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Odds On What Ellen DeGeneres Next Job Now Talk Show Is Ending

We look at the latest odds on Ellen DeGeneres next job following the end of her talk show
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Ellen DeGeneres Ending TV Talk Show In 2022

Ellen DeGeneres is calling time on her long-standing talk-show after what will be 19 seasons of entertaining America. The daytime host, decided to call time on the talk-show after ratings plummeted following allegations of running a toxic workplace.

Ellen DeGeneres talk show will come to an end in 2022, which coincides with the end of her current contract. Here’s what the TV talk show had to say during Thursday’s show:

“You may wonder why I’ve decided to end after 19 seasons. The truth is, I always trust my instincts. My instinct told me it’s time,”

“I promise you that we’re going to have a fantastic final season. It will be a season where I truly get to say, ‘Thank You. Thank you all.’ Every day will be a celebration,”

According to Nielsen data, The Ellen DeGeneres Show viewership dropped by 1.1 million people this season, which meant viewers plummeted from 2.6 million viewers to 1.5 million viewers.

1.5 million viewers is still pretty good in our eyes, but obviously Ellen DeGeneres wanted a new challenge.

Luckily for us, online sports betting sites have given odds on what Ellen DeGeneres next job will be. I bet you were wondering why we were writing about Ellen…

Ellen DeGeneres Next Job Odds

Unfortunately, US residents can’t place bets on Ellen DeGeneres next job, but we can have a bit of fun making predictions as one Australian sportsbook is taking bets on the market.

As mentioned, despite sports betting being legal in various states in the United States, sportsbooks aren’t taking bets on novelty markets like this just yet. However, you can place wagers on your favorite sports such as Football, Basketball and Golf.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, the betting favorite in the Ellen DeGeneres next job market is… 

To star in Finding Dory 2. It’s unsure if Finding Dory 2 is being made, but given the money the film generated and how well Ellen played Dory, it’s quite right this is the betting favorite. Ellen’s next job to star in Finding Dory 2 is currently priced at 14/1.

The second option in the market is the revive/star in Ellen sitcom. It’s been a while since Ellen hit our screens, but the sitcom used to generate millions of viewers back in the day. The sports betting site is offering odds of 20/1 for Ellen DeGeneres next job to be to revive her sitcom.

This is an interesting option, the sports betting site are offering 27/1 for Ellen to get a Netflix comedy special. Everyone is going to Netflix at the moment, and they have the money to afford Ellen. This looks a good bet to us.

Speaking of good bets, 33/1 for Ellen DeGeneres to start a podcast also looks a good option. Podcasts are all the thing these days.

Finally a rather funny option, you can wager at 100/1 that Ellen’s next job will be to star in a film with Dakota Johnson…

Ellen DeGeneres Next Job Odds

Next JobOddsImplied % Chance
Star in Finding Dory14/16.7%
Revive Ellen sitcom20/14.8%
Get a Netflix podcast special27/13.6%
Start a podcast33/12.9%
Star in a film with Dakota Johnson100/11%

Almost there!

We are loading your bets, and they will be here in a second.