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Next James Bond Odds: Favorite Rege-Jean Page Sees Odds to Play 007 Even Further Slashed

Next James Bond odds and betting breakdown. Who will play the next James Bond following Daniel Craig stepping away? Rege-Jean Page has long been the favorite and has recently had his next James Bond odds slashed even further.
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Next James Bond Odds: Favorite Rege-Jean Page Sees Odds to Play 007 Even Further Slashed

Next James Bond odds have been around ever since Daniel Craig said he was stepping down as 007. Unfortunately, you can't bet on them in the United States, but you can in the UK. So, we're breaking down the betting market and next James Bond odds to get a better sense of who may be taking over the role.

The thing is, we don't really know when we'll be hearing about the next James Bond, so that makes next James Bond odds a little tricky.

However, what we do know is that Rege-Jean Page is the favorite to play James Bond after Craig and his odds continue to shorten as time goes on.

Page has been considered the favorite by oddsmakers in the UK for quite some time. But, this past week his odds got even shorter, indicating we may be nearing a decision about who will play the next 007.

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Next James Bond Odds

Next James Bond odds move quite a bit from day to day. But, one thing that has remained the same has been Rege-Jean Page's spot as the favorite.

For a few months now, Page has been the favorite to be the next James Bond, but this week his odds dropped even further, leading some to believe he may be announced as the next James Bond soon.

For a while, Rege-Jean Page's next James Bond odds hovered around the +500 mark. Then, this week they dropped all the way down to +250, where they sit now.

At +500, sportsbooks were implying a 16.7% chance he lands the role. At his current odds of +250, that implied chance is up to 28.6%.

Behind Page is the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, whose next James Bond odds sit at +500. Then it's Aidan Turner (+800), Tom Hardy (+1000) and Michael Fassbender (+1000).

It's interesting to see Hardy's next James Bond odds so long. Before Page, Hardy was the favorite to play Bond. Now, he's seeing his odds move in the opposite direction.

ActorNext James Bond Odds
Rege-Jean Page+250
Henry Cavill+500
Aidan Turner+800
Tom Hardy+1000
Michael Fassbender+1000
James Norton+1150
Idris Elba+1200
Richard Madden+1800

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Next James Bond Betting

It's not just the oddsmakers that like Rege-Jean Page as the next James Bond. The betting public is also firmly behind the Bridgeton star to play 007.

In the past 24 hours, 21.05% of all bets on next James Bond odds have backed Page to get the role. That's the most of any option within the market.

Peaky Blinder star Cillian Murphy is the second most popular pick for next James Bond at 15.79% of bets over that same time period.

The third most popular pick has been Aidan Turner at 10.53% of bets.

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