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Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares

If you're looking to get in on the fun of Super Bowl Squares, look no further. Let's break down how to play Super Bowl squares, what you need to participate and how Super Bowl squares work. Everything you need to know can be found here.
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Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares

If you've ever attended a Super Bowl party, you probably know about Super Bowl squares or have at least heard the term Super Bowl squares. That's because Super Bowl squares are the best way to keep fans, both hardcore and casual, interested in the entire game instead of focussing on the Super Bowl commercials all night.

The best part about Super Bowl squares? There is absolutely no skill involved in winning. That's right, if you can write your name down then you can win Super Bowl squares. Last year, most Super Bowl squares were done virtually. This season, with COVID-19 regulations relaxing a bit, we're hoping to see more in-person Super Bowl parties and Super Bowl squares. Let's take a look at how Super Bowl squares work.

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How to Play Super Bowl Squares

Half the fun of Super Bowl squares is how easy they are to set up. The other half of the fun is that anyone can play/win. The playing surface, or grid, of Super Bowl squares consists of 100 squares. These are created by 10 columns (vertical) and 10 rows (horizontal).

One of the two participating Super Bowl teams, in this case the Bengals or Rams, is assigned the columns while the other is assigned the rows. Remember, it makes no difference which team is assigned which.

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Each of the 100 squares of the board is then assigned the same price, equal to 1/100th of the total pot. So, if you're selling $5 Super Bowl squares, the total pot once all squares are filled out will be $500. People who choose to participate in Super Bowl squares can buy as many squares as they'd like, and each square they purchase then increases their likelihood of winning.

Once every square on the board has been sold to people at the party and marked with either initials or names, numbers 0-9 are assigned to each column and row. This is done by random. Usually, this involves picking numbers 0-9 out of a hat, but a random number generator spanning that same number range also works.

Prior to any of the Super Bowl squares being purchased, your grid should look like the example below (Feel free to print out this OddsChecker Super Bowl squares grid for your Super Bowl LVI Party):

Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares

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How do Super Bowl Squares Work? - How do You Win?

This is where the fun, and luck, comes in.

Once your board is set up and all 100 squares on the board have been purchased, the hard part is done. Traditionally, there are four different winners of Super Bowl squares, one at the end of each quarter of the game.

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The winner at the end of every quarter is the person who owns the square that intersects at the final digit of each team’s score when the quarter concludes. So, if the Rams are winning 14-10 at the end of the first quarter, the person that owned the square at the intersection of LA 4 and Cincinnati 0 would win the prize for that quarter.

Usually, the first and third quarter are worth the least amount. The halftime score is worth a bit more and the final score is considered the grand prize.

And if you can't fill out the full 100-square grid, don't worry. You can either knock down the price of squares and give people more real estate, or you can play with a semi-finished board and roll the prize over each quarter if the winning square isn't occupied.


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