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House of Dragon Odds: Aegon Targaryen Given a 57% Chance to Sit on the Iron Throne After Episode 1

House of the Dragon got off to a hot start last week. After just one episode, we already saw a shift in House of Dragon odds. Here's what caused such a drastic shift. *Spoilers ahead*
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House of Dragon Odds: Aegon Targaryen Given a 57% Chance to Sit on the Iron Throne After Episode 1

I don't think you could ask for much better than the debut episode of House of the Dragon. The Game of Thrones craze was alive and well last week as the prequel show premiered on HBO.

Naturally, there were some twists and turns in the first episode including a tough decision from King Viserys. Here's a look at the House of Dragon odds and how they changed after episode 1.

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House of Dragon Odds

Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne?

NameOddsImplied Chance
Aegon Targaryen-13557.45%
Princess Rhaenyra+22530.77%
Prince Daemon+30025%
Otto Hightower+80011.11%
Alicent Hightower+10009.09%

Aegon Targaryen -135 (Bet $135 to win $100)

Aegon Targaryen is now the favorite to sit on the Iron Throne after episode one. We saw this shift in House of Dragon odds after finding out some juicy information from the first episode of the series.

Initially, Aegon Targaryen and Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen had the same odds at +150 but she has now dropped to +225.

The Queen suffered complications during the delivery and the King had to decide to save either his wife or his son. He choose his son, and unfortunately, neither the queen nor the baby survived.

Episode one taught us that nobody is safe. Yes, the princess was named the heir after episode one but these odds are for the end of season one not during.

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, for now, is the heir of the throne. Episode two is tonight and we will see if there is any more movement. If episode two was like the first of the series, I'd expect some more changes.

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