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Joey Chestnut's Hot Dog Record: Can He Beat His Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Record?

Do the sportsbooks think Joey Chestnut can beat his impressive Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest record this weekend?
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Joey Chestnut's Hot Dog Record

Hopefully you've all heard of Joey Chestnut, as this incredible sportsman deserves to be in the same category as Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Joey Chestnut dominates the competitive eating world. 

Joey Chestnut's record is astonishing, the 37-year-old from Kentucky has won Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on 13 occasions. Will he make it fourteen this weekend? The sportsbooks certainly think so. 

Joey Chestnut's Hot Dog eating record is second to none, and not only has he won Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on 13 occasions, he also hold the record for the most Hot Dogs eaten in 10 minutes. 

The most Hog Dogs eaten in 10 minutes record currently stands at 75, which was the total Joey Chestnut posted at the 2020 version of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. See a full breakdown of Joey Chestnut's Hot Dog record below. 

Joey Chestnut's Hot Dog Record

YearWinnerHot Dogs EatenContest Duration
2020Joey Chestnut7510 mins
2019Joey Chestnut7110 mins
2018Joey Chestnut7410 mins
2017Joey Chestnut7210 mins
2016Joey Chestnut7010 mins
2014Joey Chestnut6110 mins
2013Joey Chestnut6910 mins
2012Joey Chestnut6810 mins
2011Joey Chestnut6210 mins
2010Joey Chestnut5410 mins
2009Joey Chestnut6810 mins
2008Joey Chestnut5910 mins
2007Joey Chestnut6612 mins

As you can see by Joey Chestnut's Hot Dog record above, he's aged like a fine wine with the amount of hot dogs slowly increasing over time. Joey Chesnut was beaten by two Hot Dogs in 2015 by Matt Stone.

We will come onto Joey Chestnut's record in other eating contests later, but let's first look if the main man will win this year's Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. 

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Betting Odds

Yep, that's right you can legally bet on Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest! There are various online sports betting sites who are giving Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest odds such as DraftKings, Unibet and Pointsbet

 Firstly, sports betting sites think Joey Chestnut is a sure-fire thing to win the 2021 version of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Joey Chestnut's odds to win currently stand at -2000, these Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest odds imply there's a 95.2% chance he wins again. 

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Odds

CompetitorOddsImplied % Chance
Joey Chestnut-200095.2%
Any Other Participant+12007.7%

See more Nathan's Hot Dog Eating odds here

However, the main question is, will Joey Chestnut beat his own record of 75 Hot Dogs at the 2021 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. 

DraftKings Sportsbook are running a special betting promo for the event, they are offering boosted odds of +125 that Joey Chestnut will beat his record. These Joey Chestnut odds mean that if you wager $50 on Joey Chestnut to beat his record, and he does, you will win $112.50. 

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Betting On Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

There are various Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest odds markets, which can be found here, however, if you don't want to wager real money on the event, then there's still a way to win big on Joey Chestnut! 

DraftKings Sportsbook are running a FREE to play competition on Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest, with the chance to win a share of $25k! 

It's completely free to enter, and all you have to do is make eight predictions to be in with a chance of winning $25k! The questions asked by DraftKings are things like; Who will win the Men's Championship? Will the record be broken etc. 

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Joey Chestnut's Record

Joey Chestnut is best known for his Hot Dog eating exploits, however, there's a lot more to this gifted sportsman. Below if a full list of world records Joey Chestnut has held: 

World RecordYearInfo
Grilled Cheese Sandwich200647 sandwiches in ten minutes
Horsehoe Sandwich20062.9kg of sandwich in ten minutes
Jalapeno Poppers2006118 poppers in ten minutes
Pulled Pork20064.3kg or pulled pork in ten minutes
Chicken Wings2007182 wings in 30 minutes
Krystal Hamburgers2007103 Krystal Hamburdgers in eight minutes
Kolaches200756 sausage and cheese kolaches in eight minutes
Pulled Pork Sandwiches200745 sandwiches in ten minutes
Funnel Cake20092.7 kg in ten minutes
Philly Cheesesteak201123 sandwiches in ten minutes
Pizza Hut20117.5 P'Zones in ten minutes
Salt Potatoes20115.9kg  of salt potatoes
Taco Bell Tacos201153 soft beef tacos in ten minutes
Corned Beef Sandwich201220 sandwiches in ten minutes
Tamales2012102 tamales in 12 minutes
Apple Pie20134.375 pies in eight minutes
Brain Tacos201354 tacos in eight minutes
Hard Boiled Eggs2013141 hard-boiled eggs in eight minutes
Pastrami201325 Katz's Delicatessen half pastrami sandwiches in ten minutes
Pork Ribs20136.24kg pork rib meat
Twinkies2013121 Twinkies in 6 minutes
Deep-fried asparagus20145.8kg of deep-fried asparagus in ten minutes
Fish Tacos201430 tacos in five minutes
Gyoza2014384 gyoza in ten minutes
Pierogi2014165 pierogi in eight minutes
Pulled Pork Sliders201462 sliders in ten minutes
Turkey20144.24kg of whole turkey in ten minutes
Gumbo201515 bowls in eight minutes
Boysenberry20166.6kg of pie in eight minutes
Burritos2016Long Form: 14.5 burritos in ten minutes
Gyros201630 gyros in ten minutes
Meat Pies201623 meat pies in ten minutes
Glazed Doughnuts201755 doughnuts in eight minutes
Tacos2017126 tacos in eight minutes
White Hut Cheeseburgers201752 Cheeseburgers in ten minutes
Hostess Donettes2018257 Hostess Donettes in 6 minutes
Hot Dogs201874 in ten minutes
Ice Cream Sandwiches201825.5 sandwiches in six minutes
Mutton Sandwich201881 mutton sandwiches in ten minutes
San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp20183.2kg of shrimp in eight minutes
Shrimp Cocktail20188.44kg of St. Elmo shrimp cocktail in eight minutes
Croquettes2019185 croquettes in ten minutes
Pepperoni Rolls201943 pepperoni rolls in ten minutes
Canteen Sandwiches201928.5 Canteen sandwiches in ten minutes
Pizza (2 ft slices)20196.5 slices in ten minutes
Pork Roll Sandwiches201961.5 sandwiches in ten minutes
Carnitas Tacos201982 tacos in eight minutes
Poutine201913kg of poutine in ten minutes
Big Macs202032 Big Macs in thirty eight minutes 15 seconds
Hot Dogs202075 Nathan's Hot Dogs and buns in ten minutes
Red Beans and Rice202039.5 bowls (24lbs and 11 ounces or ~36,268 calories) in eight minutes

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