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Don't Miss Out on All This Profit Courtesy of MyOC Premium

Right now, the MyOC Premium handicappers are on fire. Don't take our word for it, take a look at their documented ROI and how much money they've won so far. You can't afford to miss out on profit like this.
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Don't Miss Out on All This Profit Courtesy of MyOC Premium

MyOC Premium launched on August 31, 2022, and if you're a member, you already know how successful the handicappers have been. For those that are still on the fence about joining, let's discuss some of the reasons why you're missing out on instant profits from betting on sports.

Let's be honest, you need help when it comes to sports betting. That's fine, we all do. But that doesn't mean you can't be a profitable bettor. With the MyOC Premium team giving you picks every single night, it's never been easier.

For starters, it's less than $1 a day. Instead of buying your coffee from Starbucks, go to Dunkin Donuts. Boom, your $1 a day is right there.

Let's break down the MyOC Premium packages and the handicappers that are on the team.

MyOC Premium Packages

DeadPresPicks ROI

DeadPresPicks, also known as Matt McCuen, is one of the most popular and profitable cappers in the space, and for good reason. Sure, he's a Philadelphia sports fan, but we can't all be perfect. He's close to being perfect, which is all we can ask for.

Now, time to dig into the profits he's given everyone. With an NFL ROI of 33.3% in September, he profited $2,244.16 off of $50-$100 units. We weren't math majors over here at OddsChecker, but $16.66x12 for the Annual All-access package comes out to only $199.92. DeadPresPicks just won you more than 11 years of MyOC Premium. At this rate, he paid for your rent in just one month.

That's before we even get into his other numbers. A 44.8% ROI and $582.46 profit in the MLB during October, an NHL ROI of 37.32%, and a CFB ROI of 15.51%. What else are you waiting for?

A proven winner, unlike Joel Embiid...

Slop ROI

No, John Hyslop isn't just your favorite follow on Twitter. He's also a proven winner. Honestly, the MyOC Premium packages are worth it just for the laughs, but that's not what we're here about today.

John doesn't like to brag, so we will for him. With an ROI of 64.37% in the NFL during September and a $2,059.75 profit, John could've paid for your entire MyOC Premium package before the New York Knicks ever win an NBA Title.

He has already profited $213 on the NBA in one day this week! That would pay for your yearly subscription in itself. We like to call him the player prop king because he will pick guys that you might have never heard of, but John knows them like the back of his hand.

As Slop says, NBD.

Josh Gayle ROI

Josh Gayle, AKA ThatGuyBets, has proven to be a winner in a sport that 99% of the world can't figure out. Baseball isn't just the hardest sport in the world, it's also the hardest to handicap. Well, that is for everyone except Gayle.

During the long MLB season, he's posted an ROI of 12.15% on OddsChecker, totaling his profits to $1,367. Whether it's an NRSI bet or a pitcher's strikeout prop, ThatGuyBets is going to win you some profit.

Stuart Durst ROI

Stuart Durst is arguably the most consistent football handicapper on the team. Whether it's 10 wins in a row or hitting crazy parlays, he's shown that the profits he can return will always be steady. With an ROI of 13.84% in the NFL this season, Durst has already profited $816. On top of that, he has profited over $300 in college football, boosting his total profits to over $1,000 in just the past three months from football alone.

Why bet anywhere else?


Want a crazy parlay or a bankroll builder? Brian Matthews is your guy. BMatt handicaps every sport at an elite level. He's something that the space hardly ever sees. With an ROI of 90.1% in the NFL, he has already profited $2,793.52. That profit includes two insane parlays that would have turned $10 into a year of MyOC Premium. What's better than sweating a parlay for touchdowns from guys that you barely know? Nothing at all.

Besides the NFL, the other numbers have been great, too. With a total ROI of 46.17% in August, BMatt profited over $730 in the month alone.

Just wait until the NBA season really gets going and we're hitting bankroll builders and crazy parlays every night.

Phil Bobbitt ROI

Are you a NASCAR guy? Can you sit in front of a TV for your entire Saturday or Sunday and watch cars drive in circles? Well, if you can, Phil Bobbitt can win you some money while you're doing that. If you can't sit in front of your TV and do that, don't worry because Phil will still win you money.

With a NASCAR profit of $1,540, Bobbitt has continued to show that he can bet the sport better than anyone in the space. Could you imagine telling your significant other that you can finally take her out on a date because you won $200 on a random Sunday betting on NASCAR?


An Editor and Analyst for OddsChecker, Jon Conahan has been covering all major sports since 2019. He is a 2022 graduate of the Bellisario School of Journalism at Penn State University and previously played D1 baseball.


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