championship.

1UK OddsUS OddsImplied % Chance
Van Jones5/1+50016.7%
Klay Thompson13/2+65013.3%
Paul George8/1+80011.1%
James Harden10/1+10009.1%
Lamar Jackson12/1+12007.7%
Michael B. Jordan12/1+12007.7%
Damian Lillard14/1+14006.7%
Kendrick Lamar14/1+14006.7%
Isreal Adesanya16/1+16005.9%
Kyrie Irving16/1+16005.9%
Reggie Bush18/1+18005.3%
Harry Styles20/1+20004.8%
Nick Cannon20/1+20004.8%
Ray J22/1+22004.3%
Dak Prescott25/1+25003.8%
Jamie Foxx25/1+25003.8%
Ben Simmons29/1+29003.3%
Chris Evans33/1+33002.9%
Leonardo DiCaprio33/1+33002.9%
Jimmy Garoppolo40/1+40002.4%
Post Malone40/1+40002.4%
Idris Elba50/1+50002%
Russell Westbrook50/1+50002%
Zac Efron50/1+50002%
Jeff Bezos100/1+100001%
Ben Affleck150/1+150000.7%
Hugh Grant150/1+150000.7%
Henry Cavill200/1+200000.5%
Donald Trump250/1+250000.4%

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